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Monday, January 20, 2020

Who is Shtouber That Calls "Israel News" "Apikorsas" ?

The real irony about this entire video is, that this guy is ranting against the Smartphone, ..yet the entire clip was recorded on a smartphone.

For those who don't understand Yiddish ... I'll try to summarize his yelling and screaming in a few sentences.
But please keep in mind that I couldn't possibly capture the nonsense and hatred against other Jews that this guy, Moshe Aron Gershon Shtauber, spewed.

He first tells a story about an older Satmar Chasid that was davening in the Satmar Bais Medrish ....

"here was an older guy that merited to sit by the holy rebbe's tish (R' Yoilish) left the shul to ask his smartphone on the Siri app...""Israel News?"!!
A guy who had the zchus to see the holy rebbe asks his phone about "apikorsas" rachmuna lizlan" (May G-d save us)"

So let's break this down ....
an older guy that was for sure a Holocaust survivor (the way he described him) is interested in what's happening to his brothers and sisters in Israel ....

 That is now considered ....."apikorsas?"

In the same video, shtauber (now with a small "s") discusses the Jersey City killings ....
Why is that not "apikorsas?"  
Why is news about Israel "apikorsas" yet news about Jersey City ...not "apikorsas?"

This Shtauber guy, with his 3 story $5,000 Shtrimal is barking about a holocaust survivor that wants to know how his brothers in Israel are fairing......

 Shtauber veers off his main topic that was about the "tumedeke" smartphone .... to take apart an elicher yid who witnessed the worst tragedy of the Jewish people in its entire history ....
and who really cares about others in the holy land!

How low have we sunk? How low?
Is it any wonder that people are fed up with this nonsense and leave the fold ....?

I am sure that the guy that filmed this and sent it to the blogs wants it publicized so that all can see how much hatred guys like Shtauber spread in the much division a Shtauber and his ilk can cause and how a single rant and bark can spread and ingrain  "sinas chinum" in the hearts and minds of his listeners!

Even while giving mussar he cannot help calling "Israel News" ..Apikorsas! 

Then Shtauber tells a story that he claims he himself witnessed!

He went to visit a sick man  from Monsey,  on his deathbed in Mount Sinai hospital...
and this is what occurred while as he was saying "viddu" with the man ...

"he has children  "azoi in azoi" (like this and like that) and suddenly I notice one of his children without a beard with his shirt out, sitting near by with one leg over his other, take out the "shvarzter tumedika davar acher" the black tumedika smartphone, while his father was gasping his last breath after having just said viddu, snapping a photo of his father and then sending it to all of his friends"

Who believes this story?....
Is there anybody out there that believes this story? Anyone?

Are you telling me that the dying man's very own son was sitting "with one leg over the other" while his father was taking his last breaths??
And then "sending the photo to all his friends?"
If he did ....I'll bet the kid learned in Satmar!
There is no way that any kid that learned in any modern school would behave like that..... 

Shtauber in one fell swoop destroyed with his lying ugly lips ... the dying man's son because he "had no beard" and "had his shirt out."

Even if we were to say that this incredible story was in fact 100% true, what was the point of mocking a child whose father was on his death bed... and then underhandedly destroying the dying man himself by implying that his children weren't great...
"azoi in azoi"?

Instead of arguing and presenting his case in a rational manner and debating the issue on its merits ....
he destroys the reputation of the dead man's family, makes "choizeik" of the appearances of one of the children of the dying guy and calls "Israel News" apikorsas! 

How does any of his fictional stories have anything to do with the smartphone? 
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Two women found dead in Jerusalem

Two women in their 20s were found unconscious near a tall commercial building in Jerusalem on Sunday night.

Magen David Adom paramedics who were called to the scene pronounced them dead.

It is believed that the two women fell from a height for a reason that is unclear at this time.

Magen David Adom paramedics Shlomi Levy and Shalom Galil said, 
"When we arrived on the scene, we saw two young women in their 20s, not breathing and without a pulse. They were both suffering from severe multisystem injuries. We performed medical examinations and, after a short time, had to pronounce them both dead.”
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Balloons attached to explosive device located near Beit Shemesh

Israel Police sappers arrived Monday to safely detonate an explosive device found near the central city of Beit Shemesh.
The device, attached to a bunch of balloons, landed near the Beit Shemesh-area town of Mesilat Zion.

No one was injured.

On Sunday, explosives attached to balloons landed in the southern city of Sderot. Officials in the IDF and the defense establishment believe that Hamas, which controls Gaza, is behind the balloons' launch.

On Friday, balloons with an explosive device landed in the city of Ashdod, after flying along the coast.

 Police were called to the scene and closed the area to the public in order to allow sappers to safely detonate the device.

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The New York Times Endorses Two Radical Leftists For President! ......Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren

The New York Times endorsed not one, but two candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination on Sunday.
The paper’s editorial board gave their blessings to the crazed fake Indian candidate Elizabeth Warren, and the "no clue Amy Klobuchar in a surprise endorsement that split from tradition.
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While Ezra Friedlander & Satmar Rebbe of Monroe Advocated FOR Iran Deal ..Iran Was Building Nuclear Weapons

Netanyahu with Secret Iran Files 

Guys... I'm old enough to remember when the "Political Genius" the Satmar Rebbe of Monroe, Reb Aron Teitelbaum urged the US Congress to ignore Netanyahu's warning that Iran was building nuclear missiles!  

I remember when Satmar put up their naive stupid fool, Yolie Labin  from the Kidney Donor Organization to write an Op-Ed in the Yeshivah World to fight for the murderous Mullahs in Iran! They picked him because Labin ran the Kidney Donor Organization and they figured that he was considered an "honest neutral guy" by the heimishe community  .... which he was until he was recruited by the Satmar Mullahs to defend Obama's dangerous Iran Deal.

I remember when the dangerous money grubber Ezra "the Capo" Friedlander  tried to sell Holocaust Survivors the notion that it was ok for Iran to get a  license to build nuclear weapons that would G-d forbid annihilate the entire Israel and cause a much bigger Holocaust! ....

Well guess what? 

Iranians were building a nuclear weapon way back in 2002...

Will we hear an apology????

Do I hear crickets ....?

Do not listen to these useless idiots .... they are only working to fill their own pockets on the backs of the Jewish People!!

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R' Chaim Vital's Secret Kabbalistic Remedies and Segulos for Children on Auction

andwritten leaf from ‘Sefer HaRefuos’ handwritten by the holy Kabbalist Rabbi Chaim Vital himself, detailing various natural and Kabbalistic remedies, particularly regarding children’s welfare.

Aside from Rabbi Chaim’s extraordinary Kabbalistic knowledge, Rabbi Chaim was well-versed in the field of medicine, practical Kabbalah and alchemy, and wrote a large and thorough treatise on the subject.

Rabbi Chaim Vital describes many incidents where he himself practiced these remedies and saw first-hand results.

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Kosher Winery Spills 1,000 Gallons of Boutique Wines in "Maasar" Ceremony

The Or Haganuz boutique winery on Sunday held a festive ceremony for "maasering" their annual product – winner of countless international tasting competitions – which involved spilling about 4,000 liters (1,056 gallons) of the winery’s fine wine.
 In the time of the Bais Ha'Mikdash, this wine would have been sent to Jerusalem for the use of the Cohanim (priests), but since this cannot be done nowadays, the amount "maasered" is forbidden to use by its owner or any layman, Kikar Hashabbat reported.
The ceremony was attended by the rabbis of the Badatz—the rabbinical court of the Haredi community in Jerusalem which also supervises the kashrut of the winery. Also on hand were the regional rabbi, Rabbi Yosef Elmasheli, and the Rabbi of the Or Haganuz community, the kabalistic Rabbi Mordechai Sheinberger.
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Kiryas Joel Charity Sued for $950K in Credit Card Chargeback Scheme

Rumors have it that they will blame the nasty Zionists for this scheme! These "ober-chuchems" started a "gmach" on the "chesbon" of the "goyishe" bank, KeyBank......
But the crazy anti-Semitic goyim got wind of the scheme and weren't too happy about getting fleeced by some anti-Zionists chassidim, so the goyishe "tipshim" ...instead of going to a Bais Din in Monroe...  went to the FBI ......... and now the anti-Zionists are in big doo-doo......
I suggest they rent the gigantic MetLife building and make a protest against the anti-Semites that won't allow themselves to be robbed, after all this was for a holy purpose ... a "gmach" ....
at the protest they can scream against the "apikoras" Netanyahu, for good measure .... and maybe they could convince the naive R' Malkiel Kotler to join! 
Interesting that they couldn't find a local bank to fleece but chose a bank in Cleveland ....
KeyBank has sued a Hudson Valley religious charity and a co-founder for allegedly running a $950,000 credit card chargeback scheme.
KeyBank of Cleveland sued Mordechai Gold and BHMD BY on Chevron Inc., of Kiryas Joel, Orange County, Dec. 16 in White Plains federal court.
“KeyBank seeks to prevent the fraudulent transfer or dissipation of assets, including those assets that they have already tried to put beyond the reach of KeyBank,” the lawsuit states.
Gold responded in a court filing that the allegations are a “complete fabrication.”
The bank “has attempted to dress up its contract claim as being an elaborate fraud involving over 40 conspirators,” he stated, “yet KeyBank has proffered no evidence of fraud.”
Gold, 26, Yoel Shtosel and Joel Fekete set up BHMD BY on Chevron in 2015 to establish a place of worship, Bnai Yisroel, on Chevron Road, according to the incorporation papers, and to “support the spiritual needs of the community with providing free loans and to support the religious, intellectual, moral and social welfare among them.”
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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Dershowitz to defend Trump at impeachment to protect ‘integrity of constitution’

 US President Donald Trump’s legal team will include former Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr, the former independent counsel who led the Whitewater investigation into president Bill Clinton, according to a person familiar with the matter.
The team will also include Pam Bondi, the former Florida attorney general and a Trump ally.
Dershowitz confirmed his role in a series of tweets on Friday, saying he would “present oral arguments at the Senate trial to address the constitutional arguments against impeachment and removal.”
“While Professor Dershowitz is non-partisan when it comes to the constitution — he opposed the impeachment of President Bill Clinton and voted for Hillary Clinton — he believes the issues at stake go to the heart of our enduring Constitution,” he said in another tweet.
“He is participating in this impeachment trial to defend the integrity of the Constitution and to prevent the creation of a dangerous constitutional precedent,” he said.
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PUTTING THE FAT IN FATWA Monstrous 560 Pound ISIS fanatic dubbed ‘Jabba the Jihadi’ is arrested

Hate preacher Abu Abdul Bari had to be loaded onto a flatbed truck after he was nabbed in his Mosul bolthole by Iraqi security forces.
Cops said he was an ISIS member who issued fatwas leading to the execution of a number of scholars and clerics, as well as the bombing of a mosque.
Macer Gifford, a Brit who fought against the death cult in Syria, tweeted: “I’m delighted to say that the Islamic State’s very own Jabba the Hutt has been captured in Mosul.
“Responsible for the execution of men, women and children. This animal raped and murdered.”
Referring to the obvious problems the authorities might face carrying out the country’s death penalty, he added: “Good luck hanging him Iraq.”
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Friday, January 17, 2020

Not A Single Contestant on "Jeopardy" Knew Who Adam Schiff Was

Who is Rabbi Shmuel Neiman From Monsey? .... Rabbanim Are Saying He is Dangerous to the Spirituality of His Students

I found this Video .... and I actually found it very interesting .....

Why did R' Malkiel Kotler, Rosh Yeshiva sign this "Kol Korah?"
Why did R' Zvi Shustal Sign it?
And why did the other Rabbanim sign this?

Anybody know? Is it because he is normal?

Is he threat because he speaks about "love" between husband and wife? 
I took the time to listen to the entire video...and every single thought is from holy sources..... He is also a Rav and a Dayan in Monsey ....
What's going on?

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Zera Shimshon Parshat Shemot

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Lady Suddenly Realizes She Took the Gas Pump with Her

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Rabbi Moshe Eluz Returns From Daf HaYoimie and Dies

Rav Moshe Eluz , 55 , served for many years as principal of  Talmud Torah Netivot Yehuda in Netivot . 
Recently he was a Rebbe for 6 and 7th grades.
After returning home from the Daf HaYoimi he suddenly grabbed his chest, collapsed and died ...

Rich Satmerer In KJ Gets Called Out For Taking His Son the Chassan At His Wedding To the Ladies Side ito Watch Women Dance For them!

The poster above flooded the Holy City of Kiryas Yoel where a "maaseh ne'vilah"(disgusting incident) took place ......

It seems that one of the wealthy baalibatim married off his son, and in middle of dancing, he had the Chutzpah to march his son over to the ladies side to watch his wife and daughters dance a special dance for the Chassan....

Well that crossed the line ... in a city where the leader is no one less than the holiest tzaddik in the entire world, the "Grand Rabbi of Satmar" Rabbinu Hagaon Hatzaddik Harav Aron Teitelbaum Shlitah, Av Bais Din d'kaak Satmar Kiryas Yoel! 

Will will attempt translate loosely most of it ..The Poster asks:

1) Where in Der Blatt (Satmar KJ Newspaper) is there an "objection" to this tragedy? ... we remember well when some "Purim Rebbe" crossed a line how Der Blatt in bold letters placed an "objection."

2) Where in Der Blatt is there an objection when the same newspaper printed an "objection" about a Satmar Asken that participated in a banquet honoring the President of the US ?

3) Where is Rav Aaron Teitelbum's "objection?"  he seems to manage to  organize protests for every little infraction that the (Zionists) do?

Nope! This didn't happen in some Litvishe town ...this happened in Kiryas Yoel.

The answer why they aren't protesting and objecting:
He is one of us Ahroinie!
He has money!
He contributes to our "propaganda! 

Students of Our Rebbe (Not)
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Satmar Protestors Against Israel Get Interviewed by Yiddish Speaking Protestor

I had posted this video in the past ...but it's a slow news day so I figured you guys need a good laugh ..

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Arab Joins Auerbach Crazies in "Hafgana"

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CNN Refuses to Allow Wolf Blitzer to Interview Pence in Israel marking 75th Anniversary of Liberation of Auschwitz

In a time when violent anti-Semitism is on the rise, CNN has refused an interview with Vice President Mike Pence in Jerusalem to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz — because the network is “all impeachment, all of the time,” according to sources.
The White House offered Wolf Blitzer an exclusive interview with Pence at the World Holocaust Forum next Thursday, and the “Situation Room” host enthusiastically agreed. But CNN boss Jeff Zucker then banned Blitzer from leaving the country because of the President Trump impeachment trial in the Senate.
Blitzer’s paternal grandparents were killed in the Holocaust and his parents were survivors. He said in an emotional 2018 interview, “My grandparents were murdered at Auschwitz. My dad survived, but two of his brothers and two of his sisters were killed. They weren’t separated to go to another facility. They were separated to die.”
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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Scary: Israeli Yeshivah Boy Catch a "tremp" with Arab Who Threatens Him to Take him to GAZA ... The Driver Video'd it Himself ... Pathetic!

A Yeshivah Boy from Netivot take a 'tremp" from an Arab driver .... when he asks him where he is from .. he tells him that he is from Gaza and that he is kidnapping him  ... the boys beg to let him out .... but he refuses and asks for 1 million shekel ....
The Arab driver himself filmed the entire episode ...
he must have let him out a while later after frightening him half to death! 
The video went viral in Arab Social Media!
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תיעוד ברשת:
 נהג ערבי עצר טרמפ לנערים תלמידי ישיבה לנתיבות, וביצע מתיחה ואמר להם כי הם חטופים והוא בדרכו לעזה. הנערים מתחננים לרדת והנהג הערבי מסרב. את המתיחה צילם הנהג לרשת החברתית.

Dancing at 13th Siyum Ha'Shas From All Over the World...... Jews United As One ....Inspiring!! .........See IDF Dancing At 2:41Mark

The "Siyum Hashas" (completion of the Babylonian Talmud) for the "Daf Yomi" endeavour in which Jews across the globe to simultaneously study the same gemara (Talmud) page daily for 7.5 years was recently celebrated by hundreds of thousands all over the Jewish world.

The largest of these events was held in New York's MetLife Stadium, sponsored by "Agudat Yisrael" in America. 

Approximately 90,000 people gathered for the completion of the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi, screened to additional events around the world, where they chose to focus on the Charedi soldiers in the IDF.

New Jersey "Siyum Hashas" attendees represented a wide range of Jewish communities in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and even Israel. Working haredim, yeshivish, modern Orthodox, recently religious Jews, Sephardim, and Ashkenazim all chose to highlight the Charedi soldiers' Siyum Hashas in Israel.

The Agudah in America is a part of the Worldwide Agudat Yisrael organization, but in the US, the movement is not political, but social. 

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Why I’m moving to Israel

When I was 6 years old and living in Israel I would take the public bus to school along with all the other independent little Israelis. 
One morning, I got a late start and the thought of walking into class last made me cringe (still does). And so, as I rode the bus that day, I made a hasty but calculated decision to “miss” my stop so that I would have a valid excuse for my tardiness. Proud of my quick thinking, I watched excitedly as the bus drove right past my school. But as you can imagine, the more stations that went by the more I began to slowly regret my decision. Before I knew it, all the passengers had disembarked and I found myself alone at the back of an empty bus as it arrived at the central station.
As per a routine check at the final stop, a female soldier scoured the seats for any “suspicious” objects that may have been left behind. Lo and behold, she came upon a (fake) sleeping little girl and called the driver over immediately. I pretended to wake up confused and disoriented and told them both I had fallen asleep (the cover had to stay consistent). 
What happened next is one of my fondest childhood memories.
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Shocking video shows moment Queens landlord is fatally shoved down flight of stairs

Video footage obtained by The Post captures the moment a Queens landlord was shoved down a flight of stairs during an argument with his tenant on Sunday — causing an injury he later died from, police sources said.
The footage shows 71-year-old Edgar Moncayo talking on his cellphone on the stoop of his property on 102nd Street in Corona at about 3 p.m.
The door of the building suddenly jerks open and a brief scuffle between Moncayo and his tenant, identified by sources as 22-year-old Alex Garces, ensues, the video shows.
Garces allegedly shoves Moncayo, who goes flying down the red-brick staircase before his head smacks the pavement at the bottom of the eight-stair flight, the video shows.
Garces and a friend then walk down the steps and pass Moncayo’s motionless body on the sidewalk. His friend pauses to check on the elderly man, and then he briefly paces back and forth and takes his hat off in worrisome manner, the video shows.
Moncayo’s grandson, Nicolas Jativa, 20, told the Post that Moncayo was pronounced dead at 12:30 p.m. Monday after being on life support with head trauma at NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst.
The tenant initially told cops the fall was an accident that happened as he tried to carry his mattress out of the building and hit the front door, causing Moncayo to fall, police sources said.
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Rav Shmuel Binyomin Sofer Bresliver Killed In a Car Accident Near Tzfat Leaving a Wife & 11 Children

Rabbi Shmuel Binyamin Sofer, a Breslover Chassid  51 years-old, was killed; two of his children were moderately injured in a car accident that occurred on Highway 89 near Tzfat (Safed) Monday night.

The accident involved a head-on collision between two vehicles on the Akbara Bridge next to Tzfat.

Rav Sofer left a wife with 10 children.
He learned in Kollel Chatzot and finished Shas every year.

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הלם בחסידות ברסלב בצפת עם היוודע זהותו של ההרוג בתאונת הדרכים הקטלנית הלילה, הרה"ח רבי בנימין סופר ז"ל, מחשובי האברכים בקהילה, כשהוא רק בן 51 בפטירתו. שני בניו נפצעו ופונו במצב בינוני לבית החולים זיו בצפת.
רבי בנימין זצ"ל שימש במשך שנים רבות כמלמד בחיידר ברסלב בצפת, שם חינך ולימד דורות של ילדים, והוא היה אדם שרבים העריכו אותו מאד במסגרת ההשקעה שלו בחינוך הילדים.
לפני כארבע שנים עזב את תפקידו בחיידר, ועבר להיות חלק מקבוצת האברכים בכולל חצות באתרא קדישא מירון, מקום אותו אהב מאד המנוח, ושם היה נוהג לשבת וללמוד מידי לילה.
אחד מידידיו מספר בצער ל'כיכר השבת' על כך שר' בנימין ז"ל היה נוהג לסיים מידי שבת את כל ספר התהילים, וכי הוא היה מסרב בכל תוקף לשמוע דברי לשון הרע, נושא עליו הקפיד מאד
לדבריו, ר' בנימין ז"ל היה מקפיד לסיים את הש"ס מידי שנה, תוך לימוד של שעות רבות ברציפות על מנת לעמוד ביעד שהציב לעצמו.
אלימלך גרסטל, ידי המנוח, סיפרר ל'כיכר השבת' כי "ר' בנימין היה דבוק בכל נפשו בברסלב, ואף היה מתהלך עם ספר 'ליקוטי מוהר"ן' בכיס, כדי לנצל כל דקה פנויה ללימוד"
המנוח ז"ל השאיר אחריו את רעייתו ועשרה יתומים, אותם גידל במסירות רבה. הלווייתו תצא בשעה 12:30 מבית המדרש ברסלב בצפת, לבית העלמין בעיר, שם יטמן. תהא נשמתו צרורה בצרור החיים.
יואל צרפתי ויצחק מנחם מירב, חובשים באיחוד הצלה שטיפלו בנפגעים, סיפרו: "מדובר בתאונה עם מעורבות שני כלי רכב. הענקנו סיוע ראשוני בזירת התאונה לנפגעים שפונו לאחר מכן למרכז הרפואי זיו בצפת.
"למרבה הצער נקבע מותו של פצוע באורח אנוש עקב אופי הפציעות הקשות מהן סבל. צוותי כיבוי פעלו בזירה עקב אופי התאונה".
במשטרה עדכנו כי: "שוטרי משטרת ישראל הגיעו למקום עם קבלת האירוע ופתחו בחקירת נסיבות התאונה. מבירור ראשוני עולה כי אחד מכלי הרכב המעורבים סטה מנתיב הנסיעה שלו אל הנתיב הנגדי. סיבת הסטייה בבדיקה וחקירת התאונה נמשכת".

Carl Heastie the Black Assemblyman Responsible For the Bill Allowing Criminals To Walk

Under New York’s criminal-justice “reforms,” judges are freeing clearly dangerous criminal suspects practically every day — who then quickly become suspects in new crimes.
On Sunday, The Post’s Larry Celona, Ben Feuerherd and Ruth Weissmann reported on the latest poster boys for reform:
Webb’s case is especially troubling: He was picked up for allegedly delivering such a swift, unprovoked blow to a 23-year-old woman that it knocked out two of her teeth.
His rap sheet includes four other arrests, and prosecutors asked for a $10,000 bail. Yet, under the new rules, the judge let him walk — only to have him harass passersby on the street just hours later, cops say.
Woodberry’s story is likewise mind-boggling: “I can’t believe they let me out,” he reportedly gushed. “What were they thinking?” As of Monday, he was still on the loose in connection with the fifth holdup.
That’s just two of several recent suspects The Post cited as allegedly re-offending after winning get-out-of-jail-free cards, including Tiffany Harris, freed twice despite being nab­­bed three times in five days on assault charges.
Ex-NYPD boss Bill Bratton echoed Woodberry’s words in blasting lawmakers for the reforms behind the insanity: “What the hell were they thinking?” he fumed.
The Legislature didn’t ask “a single judge, a single district attorney, a single police chief” for input, he noted. “Now we are left to pick up the debris.”
Many legislators now say they want fixes, but Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie is vowing to stand in the way. If he doesn’t budge soon, New Yorkers will pay a steep price.

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Monday, January 13, 2020

Lakewood Man Changes Flat Tire For Gentile Stranger: ‘It Made My Day’

Iran's 'Black January'

Shimrit Meir, a commentator on Arab affairs, spoke with Erel Segal and Roi Eden on the status of the Iranian regime in the wake of events that have taken place over the past few weeks. 

"The regime is experiencing one of its most dramatic moments in the last 40 years," Meir said in an interview with 103 FM.

"Trump took a bold step when he liquidated Soleimani and got away with it in the best possible way. The question is whether or not he will decide to stop here. You never know with Trump." 

Meir continued with her praise of Trump, saying that, 
"Until now, Trump's policy towards Iran has been phenomenal. He is in the midst of an election year and the Iranians hope that America will choose a Democrat as president."

Soleimani was killed on January 3 after he disembarked from a flight at Baghdad International Airport. The vehicle in which he was riding was struck by drone missiles and engulfed in flames. Nine other pro-Iranian paramilitary figures, riding with him and in an accompanying vehicle, were also killed in the strike, which had been ordered by President Trump.
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"I'm going to spend all of my money to get rid of Trump" . ... Michael Bloomberg

Is there still anyone out there that is still wondering why Goyim are beating and killing Jews?
Is there anyone out there who would if he wasn't Jewish, still like another Jew??

Here you have a Yiddish speaking Jew who could have the Zechut to support all Jewish Institutions.......

Did DIN just say ALL?

Let me repeat this ........ ALL Yiddishe Kinder in the entire world could have free tuition with just a fraction of what he has...he is said to be worth $56 billion Dollars ...

So now because of his hatred of President Trump, the best friend the Jewish people ever had in the White House ...
he will go down to the lowest rung of hell! 

Former New York City Mayor and Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg declared over the weekend that he is willing to invest his entire fortune in his bid to defeat President Donald Trump in this November’s general election.

Bloomberg, one of the top-ten richest people in the US with an estimated $56 billion net worth, told Reuters Saturday that he is prepared to part with his fortune in order to “get rid of Trump”.
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Where’s that Philadelphia Muslim teacher who taught kids to behead people?

In early 2019, in Philadelphia, little Muslim children were taught to proclaim, “We will chop off their (the Jews’) heads”. 

Everyone read about this, but considering the anti-Semitic incidents that now abound, it’s important to think back, in retrospect, and look into this as a test-case: what did the City of Philadelphia do about the bizarre event?

The answer is that the City of Philadelphia “investigated”. And what was the outcome? 

Philly leaders reported with satisfaction, that the Muslim American Society, which had some affiliation with the event, had “taken immediate actions and dismissed the person in charge of the program”. 

But crucially, the city “investigation“ neglected to ask the Muslim American Society WHO was the mysterious “person in charge”, who is said to have been dismissed. What was her or his name?

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Chareidei "Tzaddik" & 9 Chareidie Women Arrested For Running a Cult of 50 and Sexulally Abusing Their "slaves" in Jerusalem!

Police raided a compound in Jerusalem Monday morning which is suspected of having been used to house a cult in which dozens of women and children were held against their will.

Israel police raided the “Be’er Miriam seminary” – a sefardi Chareidi girls’ seminary – in the Bucharim neighborhood of Jerusalem on Monday morning and arrested a man and eight women on suspicion of holding victims in slave-like conditions, child abuse, and other forms of abuse, Israeli news outlets reported on Monday.
Police say that the main suspect, Aharon Ramati, about 60, is suspected a running a closed community “cult” of dozens of women and children and abusing them physically, emotionally and financially. Ramati, his wife and seven other women were all arrested on criminal charges of exploitation and holding victims in slave-like conditions.
The case began with reports to the Jerusalem District’s Fraud & Economic Crime Unit about the existence of a closed community operating as a “girls’ school,” at which women live together with their children in cramped and squalid living conditions in a housing complex under the control of a man suspected of abusing the women and children physically, financially and emotionally.
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