Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Belzer Rebbe Won't be like Ger "Everyone who wants to leave Belz is free to go" And "will support them"



Anonymous said...

Ger dont give a hoot if you leave ger. Just don't invent a new rebbe.
If a new Belz Rebbe Was created the noise would be much much louder.

Maria said...

Sounded to me more like a message that if you are in Belz you must toe the party line. If you don't then go elsewhere, i would sooner have loyalist zombies than questioning chassidim. Pretty similar to Ger.

na said...

Belz is exactly like Ger.. 7 years ago 3 people got kicked out for going to Uman on Rosh Hashana. yes their children got kicked out of cheder and school, EXACLTLY like what happening now in Ger. more recently a whole group of yungerleit traveled to 770 chabad for rosh hashsna and the same thing happened.

absolute power absolutely corrupts, no matter where and no matter who.

Anonymous said...

It's a business.
Big time.
Big money.