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Zera Shimshon Parshas Balak


She Finally Signs the Pre-Nup


Insane: Biden judicial nominees believe gender-based bathrooms are a violation of church and state. LOL


TV host Lou Dobbs dies at 78

 Lou Dobbs, the conservative political pundit and TV host who was a nightly presence on Fox Business Network for more than a decade, passed away on Thursday at the age of 78, according to The Associated Press.

His death was announced in a post on his official X account, which called him a "fighter till the very end -- fighting for what mattered to him the most, God, his family and the country."

"Lou's legacy will forever live on as a patriot and a great American. We ask for your prayers for Lou's wonderful wife Debi, children and grandchildren," the post said.

Dobbs hosted "Lou Dobbs Tonight" on FOX Business from 2011 to 2021, following two separate stints at CNN.

Fox canceled Dobbs’ show in February of 2021, after the network and Dobbs were sued for defamation by voting technology firm Smartmatic, which claimed $2.7 billion in losses from the network for promoting false claims that the company was involved in fraud in the November 2020 presidential election.

A mediator in 2023 pushed the two sides toward a $787 million settlement, averting a trial.

At the time of the cancellation, Dobbs' show had the highest viewership on Fox News' affiliate channel, averaging more than 300,000 viewers every night.

Fox News Media said in a statement on Thursday that the network was saddened by Dobbs' passing.

"An incredible business mind with a gift for broadcasting, Lou helped pioneer cable news into a successful and influential industry," the statement said. "We are immensely grateful for his many contributions and send our heartfelt condolences to his family."

Chief Rabbi's ruling: Releasing Murderers & Rapists 'permitted' in order to free hostages


Outgoing Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef on Thursday morning urged the Israeli government to sign a ceasefire-prisoner swap deal with the Hamas terror group.

Speaking at an event at the President's Residence in Jerusalem, Rabbi Yosef urged, "They should finish the deal already. There's nothing else to do - release terrorists with blood on their hands, it hurts the heart, we released [Hamas leader] Yahya SInwar and we saw what happened, but this is a matter of immediate life and death."

"If you don't release them, they will kill the hostages, this is a time-sensitive matter of life and death. It could be that these [terrorists] will later go out and kill, that's not immediate, the hostages are immediate."

Rabbi Yosef also noted the opinion of his father, the late Sephardic Chief Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: "We are permitted to release all of the accursed terrorists, and later they will do something small and we will immediately kill them. We need to pray that all of them return to their homes and are mentally well, and may we hear good news."

Regarding the IDF, he added, "We must not forget that they are emissaries. All of the soldiers sacrifice their lives. We learn Torah and pray for them."

"They protect us. What would we do if there weren't all of these soldiers? They are G-d's emissaries, they are emissaries of the One Above, they sacrifice their lives for us, we pray for them."

Trump Sends Stern Warning To Hamas: Gives Us Back Our Hostages Or Else


Trump gets thunderous, standing ovation as he enters stage for RNC speech


Thursday, July 18, 2024

8-week-old Lakewood girl dies after Father left her in hot cars during heat wave While Learning in Kolel


Kollel Cheshek Shlomo synagogue

An 8-week-old girl met her fate in New Jersey, marking the 11th and 12th hot car fatalities in the US this year, according to officials.

In the latest tragedy, 28-year-old father "AC" left his infant daughter in a vehicle for “an extended period of time” in Lakewood Township amid a sweltering summer heat wave, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office said.

Officers responded to a report of a child in cardiac arrest near New Egypt Road around 1:45 p.m. Despite lifesaving efforts, the 8-week-old baby was declared dead on scene, according to police and prosecutors.

C was inside of the Kollel Cheshek Shlomo synagogue while his daughter was trapped in the hot car, News 12 New Jersey reported.

The father was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

He was taken to the Ocean County Jail and additional charges may be forthcoming, according to the prosecutor’s office.

On Monday as blistering heat has suffocated most of the country.

The boy was found inside of a car in the parking lot of the Sleepy Hollow Apartment Complex

Monday’s tragedies are the 11th and 12th confirmed deaths of children left in hot cars in the nation this year, according to national nonprofit Kids and Car Safety.

Last week, a 5-year-old twin died in Nebraska after his foster mom left him trapped in a vehicle for seven hours in 89-degree heat while she went to work at a nail salon, police said.

Earlier this month, a 2-year-old girl died after her 37-year-old father left her in the brutal Arizona heat for hours as he played video games. He was charged with murder.

A total of 29 children died from hot-car related deaths in 2023 and another 36 died in 2022, according to the organization. The average number of US child hot car deaths is 38 per year.

Kids and Car Safety Director Amber Rollins told The Post on Wednesday that a majority of hot car fatalities involve loving, caring parents who slip into “autopilot mode” that leads to the child being left behind in the car.

“It’s really the product of the right circumstances. These cases, almost all of them, are very much the same,” Rollins said. 

“The number one contributing factor is sleep deprivation, which is par for the course for parents of young children, combined with a change in the normal daily routine,” she continued. “A lot of these parents aren’t even used to having a child yet, and the first few months are brutal.”

Some safety tips the organization recommends to ensure the children are accounted for include getting into the habit of putting an item that’s necessary to a parent’s day — like a work laptop or wallet — in the backseat.

“The idea is that its training you of getting into the habit of opening the backdoor every time you leave the vehicle,” Rollins said.

It’s also recommended that parents keep a “reminder item” like a large stuffed animal in their vehicles that “lives in the backseat of your car.” When the children are in the car, parents should put the item in the front as a visual cue to remind them their child is there.

Kids and Car Safety helped pass federal legislation as part of the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which includes a mandate for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to issue federal safety regulations to the auto industry on technology that automakers must put in vehicles to prevent hot car deaths.

Rollins said safety standards were supposed to be submitted last fall, but they still haven’t issued it. They’ve repeatedly pushed back the deadline, with the agency announcing just last week they’d need until April 2025.

“Meanwhile, every week, children continue dying, families continue burying their children and it’s unacceptable,” she said.

Since 1990, at least 1,095 children have died in hot cars, about 88% of whom were 3 years old or younger, according to the organization.

Founder of "The Bridge" Mark Appel's Strong Words at NOVA the Site Where Jews Were Murdered


Mark Meyer Appel the Founder of the Bridge arrived in Israel  to lend support to the Israeli victims and survivors of the Oct 7 massacre .

He appealed to all his friends and political leaders to support Israel against the murderers. 
As the founder of The Bridgeת Mark is known as one who fights for an end to violence among America's diverse population

A Double Win for Trump as a Date Is Set To Decide Fani Willis’s Disqualification

 The Georgia Court of Appeals’s decision to hold oral arguments on the disqualification of District Attorney Fani Willis on December 5 suggests that a collision could be coming between the Peach State and a possible second Trump White House.

That the session is scheduled amounts to a victory for Trump and his co-defendants, who requested the session. It is another setback for Ms. Willis, who sought to convince the review tribunal that Trump had not mustered up enough evidence to earn such a hearing. All three judges set to hear the case — Trenton Brown, Todd Markle, and Benjamin Land —  are Republican appointees.

The timing of the hearing could be another boon to Trump. The Court of Appeals had set a tentative date of October 4 for the hearing, which would have meant that arguments would have been rehearsed a month before the election. The court has until March 2025 to render a decision. The appellate court has frozen all motions in the case during the pendency of this appeal.      

The issue of whether Ms. Willis can continue to prosecute the sprawling racketeering case she brought against Trump and 18 others comes to the appeals court via a petition from the 45th president. The trial court judge, Scott McAfee, ruled that Ms. Willis could stay on if her former lover and special prosecutor, Nathan Wade, stepped aside, which he did with dispatch. 

Judge McAfee found that Ms. Willis’s behavior, which he noted exuded a “significant appearance of impropriety,” was far from impeccable. He described her characterization of the affair as one that emitted an “odor of mendacity” and castigated her comments about her opponents “playing the race card” as “legally improper.”

Ms. Willis’s office paid Mr. Wade more than $650,000 for his services. He has never before prosecuted a felony case. During his employment at Fulton County, the two took trips to destinations like Napa Valley, Belize, and Aruba, all paid for by Mr. Wade. Ms. Willis claims that she reimbursed him in cash that she kept at home. Her father testified that practice was a “Black thing.”

Trump contends that Ms. Willis and Mr. Wade, who maintain that they only began dating after Mr. Wade was hired, are lying. The 45th president has marshaled cellphone evidence that purports to show that the amorous duo exchanged thousands of calls and text messages before Mr. Wade was hired. He has since told ABC News that workplace romances are “as American as apple pie.” 

The December 5 date throws into sharp relief the possibility that this case could lurch back into motion soon after its most prominent defendant wins the election — though before he is sworn into office as the 47th president on January 20. The order from the Court of Appeals gives no indication that its schedule is subject to revision in the event that Trump wins. 

A sitting president has never faced state criminal charges. The Supreme Court ruled that President Clinton could be subject to federal civil suit, and Department of Justice regulations prohibit the prosecution of a president on federal criminal charges. Trump could still challenge the Georgia charges in light of the Supreme Court’s grant of immunity for official presidential acts, which could protect some of the behavior cited in Ms. Willis’s indictment.

Trump, should he return to the White House, could not fire Ms. Willis — or a possible replacement. His control over prosecutors would extend only over the federal kind. Similarly, he could possibly pardon himself for federal charges — “offenses against the United States” is how the Constitution puts it — but not for state ones. It is possible, though, that the Supreme Court could, in the name of protecting a functioning Executive, freeze the case until 2029.

On Wednesday Mr. Smith filed notice to the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit that he intends to appeal Judge Aileen Cannon’s ruling that his appointment violated the Constitution because he was not confirmed by the Senate nor hired under an applicable law. Now, the special counsel’s chances of ever reaching a jury on the Mar-a-Lago charges depend on the riders at Atlanta.

Trump campaign sees ‘nearly 20 paths’ to victory as DemonRats Panic


Former president Donald Trump’s senior campaign adviser projected confidence about the state of the race on Tuesday and said he sees “nearly 20 paths” to victory, in contrast to just “one, maybe two” for President Joe Biden.

“We’re very much on the offense in Michigan, we’re very much on the offense here in Wisconsin, we’re very much on offense in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” Chris LaCivita said at a brunch hosted by Georgetown University roughly a mile from the Republican National Convention.

“We’re dictating the map and we’re dictating the issues.”

LaCivita’s remarks come as Democrats panic about their party’s prospects in November and as the former president maintains his polling lead over Biden.

Shortly before LaCivita spoke, reports broke that congressional Democrats circulated a letter pleading for their party to delay Biden’s official re-nomination.

The contrast between a unified GOP in the wake of the failed assassination attempt on Trump and the chaos brewing within the Democratic Party over whom, exactly, should be their nominee is one reason why LaCivita believes they hold the upper hand.

Trump’s strength as a candidate, LaCivita said, is responsible for what he believes is an expanding electoral map

“All data we’ve seen shows the race [in Virginia], we’re either: up a full 2 or 3, tied, or down 1 or 2,” he said. “Minnesota, that’s consistently plus 2, New Mexico’s coming online, New Jersey, what? Last time I saw it was a 2-point race.”

“We have nearly 20 paths to get what we need to get, and they have one, maybe two.”

LaCivita noted these sorts of results are coming as the Trump campaign has spent zero dollars on advertising, although he noted that some ads have been aired that were funded by affiliated political action committees.

The Biden campaign, in contrast, has spent “$156 million.”

Although Biden’s age is one of his largest electoral liabilities, LaCivita hardly gave it a mention. Instead, he explained that the theory of Trump’s reelection strategy is issue-driven.

“Inflation versus non inflation, five and a half bucks a gallon gas to two and half bucks a gallon of gas,” he said. “We’re going to continue to see, I think, a prosecution of a campaign that represents that.”

That the Trump campaign believes it is more aligned with the public on issues ranging from the economy to the southern border, LaCivita said, is why they are not concerned about any potential changes at the top of the Democratic ticket.

“We’re prepared for whatever, because the policies are the policies. Inflation is because of Biden-Harris, where we are in the world, the border, please,” he said. “So I think that fundamentally there won’t be a huge change in terms of the messaging, in terms of the positioning.”

Footage from the emergency room as a bleeding Trump walks in


New Excuse for Keeping Biden in the basement: President Biden has tested positive for Covid, according to the White House.


In a statement, the White House press secretary said that President Biden would be “returning to Delaware where he will self-isolate and will continue to carry out all of his duties fully during that time."

Doctor Warns Why You Should Never Unpack Your Suitcase Right After A Trip


There seem to be two types of people out there, the ones who unpack their suitcases immediately upon returning home from a trip, and the ones who forget about the suitcase and everything inside of it for weeks until finally emptying it, sometimes only so they can use it for another trip. Well a doctor is saying there is actually a right way to do it and surprisingly, it involves keeping the suitcase closed for many days after returning home.

Dr. Jason Singh posted a TikTok video warning that immediately unpacking can actually be harmful to your health. He explained that if you are coming back from a trip, especially one where you stayed in a hotel, you may have picked up bed bugs. Those gross creatures can lay eggs in your clothes or on your belongings that will hatch and invade your house if they get into it. However, if you keep your suitcase closed for a couple of weeks, they will wind up dying before you unpack since, according to the doctor, they "require a blood meal after hatching in order to continue their development." He ended the video stating, "So now you have a reason to be lazy, just like me, and just let your suitcase hang there in the side."

FedEx in Coral Springs Refuses to Take Package That is bound for the Jewish State

 Online today on Boca Raton Jewish Community page:

“…Avoid FedEx in Coral Springs: I was refused help when I tried to mail a package to my aunt in Israel. The clerk was all smiles until she saw where the package was going. I filled out a complaint form on FedEx (but so far no response)….”

WOW! Harvard graduate and Orthodox Jew Shabbos Kestenbaum Knocks It Out of the Park at RNC Convention


Mort Zuckerman has ended his $200 million donation to Columbia University.

 Mort Zuckerman, the billionaire owner of U.S. News & World Report and former owner of the New York Daily News, has ended his $200 million donation to Columbia University.

Zuckerman, who is Jewish, cited Columbia's "failure to address rising antisemitism”.

“The recent decisions and actions taken by Columbia have been antithetical to the university’s mission, and it is simply not the same institution it was when Mr. Zuckerman made the pledge”.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Crazed speculation or genuine mystery? As Trump shooting conspiracy theories run riot, eight key questions are put under the microscope



It seems staggering that it could happen in 2024 — a would-be assassin’s bullet ­coming so close to Donald Trump’s head that it took off part of his right ear.

The U.S. came within an inch, literally, of being plunged into the sort of political chaos and violence that would make the turbulence of recent years look utterly insignificant.

Many Americans struggle to believe that this was simply a terrible cock-up on the part of the U.S. Secret Service and local police who were tasked with protecting the ex-president.

Especially given that the would-be assassin was no trained professional but a skinny 20-year-old kitchen assistant —Thomas Crooks — who was turned away from his high school rifle club for being a ‘comically bad’ shot.

As new details continue to emerge about the shocking security failure at the fateful Trump rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, at the weekend, ­myriad questions have been raised.

Some strike at the heart of the controversy and others appear to be just bizarre conspiracy theories. The latter tend to fall into two camps, either Left-wing claims that the botched shooting was ‘staged’ to boost Trump’s popularity or Right-wing claims that the Secret Service knew it was coming and didn’t act to stop it.

Such wild speculation — fanned, of course, by social media — is the product of relentlessly suspicious minds in a ­ferociously polarized country. But key questions remain unanswered among the jumble of speculation and rumor . . .


Investigators say they are still ­struggling to understand why Thomas Crooks would want to kill the former president. Politics is the obvious answer and yet Crooks’ precise political views seem difficult to gauge.

He was a registered Republican Party member but, in 2021, he made a $15 donation to a ­Left-wing group. However, ­investigators have yet to find any evidence that he held strong ­political positions.

Crooks graduated in 2022 from a high school where he was described as very much a ‘loner’ who was a victim of teasing and bullying but also as ‘nice’ and ‘incredibly intelligent’.

Fellow pupils and teachers have said they definitely saw him as politically conservative but only moderately so. While it’s no secret that many traditional and more moderate Republicans loathe Trump, Crooks hardly fits the ­picture of the political zealot ready to embrace violence.

Nor does he quite fit the stereotype of the embittered high-school misfit with a simmering hatred of the world. While a classmate says he was teased about his poor hygiene and body odour and tried not to draw attention to himself, the FBI says he had no known ­history of mental illness.

Nor did he leave behind any ­evidence of violent rhetoric on social media or a hatred-spewing ‘manifesto’ as rampaging gunmen nowadays so frequently do. Instead, Crooks was virtually invisible online, apparently having no ­public account on either ­Facebook or Instagram.


This core question, that has ­puzzled so many security experts, became even more pertinent after it emerged that the gunman had actually scaled a warehouse owned by the American Glass Research company that was being used as a ‘watch post’ by one of the police anti-sniper units ­covering the event.

Thomas Crooks opened fire right under (or more accurately, over) the noses of trained snipers peering out of the building’s ­windows looking for threats.

And, shockingly, although the unguarded roof of this commercial building offered a clear line of sight to the stage — no more than 150 yards away — where Trump was standing, it was outside the security perimeter set up by the Secret Service.

Consequently, the gunman didn’t need to pass through any security checks, including metal detectors, to reach his vantage point. How he got so close with an assault-style rifle remains another mystery.


Police themselves warned of Crooks’ suspicious behavior near the gunman’s eventual shooting position at least three times.

A Beaver County officer — a member of one of three different local forces patrolling the area — was part of an anti-sniping team stationed inside the building that Crooks later scaled.

The officer watched him outside as Crooks looked up at the roof and then left, news network CBS reported. He then returned, sat down and looked at his phone, at which point one of the snipers even took a photo of him.

When Crooks took out a rangefinder, used by hunters to assess the distance to a target, the sniper radioed his command post.

Crooks then disappeared once more and returned, this time ­carrying a backpack. The snipers radioed in with this latest­ information, adding that he was walking towards the back of their building.

Police believe he might have used an air conditioning unit to get on to the roof. Fatally, the snipers themselves never tried to engage Crooks.

Experts were dumbfounded that none of the three officers was stationed on the roof, which would have offered a far better vantage point to observe the rally. The trio reportedly hadn’t been given a spotter, which is standard procedure, due to a manpower shortage.

Embattled Secret Service chief Kimberly Cheatle unconvincingly claimed yesterday that nobody had been positioned on the roof for safety reasons because it was ‘sloped . . . at its highest point’.


Bystanders have said they warned police of the man with a gun on the warehouse roof ­several minutes before the shooting and couldn’t fathom why Trump was allowed to continue his speech.

Video footage taken by people close to the perimeter seems to corroborate this, although earlier phone warnings to the police didn’t mention the man had a gun. But according to various sources, law enforcement personnel also spotted the gunman on the roof nearly 30 minutes before the first shots were fired.

One of them reportedly saw Crooks at 5.45pm (Trump wasn’t shot until 6.11pm on Saturday).

One officer did manage to get up to the roof from the outside, peering up over the edge only to see the gunman aiming his rifle at him.

Unable to use his own gun as he was holding the roof with both hands, say superiors, he ducked down. Crooks then turned and started shooting at Trump.


According to some fanciful social media interpretations of photos of the moment when shots were fired, Trump was holding a yellow object in the hand he used to touch his bloody ear.

They have even claimed it was a gel pack containing fake blood — routinely used in films and TV — that Trump burst the moment he grabbed his ear.

To be clear, there is no evidence to back up such an outlandish conspiracy theory.


Online speculation has swirled about the behavior of an ­unidentified woman sitting in the seats reserved for core Trump supporters behind his podium.

As others around her recoil in horror and either cower in their seats or attempt to flee, the woman — wearing a white top, dark glasses and a black Trump baseball cap — momentarily sinks low but then calmly pulls out her mobile phone and starts filming the drama as Secret Service agents bundle the ex-president to the floor.

One post on X asking people to ‘pay close attention to the woman in the black hat’ has been viewed some 20 million times.

‘Gunshots ring out and her first instinct is to very, very calmly pull out her phone and film the whole spectacle. Does that seem like normal behavior to you?’ asks another user.

Her conduct is certainly at odds with those around her and ­suggests little concern for ­personal safety.

Yet is it so odd nowadays, some have countered, for people to reach for their phones during a crisis?

These skeptics have insisted her behavior is more a sad reflection of the modern compulsion to film violence than ­evidence of any prior knowledge of the shooting.


Some insist that several videos of the shooting show police and Secret Service agents — whose first duty, of course, is to protect serving and ex-presidents — ­acting as if they knew bullets would soon be flying.

A two-man police anti-sniping team, armed with rifles and ­positioned on a rooftop near the stage, can be seen peering through powerful ‘spotter scopes’ in the direction of the gunman for around 40 seconds before he opens fire and they fire back.

Frank Figliuzzi, a former assistant director of the FBI, told the Mail earlier this week that they might have assumed the assassin was a police sniper, part of their security team.

Down on the ground, sceptics have focused on footage of a Secret Service agent walking around in a somewhat crouched stance as he ushers people away from the ex-president just ­seconds before the first shots ring out.

Others have countered that he’s doing just what an agent would be expected to do and there’s nothing suspicious here.

Some of the evidence that’s been produced to suggest the incident was staged is itself fake. An image rapidly circulated on social media showed a picture of two agents who ran to guard Trump with smiles on their faces.

An influential anti-Trump ­commentator, who has almost 250,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter), shared the image, saying: ‘Everyone here seems to be having a good time, laughing and smiling for the cameras.’

However, the picture was ­later debunked as a digitally manipulated version of an ­Associated Press photo.

So-called ‘BlueAnon’ conspiracy theories — levelled by Left-­wingers — have clearly been thick on the ground this time, compounding the confusion spread by similarly paranoid or just ­trouble-making Trumpites.­

According to research group Institute for Strategic Dialogue, references to false assassination narratives amassed more than 100 million views on X in just 24 hours.


The drama on the rally stage after the shooting briefly veered into farce when Trump could be heard complaining that he wasn’t going to be hustled away until he’d recovered his shoes.

He later explained that he’d been thrown to the ground with such force by his bodyguards that they’d come off.

But why, at a moment when there could have been more ­gunmen around and his life was still in danger, was he so worried about footwear?

Hollywood screenwriter Randi Mayem Singer speculated —somewhat mischievously — that Trump wears two to three-inch lifts to make him look taller.

According to Singer, that explains why the shoes fell off so easily and why he ‘didn’t want the humiliation of people seeing his trick shoes’.

Secret Service director Kimberly Cheatle is blasted for 'stupidity' and 'BS excuse' that snipers were not on the roof used by gunman Thomas Crooks because it was 'too sloped'


The Secret Service's director Kimberly Cheatle has been slammed for her 'stupidity' and 'BS excuse' that snipers were not present on the roof used by would-be assassin Thomas Crooks because it was 'too sloped'.

Speaking to ABC News on Tuesday, Cheatle claimed that agents were not positioned on top of the sloped building, deeming it too dangerous - despite images from the scene showing Secret Service snipers set up on a sloped roof behind where Trump was delivering his speech. 

Former Army Ranger Sean Powell was among those who registered his outrage with Cheatle's 'BS excuse' a rage filled tweet. 

'Holy s***. A sloped roof? That is a total BS excuse,' he wrote.

'Our snipers used to set in on mountain tops in Afghanistan. On the down slopes if need be. The stupidity of this statement explains so much of why s*** hit the fan that day. Absolute incompetence,' he added. 

Following Cheatle's bizarre comments, a former US senator from South Carolina, Jim DeMint also weighed in saying: 'This sad excuse about defies believability.' 

Instead of placing her snipers on the roof of the American Glass Research Building in Butler, Pennsylvania, where Crooks fired from, she made the decision to secure the building from the inside. 

'That building in particular has a sloped roof at its highest point,' she claimed.

'And so, you know, there's a safety factor that would be considered there that we wouldn't want to put somebody up on a sloped roof. 

'And so, you know, the decision was made to secure the building, from inside,' she added. 

Thanks to Cheatle's decision, Crooks managed to evade cops and Secret Service three times, even though he had been deemed 'suspicious' and could have been on the roof for up to 30 minutes before he pulled the trigger.

Witnesses also begged law enforcement to act when they saw him clamber onto the roof with his AR-style rifle, but the lapse in security meant he was able to carry out his bid to take the 45th president's life.

But now, her comments have been heavily criticized by members of the public, with many dubbing the theory a 'total BS excuse' that 'defies believability'.

The lapse in security allowed would-be assassin Crooks to evade both police and the Secret Service, despite being flagged as suspicious.

Witnesses reported seeing Crooks climb onto the sloped roof with his father's AR-style semiautomatic rifle, but security officials failed to act in time to prevent any harm coming to the former president. 

 The snipers above President Trump were on a sloped roof so why couldn't they secure the sloped roof that the assassin was on?'

'She should have been fired days ago. We need accountability'.

Trending Politics co-owner Collin Rugg added: 'Ironically, the snipers who were behind Trump during the rally were on a sloped roof, she is b*********** and getting away with it'.

As the public outcry surrounding Cheatle's comments rages on, conversations about how she obtained her position within the agency are also beginning to emerge.

It has been said it is largely due to her close relationship with first lady Jill Biden that she was able to land her role as director of the agency.

Four sources close to President Biden's family, including people who interacted with Cheatle during the Obama-Biden administration, told the New York Post she was well liked by the future first lady and her most senior aides, including top adviser Anthony Bernal. 

'Cheatle served on Dr. Biden's second lady detail and Anthony pushed for her,' a Democratic insider said. 

'I heard at the time she was being considered for director that Anthony had pushed her forward as an option,' another source added.

Republicans preparing to grill Cheatle have already focused on her own background.

Before being appointed by President Biden in 2022, she worked for PepsiCo as senior director in Global Security. 

She worked for 25 years in the agency and in the Vice Presidential Protective Division.

Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Ky.) on Fox News has called her a 'diversity hire.'

'You know she was working at Pepsi before this. I know she was a former CIA Secret Service agent, but still, this is what happens when you don’t put the best players in,' he said.