Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Hypocrites!! Rabbinical Alliance of America reiterates support for Israeli Chief Rabbinate


Fakes, Frauds and Phonies. 
Question: would any of those who sat at this conference be caught dead eating  from the Rabbanut Hashgacha?

Absolutely not! To those photographed on the photo and to those who sat at the conference, eating anything with the Rabbanute is equivalent to eating Ham & Eggs! Yet here they are fighting for the Rabbanute.

 It wasn't too long ago when the Agudah disinvited Rabbi Lau from addressing the Siyum Ha"Shas in New Jersey. Rabbi Lau who survived the Buchenwald death camps as a child, was told not to come because anti-Zionists didn't want him there because he represented the Zionist Rabbanute! The Agudah hypocrites caved in like a cheap Amazon Cardboard box, at the end they allowed him to speak for 5 minutes via video.

This "Alliance" of fakers said they are fighting "for the sanctity of the Kotel..."

Give me a break.. a bunch of guys who have nothing to do on a Sunday came to fress at a breakfast at the Sfardishe Shul in Shnoro-Park passed a resolution in effect dictating to the Israeli government how they should be conducting business. 

You don't accept the Rabbanute not in Kashrus, not in Gitten and Kiddushin, and now you insist that the Chilonim eat from the Rabbanute, and adhere to the Rabbanute in regards to Gitten and Kedushin!

So chilonim are allowed to eat from the treifene Rabbanute? 

Liars the whole bunch of you!

You know what? Put your money where your mouth is, the next time the Zionists let you into our country, I want to see you eating at a restaurant that has a Rabbanute Hashgacha, then I'll know you guys are serious.  

Hey Bennett if you read this post, tell the whole "Alliance" to kiss you where the sun will never shine!

 I really got to get out of here!

On Sunday, December 5, 2021, Igud HaRabbonim — Rabbinical Alliance of America — convened its monthly Rosh Chodesh (Teves) conference and feast at Brooklyn’s Congregation Anshai Sfard, where the highly respected and venerable Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Serebyanski serves as Rabbi.

In response to a call received from Torah giants and the Israeli Chief Rabbinate, Igud HaRabbanim reiterated and reaffirmed its staunch and unequivocal support of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate as the supreme Halachic authority of Israel. This has been the organization’s long-standing position since its founding. As the Chief Rabbinate once again faces political pressure to compromise on matters of faith and practice, Igud HaRabbanim expresses support for the centralized rabbinic authority, headed by leading Torah lights continuing sacred traditions.

The Israeli Chief Rabbinate is currently led by Rishon L’Itzion, HaRav HaGaon Yitzchak Yosef and HaGaon HaRav David Lau. Igud HaRabbonim, as an influential American rabbinical association representing over 1,000 rabbis serving throughout North America, was called upon by the Gedolei Yisrael and the Chief Rabbinate to add its voice in the current struggle to maintain religious order in Israel. In response, Igud HaRabbanim expresses its explicit support for the Israeli Chief Rabbinate in its position of authority over matters of halacha in Israel, especially as they concern kashrus and personal status, including conversion, marriage and divorce. Igud HaRabbonim further expresses its support for the traditional prayer services at the Kotel, services whose basic structure has been in place for centuries, since time immemorial, and opposes any deviation from that normative practice. The Kotel is a sacred place that should stand for sanctity and unity, not political battles and religious deviations.

In light of these positions, Rabbi Mendy Mirocznik, Igud HaRabbonim’s executive vice-president, introduced Rabbi Yaakov Klass, presidium chairman of the Igud HaRabbonim, who presented the Rosh Chodesh Teves Resolution of 5782 of the Igud HaRabbonim calling upon the Israeli Government not to tamper, alter, frustrate, change, modify or alter in any way the status quo which has been the law of the land that the Rabbanut, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, oversees all matters of halacha regarding kashrus and personal status, including conversion, marriage and divorce.

The resolution further calls upon the Israeli government to respect the sanctity of the Kotel and not to deviate from the traditional prayer services which have been in place for centuries, since time immemorial, and to oppose any deviation of that time-honored ritual practice. Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Serebyanski seconded the resolution and it passed unanimously.

Accordingly, the resolution calls upon Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to respect — and not disrupt nor frustrate — the position of trust and authority placed in the Chief Rabbinate as the guardians and fiduciary of Torah in Israel and to respect the mode of prayer at the Kotel. In that merit, the Almighty will shine his blessings on Prime Minister Bennett and he will succeed in his endeavors.

Rabbi Dovid Katz, Director of the Igud HaRabonim, will convey this resolution to Rabbi Avraham Amar, Igud HaRabbanim Vice-President and Director of Igud HaRabbanim in Israel, who in turn will convey the resolution and affirmation of support to the Torah leaders of Israel and Israeli Chief Rabbinate and will advise Prime Minister Bennett of its passing.


In the know said...

With all due respect Reb DIN, you are mistaken here. Though the types shown in the accompanying photo are mostly (if not totally) a bunch of clowns, I wouldn't call them hypocrites. I understand that you are far away now, so don't understand the reality behind the mammoth flow of Igud-RAA flow of press releases. It is not the stereotypical contemporary Haredi group, but rather a mixture like a big chulent. Is there one person in the photo you can identify as a real practicing Rav of a significant congregation? I don't think so. The Igud has a legitimate beis din, but I don't think one of them is near the camera here.

P.S. It took place at Cong. AAA Canarsie, not First Cong. Anshei Sfard of B.P.

FYI said...

Meeting was held here -

Thinking Yid said...

Don't be the only person who pays any attention to the "RAA"...