Sunday, December 19, 2021

Satmar's Twitter account Support antisemites


Satmar has a twitter account? Don't they keep screaming and makin asifas against the internet?
These asifas are only to show the world that they are on board, but the internet is necessary for Satmar to export their baseless hatred for the State of Israel.

Anti-Zionism is the glue that holds Satmar together, and if you should take this away, they basically have nothing as their Hungarian "minhagim" are only recent. and as a chassidus they have nothing else to sell or offer. Most of them, to their credit are very smart business people, but in Torah learning they leave much to be desired. Those of them that like to learn, join Litvishe and Yeshivishe Kollilm. Some of them even started a Chavrusa situation learning the Torahs of Harav Kook z"l and this started in Monsey and now secretly spreading to other Satmar enclaves.

 According to Satmar's  twisted logic  "twitter" and "whatsapp" aren't the internet, even though those apps can only be accessed by smartphones. 

Officially they don't have any accounts on the internet but of course if you ask any Satmar guy, they will laugh because there is at least 5 "official" Satmar Twitter accounts that keep the sheep up to date of what's going on in their community, and there are hundreds of Whatsapp groups that they and their wives access.
The main Satmar  Twitter accounts have all the Satmar official statements in Yiddish. I am very familiar with these groups as I am a member.

Neturei Karta the "Eirav Rav" of the Jewish community is 100% supported by Satmar both financially and politically, though they deny it. It wasn't too long ago when we wrote extensively about it as we followed the money of the Neturei Karta and we pointed out that the main fundraising office of the Neturei Karta then was in the office of Der Yid. I haven't checked lately if they are still there.

Neturei Karta have a website and a twitter account that go by the name of "Torah True Jews" and "Original Jews"  which is hilarious because this group has nothing to do with Torah and they are nor original;  a Jew should sooner follow the Reform and conservative movements before they entertain following these self hating barbarians. Of course the guys writing for "Torah True Jews" and "Original Jews"  like Shapiro of Queens are huge Neturei Karta supporters and speak at their rallies.

The Satmar Twitter accounts frequently "Like" the Neturi Karta Twitter garbage and of course they follow and "like" the fake Iranian Rabbi who supports the Iranian murderers who vowed to wipe Israel off the map. 


Professor Ryesky said...

1. "Most of them, to their credit are very smart business people ..."

If they were such smart business people they would not have tried to pull shtick with a multimillion dollar insurance fraud fire when they were millions of dollars in the red. And even more, if they were going to bribe a fire marshal, they would not have entrusted a co-conspirator with $50,000 to do the hand-off because the co-conspirator would be the logical and natural guy for the prosecution to cut a deal with. And even then, once you have an injured firefighter, you don't dig yourself in any deeper.

2. The NKs are the Satmar's shabbos goyim.

Sam green said...

Oy voy

Frum but normal said...

The Satmar gangsters including those filthy Jew hating TeitelBum brothers, are the modern day Jewish Kapo’s, these murderous Romanian gipsy Jew hating gangsters have a pathological hatred to our one and only God given land of Israel.
I have no doubt in my mind , had these two brothers lived 75 years ago,they would have been the chief Kapo’s working for their masters the Nazis ,and with glee they would have sent their own brothers and sisters into the gas chambers