Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Vicious Anti-Semite Peter Beinart Says that being " and anti-Zionist is not being anti-Semitic" Brings Satmar Rebbe as Support


Peter Beinart is a vile piece of scum, a self hating Jew who hates all Jews including the Satmar Rebbe.

Peter BeinCrap has previously advocated the destruction of the Jewish State publicly.

In his latest hate column in the New York Times, he posits that anti-Zionists are not anti-Semites. 

Now of course, between us yiddelich we know that is in fact true. But amongst the goyim there is no goy alive today that is an anti-Zionist and not anti-Semitic.

The more sophisticated anti-Semites masquerade their utter hate against Jews by stating that they don't hate Jews, they are only against the Zionist State.

This is of course a lie and BDS is an example of how these would be Nazis operate.

Beincrap, who seems to know the Jewish community very well, and is familiar with the different camps in Chareidie sects, some of whom are anti-Zionist but at the same time love their fellow Jews, wrote an article exploiting this group and brought the Satmar Rebbe as an example of an anti-Zionist and yet not anti-semitic.

This is not the first time something like this happened, Yassir Arafat waved the Satmar Rebbe's book "Al Hagilah Ve'al Hatmurah" in the United Nations claiming that he has never said something that hasn't already been printed amongst the Jews themselves.

I am 100% positive that The Satmar Rebbe never foresaw that his anti-Israel book would be used by a blood thirsty murderer of Jewish children and he never in his wildest nightmares foresaw that his name would be by a self hating Jew for support for his hate.

 I believe that a Satmar spokesman should issue a statement calling out this Beincrap as the anti-semite that he is and disassociating themselves from this vile animal.

But this will never happen as Satmar will never stand up for Zionists even if many of them are frum Shomar Torah Umitzvois. 

But by not standing up and clearing this mess up they are contributing to hate against Jews all over the world, because goyim to not differentiate between Zionists and Satmar, it's all the same to them, and now they can hang their Jew Hating hat with the Satmar Rebbe.

Never forget that Hitler threw in Zionists and Satmars in the same ovens.


concerned said...

...and never forget that it was a Zionist (Kastner) that saved the SatMar Rebbes life!

Anonymous said...

He is one hundred percent right.
And btw there are few people in this world that have such a rabid hatred towards Jews as much as you

Satmar BeinCrap said...

May you and your entire family be attached to the fate of Peter Beinart

Joe Magdeburger said...

Concerning what other country do people clink their wine glasses, nibble their hoers d'oevres and pontificate about whether that country should exist? People like Beinart give such preparations for genocide a veneer of respectability. He has sold his soul and is beneath contempt.