Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Should Walder's Books be Burned?



Anonymous said...

Hanisrofim Afrom Muttar.
Chas veSholom, one can't burn the books!

Get a Clue said...

The halacha in Shulchan Aruch al pi the Gemara is that even a sefer Torah written by an apikoress must be burned.

Is there any aveirah, no matter how chomur, that Walder didn't justify?

Where do these tzedreiter losers come from who wrote in at Dec. 29, 9:42 pm?

Josh said...

Purely in a technical sense I think that's off.
Wtvr he did was out of Taavah, if somebody writes a safer Torah and is then found to be megaleh Arayos that wouldn't be the same as תורה שכתבו מין, it's a special din about Kfirah, any other avayra wud not be seen as a psul in the safer Torah rather in the Sofer alone but wudnt make it pasul...unless you have sources that say otherwise?

Anonymous said...

R' Chaim Brisker poskened that saying apikorsis for a reason that is not strictly apikorsis, is still apikorsis. Walder justifies murder which is apikorsis-kefira in one of Hashem's major mitzvos lo saaseh in the Taryag & in the Aseres Hadibros.

Garnel Ironheart said...

Throw them out but don't burn them. That's what the Nazis and the Church liked to do to us.

Josh said...

That's cute but totally wrong in the comparison, what he said was that "A nebechdige apikoris is oich an apikores-" which means that even if u just never knew better and were never taught Abt God etc it's deff unfortunate, but ur still considered an apikores just as much..
But then u make ur own cheshbon that somebody that makes a justification for an aveira is an apikores that's patently false, he doesn't NOT believe in the issur he just came up with some crooked justification for his action that is not apikorsus in any sense.