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Arab Worker In "yesh chesed" Supermarket in Modiin Elite Seduces Frum Girl and Walks Away With Her!! Video


Another Accuser Of Benny Gantz Surfaces and the woman who accused Benny Gantz Speaks ......

Nava Ron Jacobs, who accused the chairman of the "Blue and White" party, Benny Gantz, of sexually harassing her high school years, received another complaint Thursday by Yisrael Hayom. 

Jacobs, now also in his 50s, said that when he was studying in a boarding school at village green, Ganz and another friend  exposed their bodies to his little sister, who came to visit with her mother. He added that another mother and child were witnesses. 

Ben Jacobs said he had a great deal of deliberation  whether to reveal this, but eventually decided that he had to do so: 
"If this is a single case, then one can still ask, maybe there is a motiv or something.Maybe not a hundred percent kosher. But if there is more than one instance that indicates that there is a huge problem.

He added: 
"This story was a secret in our home that we wouldn't  talk about,  but I remember it clearly,  Benny Gantz and his friend undressed in front of the girls and laughed in the process. 

The woman who accuses Benny Gantz of indecent acts speaks

Driver Takes A Nap While Driving!!!

Michael Cohen "The Rat" Wore a "Red Bendeleh" Against "Eyin Hara" Evil Eye At the Congressional Hearings

Michael Cohen may have hoped to ward off evil during his grueling testimony with a small accessory – a red bracelet wrapped around his left wrist.
President Trump’s former personal attorney was seen sporting the thin talisman, which is commonly associated with Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible.
Cohen is in good company when it comes to the fashion statement.
In its story on his bracelet, celebrity gossip site The Blast posted a series of photos of celebrities who also wear the distinctive piece, including Madonna, Britney Spears, Ariana Grande and Angelina Jolie.

A GUIDE FOR THE PERPLEXED ... Netanyahu's Investigation : What exactly Is Going On??


The investigations into the conduct of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have led to a number of constitutional dilemmas regarding the next steps that should be taken if there is an indictment. Many of the questions that have arisen during these investigations are due to the unprecedented prospect of a current prime minister under indictment and the lack of a  recognized law on this matter. No matter the outcome, Israel's political and legal community should seize the moment and contemplate legislation to regulate this, so that the system is ready for possible future recurrences of a prime minister under investigation.

The following guide represents the collective wisdom of the Israel Democracy Institute's scholars and explains the various possibilities and scenarios as Israel enters uncharted political and legal waters.

Q. Is the Attorney-General obliged to announce whether he intends to indict the Prime Minister (pending a hearing) before the elections take place?

A. If the attorney-general is able to complete his examination of the cases in a reasonable time period ahead of the elections (several weeks), most legal experts argue that he is obligated to announce his decision because of the public's right to know. They argue that the same considerations that led the police to announce both the launch of the investigation and its results, should apply to the attorney-general's decision. Other legal experts are of the opinion that at this point, with elections weeks away, it would be best for the attorney-general to hold off on his decision, so as not to provide a sway over the public's vote. Even if a decision is announced after the election, it would be susceptible to criticism that the attorney-general was seeking to overturn the will of the voters through legal means.

Rabbanim in Yerushalyim & Bnei-Brak Having Meetings To Find Out Why Wives of Kollel Guys Having Affairs And Going Off The Derech!

This past week, the Chareidie Newspapers in Israel reported that Rabbanim in major cities where Chareidim live, met in secret to get to the bottom of a tragic crisis now sweeping the Chareidishe world; ...... married women, whose husbands are in Kollel are leaving the fold, disrupting the lives of their families and even having affairs ....

So far, what I am reading, is that  the "rabbanim" are blaming it on the internet, Whatsapp and Tzneeyois! 
They can't blame it on the IDF, because neither the guys nor the wives were ever in the army!!

But they are all barking up the wrong tree!!!

The reason why this is happening now in epic proportions has absolutely nothing to do with the internet or Whatsapp ....

The reason is very simple..... 
 Families are no longer being supported by the husbands but by their "professional" wives !!!!
There I said it ..... Whew !!!!!!

Years ago, a guy that wanted a life of Torah...... lived a life of Torah!! ...... he got by with the minimum .... and he brought up his family in a way that "gashmius" was only a fleeting phenomena and not important.... and made sure his family absorbed and enjoyed a life of "ruchniyois" ....they made do with little and their wives expected little ....

Today everyone and I mean Kollel families want to live the life! 
Many Kollel families  want their own home fully equipped with the latest appliances and gadgets and with up to date furniture designed by interior designers ... they also need to fly overseas for every simcha .. with entire families ..... witness the screeching babies on the planes! Restaurants are full with Kollel families... yes ... absolutely..
And they expect to go to hotels on Pesach and other Yomim Tovim!
Many now have cars and their wives are wearing the latest trends in fashion ......
All this costs money ...... 

The Roshei Yeshivahas  had it all wrong!!!!!!!!!!
 .... they advocated and convinced the Machaneches' of the Seminaries that they should brainwash their students, the Not "torahdike" idea that they must support their husbands if they truly want a Torah life and go to Olam Ha"bah!
They would point out how the wife of the Chofetz Chayim supported her husband with her store and tell them stories about other Litvishe "gedoilim" who learned all their lives supported by their wives and who shared in their Torah and their Olam Habah! 
They failed to tell their naive "bug eyed" students that the rest of the men of the town, all worked... 

What the Roshei Yeshiva and the Rebbetzines of the Seminaries didn't take into account, was that their students by in large come from affluent homes, and if they didn't come from affluence, they were and are, surrounded by affluence!

So in order to support the 2019 lifestyle, you need mucho shekels, to get it done....

To accomplish this, many young naive "vaiblach" sheep, got professional degrees, be it in law, accounting, speech, PT, OT, psychotherapist and special education degrees, online, or in girl only schools, and when they got jobs and started to work in their respective fields .... they got a culture shock... 
that they were not at all prepared for ....

The Rebbitzenes who were running these "expensive" Seminaries ($25,000.00 a head) didn't prepare them for the professional lives and real life in the streets ..... or maybe they secretely hoped that they would all teach in schools... 
But how many schools are there and how many classes are there compared with the number of teachers...????

And so the "vaiblach" met other professionals, other like minded "oif ge'klerteh" (open minded) men who they felt a kinship and had  .....something in common with ...

oh oh!!!!!!!

Then they would run home, strip off their fancy dresses and suits, put on their "pundulaws" and tend to their snot nosed needy dirty  toddlers, prepare supper for them and wait 
wait ...... and wait ....
For whom did they "wait?"
for the "king" the "tzekvetchte" kollel husband to come home...whom she had  nothing any longer in common with ...!!!

Resentment slowly but surely creeps into these marriages ....

the young "Vaibele" because she is bringing in the bucks feels that at work she is a princess and is interesting, while at home her kollel husband wants to share stories with her about his "chavruseh" who came up with a new "chidush" but has no interest in her professional life!!

But even if they decide to stay together both still crave a life of luxury one is willing to live in poverty any more ....

So how do we solve this ???????

Tell the Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshivas that DIN has the answer....


Hey Kollel guy want the good life and want your wife ...?
Go Work!! 
You can't have it both ways .....
 Save your children, your marriage ... your home...
Wake up!

But who are the "gedoilim" going to blame???

"Auerbach" Terrorists Smack Satmar Terrorists This Week ... Are They Breaking Off???

Terrorist Blau has a 4 month old baby but goes to protest!

The "Auerbach" Yeshivah Terrorists demonstrate and protest against the draft, only when a boy gets arrested for not registering for the IDF ........"גיוס בנים"
They do not "stop traffic" if the one arrested is a girl .....
"גיוס בנות"
They believe that the decree of the late Rav Shmuel Auerbach to disrupt the lives of other Chareidim living in Jerusalem and Bnei-Brak was only for boys who are arrested......

Yes..... they protest and make "hafganas" for girls too .... but they do not generally disrupt traffic or cause chaos at those "girl" hafganos".......(G-d only knows the reason).

Satmar until this week thought that they were on the same page as the Auerbach terrorists. They now learned a lesson in Yerushalmie politics ... 

This week a Yerushalmie Meah Shearim unlucky guy by the name of Blau, got arrested in Kikar Has'Shabbos for disrupting traffic ...he was protesting the arrest of a girl that didn't register for the draft....
The police looked at his record and found out that this Braun guy never registered for the draft and handed him over to the IDF........
good luck!

but no one seems to care ...... no one is protesting his arrest  and no one is representing him so that he can get out of army jail .... 
no "pidyan shevuim" campaigns...... nada, zilch.... zero!!!!

What happened???
Turns out, Blau is a Yerushalmie guy that is a Satmar Chassid!!
The Auerbach Terrorists didn't show for this "hafganah" and so there were only about 40 Satmar guys disrupting traffic and the police had an easy time arresting the instigator, Braun....

 This "hafagana" wasn't supported by the Auerbachs and so they will let him rot...
The Auerbachs and the Satmars are in for a fight now...
Pass the popcorn ....

The "Little Shmekel" Naftali Moster Calls Dov Hikind a Liar on Fox News

Michael Cohen just helped Donald Trump While Thrashing Him

Trump lawyer-turned-betrayer Michael Cohen took a detour on his way to prison with a lovely day trip to Washington and a televised sit-down with the House Oversight Committee.
He spent much of his time savaging the president unmercifully, which earned him savage treatment of his own from the Republican members of the committee and strange new ­respect from members on the other side of the aisle.
I haven’t heard that much histrionic and annoying yelling since I had the misfortune to have the batteries run out on my remote control while the channel changer was stuck on the Samantha Bee show.
The weird thing: Since what Republicans were trying to do was save the president’s hide, they should actually have hoisted Cohen on their shoulders, sung “Hava Nagila” and done a nine-hour hora. His testimony and answers actually helped the president when it came to the matter of Trump’s possible impeachment.
It turns out his lawyer-fixer doesn’t have the goods.

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Eida Ha'Chareidis Not Happy With Kallah Drumming At Her Own Wedding

This is not ok, according to Eidah Ha'Ganavim ...... 
But putting a leash on a kallah and parading her around  like in a dog show amongst hundreds of oogling sex starved men at a Mitzah tantz is 100% ok since it is our "mesorah" !!
Tzneeis shmeenis ... bunch of hypocrites !
Message to the Eidah.....
"Kishmich Vee Dee Yidden Huben Ge'Reet!"

Shira Hershkovitz, a young bride who asked to bang the drums at the end of her wedding some 10 days ago at the Ahuzat Wagshel wedding hall in Bnei Brak, stirred up a storm among the leaders of the Haredi community, B’Hadrei Haredim reported Wednesday.
Shira approached Yoeli Dickman’s orchestra at the end of the event and asked to be photographed seated at the drums. When she sat down, she began to play, and the band that was still on stage marveled at her talent.

But then several holy Jews who watched the video of the harmless event online alerted to Badatz, the kashrut supervision department of the Eda Haredit, which supervises the wedding hall, and inquired how could a bride possibly be permitted to play the drums in the hall under their supervision.
The kashrut department called the hall’s management to demand an explanation, wondering why no one turned off the electricity in the facility as soon as the bride had taken to the skins.
The wedding hall folks then turned to Yoeli Dickman’s band asking why they decided to feature brides playing the drums in their program, following which the band issued a written apology to the Badatz of the Eda Ha’Haredit, and promised the that they would not lend a hand to such an abomination ever again.
The band’s manager, Ozer Druck, told the women’s section of B’Haderi Haredim: “Yoeli Dickman’s orchestra works with a mission to make people happy on the day that matters most in their lives. Above all, this is an orchestra that adheres to the Torah sages.”
“If things inadvertently went out of hand, we apologized to all the parties, and from this point on will continue to do what we know best: to make the people of Israel,” he said.

Benny Ganz Who Is Running For PM Accused of Sexual Misconduct 40 years ago!!!!

Eventhough the claim is probably false,  it was designed in a way that fits the profile of a truthful event.

Unlike Kavanaugh's false accusations this woman has what is called a rape crisis event profile. Her life was genuinely ruined by something. 

She claims he never touched her, a friend held him back.
She left the school at the end of the term.
She never married.
Her psychological profile fits.

On the other hand she could be a pathological liar, and there is no proof.
However  she is being su
pported by a liberal media which is very unusual 

and that doesn't make it true.
However it is disturbing.


In the countless AIPAC events that I have attended over the years, I have always admired the long disclaimer of neutrality that is read at the start of the program.
Just like every commercial for medicine on TV and every package of cigarettes has a disclaimer, so do AIPAC events.

“AIPAC is the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee,” the disclaimer starts. “AIPAC is not a PAC. We are neither Democrat nor Republican. We are neither Likud, nor Labor. We do not support any political party in Israel or the US.”

This statement of neutrality is a really dull way to start an event, but it is actually the key to AIPAC’s success. While other pro-Israel movements have come and gone, AIPAC has only gotten stronger, and the growing number of attendees at their annual National Policy Conference in Washington testifies to that.


Professor Alan Dershowitz, one of the most prominent Jewish lawyers in the United States and the world, published an open letter on Wednesday addressed to Attorney-General Avichai Mandleblit, in which he defended Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from the ongoing investigations against him. 

Mandelblit is expected to publish his decision on whether or not to indict Netanyahu on Thursday, with possible consequences on the current election cycle.
Dershowitz, in his letter published in Haaretz, negates charges of bribery and fraud against Netanyahu and said that an indictment against the prime minister would threaten the democratic process.

"To bring down a duly elected prime minister on the basis of an expansive and unprecedented application of a broad and expandable criminal statute endangers democracy," Dershowitz wrote. 

Christians Against Two State Solution! VIDEO!!

Israel Ranks 10th Healthiest Country In The World ..... 54 Spots Ahead of the USA

Israel is the 10th healthiest country in the world — 54 spots ahead of the United States.
The Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, published Sunday, ranked 169 nations based on factors such as life expectancy and access to sanitation and medical care. Countries were penalized for tobacco use and obesity, among other health risks.
Unsurprisingly, the Mediterranean diet — common in Israel, as well as Spain and Italy, numbers one and two on the list — was noted in Bloomberg’s analysis.
“Mediterranean diet, supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil or nuts, had a lower rate of major cardiovascular events than those assigned to a reduced-fat diet,” says a study cited by Bloomberg.
The rest of the top 10, in order, are: Spain, Italy, Iceland, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Singapore and Norway.
The U.S. placed 64th, largely in part to its high obesity rate. Recent figures from the Centers for Disease Control estimate about 40 percent of the country, or over 93 million citizens, are obese.

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Ezra "capo" Friedlander Gets Egypt to Allocate $71 Million To Shuls in Egypt ..... BUT THERE AREN"T ANY JEWS IN EGYPT!!!!!!!!!

Ezra Friedlander, the Liska einekel , is a genius on how to rip off goyim .....
Goes to Egypt to award a Congressional Gold Medal, (that he lobbied for) to the late Anwar Sadat, a murderer of Jews and a Holocaust denier,  ....
then gets President Sisi of Egypt to allocate $71 million to fix up Shuls in Egypt, a country that has no Jews living there!!
What a genius.......!!!!

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi said his government would build synagogues and provide services to the Jewish community if there is a resurgence of the community in his country, JTA reported on Monday.

Sisi made the statement last week during a meeting with a US delegation made up of the Anwar Sadat Congressional Gold Medal Commission, which successfully lobbied to grant the Congressional Gold Medal to the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

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Day Yoimie Snippets ... Chullin 82, 83, 84,85,86,87, & 88

A great opportunity for the entire family, to share some thoughts on the daf ...  the  family feels united by discussing what the head of the house is studying.
I try to break it down so that everyone can understand it .... 
You can copy and print this without my consent, since Torah belongs to all of us..... 

See  previous Daf Yoimie Snippets 

This week's "Daf Yoimie Snippets Sponsored For the Refuah Shliemah of צארטל בת אסתר מלכה 

"דף פ''ב "התנא סומכוס        
Page 82  Mesectas Chullin  
"The Tanna Sumchus" 
The Tanna Sumchus, lived in the generation of Reb Yehudah Hanasie, which was the last generation of Rabbis given the title "Tanna."

When Reb Yehuda Hanasie redacted the Mishna, he included the Halachos of Sumchus. Sumchus was the primary student of Reb Meir, and his father's name was Yoisef.

Reb Yoichanan testified that Sumchus would be able to give 48 different reasons on each  item declared "Tuma.", and was able to give 48 different reasons of each item labeled "Tehara."

One of the known Halachos authored by Sumchus is:
ממון המוטל בספק -חולקין 
In other words: 
"In a case where two people claim that certain money is theirs... 
and we have a doubt to who the real owner is  ... the money is divided amongst the litigants."

His famous statement was: 
(כל המאריך ב''אחד (בקריאת שמע
 -מאריכין לו ימיו ושנותיו
"Anyone who concentrates while saying Krias Shema is guaranteed long life"

Press "read more" immediately below to continue to the rest of the dafim!

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MK Eichler Curses Israel As He Is Being Interviewed by Ami's Frankfurter!

In this week's edition, dated Feb 20, 2019 of Ami Magazine, Yitzy "the clown" Frankfurter interviews Mk Yisroel Eichler.

To give you some background:
 Yisroel Eichler is a Member of the Knesset and represents the Aguda. He sat in the Zionist Knesset from 2003-2005, and then because of an agreed rotation, stepped aside, but then got re-elected in 2011 and has served since.

No one forces him to be in the Knesset, this is his choice! 
Satmar, however, because he is a "chaver ha'knesset" considers him a Zionist and a "heretic."

 In an interview with Ami Magazine, Eichler knowing full well that the "clown" Frankfurter, is a Satmar "tuchis lekker" and an Israel hater, wanted to sound like he is an anti-Zionist to pacify the imbecile, Frankfurter.

So Eichler...while praising the State of Israel for her gracious huge grants to "Talmud Torahs, yeshivos, shuls and mikva'os, " .....referred to the State of Israel as .....  "Zionist Reshaim!"

Right now the Religious parties have absolutely zero "achdos"amongst themselves ...
Degel, the Yeshivishe Party will not have anything to do with Eichler's Agudah Party, which is Belz & Ger, and of course, the Sfardim and the Mizrachists will have nothing to do with either of them, and with each other.

Which basically means, that the Religious Parties will not have any significant say in any new government, and will no longer have the ability to hold any coalition hostage with demands since they are basically fragmented into 4 parties. 
This is really a shame and could actually be very dangerous to Chareidim because of Shabbos & Army issues that they really need and want....

But the "gedoilei Yisrael" of these parties have so far instructed their candidates not to make peace or unite ...
So my guess is that "Gius" and "Chillul Shabbos" is really not a priority by the Gedoilim ... who outwardly to the masses, scream that Gius is "Yehereg Ve'Al Yaavor" 
but in reality they would rather have separate parties than get together to fight what they call "Gezirois Ha'Gius."

In light of this, Frankfurter  the quintessential  "Satmar stooge" sat down with Eichler to ask him what he thinks the future of the Agudah Party will be ...

So get this, here we have a guy, Mk Eichler a married father of 14 children whose sole parnassah is sitting in a Zionist entity, who mooches and sucks Zionist money all his life and then turns around and curses the very hand that feeds him ...calls them the "malchus harishah" .... the "evil government" ....

Frankfurter, hater of Israel, fails to ask him, the obvious question:
"Why if it is a "Malchus Harisha" are you a part of it?"

He fails to  ask him: 
"Why are you blaming the "Malchus Harisha" for Army Issues, vis a vis drafting Yeshiva Bochrim, when you or your party cannot get any "gedoilim" to run under one banner and ticket to fight this?"

Eichler does admit to Frankfurter that any Yeshiva Boy that wants to learn isn't required to serve in the IDF.

Frankfurter: "I told two people who are involved in fighting the gius that Rav Eichler told me that a bachur who doesn't want to go to the army doesn't have to do so. Is that still correct?

Eichler: It's 100% true. If anyone tells you that a bachur who wants to sit and learn and has a certificate that states that he's sitting and learning was forced to go to the army .... he's lying! Those who appear before the board receive a deferment as has always been the case !

Rechy Frankfurter, the editor of Ami Living, is just as anti-Israel as her  husband the "clown!"

In the Feb 6, edition of Ami Living, the lady part of Ami, Rechy interviews a lady whose daughter had a terrible skin disease and found a "miracle drug."
The lady was running all over the world including Switzerland and the UK trying to find a cure and relief for her daughter's pain and agony.

The lady is an Israeli and after finally finding the cure in England, decided to return to Israel ...
Look at Rechy's question ....

She asks her:
"Why did you want to go back?"
Which frum "Bas Yisroel" would ever ask another Jew, why she wants to go back to Israel?

Which Jewish person who is from "Zera Yisroel," Jewish seed, would think to ask another Jew
"Why do you want to go back?"

Only a Boro-Parker Yente from Schmootz Le'aaretz whose head is filled with gashmius and Hungarian Satmar propaganda .... would even think of asking another Jew "Why do you want to go back?"
A question straight out of the mouths of the Eirav Rav.....
 בשבתנו על סיר הבשר באכלנו לחם לשבע,"
 כי הוצאתם אתנו אל המדבר הזה מי יתן מותנו ביד ה' בארץ מצרים

Satmar Bans "Kiddush Levana" Because of Israel's Launch to Moon!!!

Can't wait to see Satmar Chassidim make "kiddush levana" glancing up at the moon that has an Israeli flag!!! 
An Israeli spacecraft rocketed toward the moon for the country’s first attempted lunar landing, following a launch Thursday night by SpaceX.
Israel seeks to become only the fourth country to successfully land on the moon, after Russia, the U.S. and China. The spacecraft — called Beresheet, Hebrew for Genesis or “In The Beginning” — will take nearly two months to reach the moon.
“We thought it’s about time for a change, and we want to get little Israel all the way to the moon,” said Yonatan Winetraub, co-founder of Israel’s SpaceIL , a nonprofit organization behind the effort.
The moon, nearly full and glowing brightly, beckoned as it rose in the eastern sky. Within an hour after liftoff, Beresheet was already sending back data and had successfully deployed its landing legs, according to SpaceIL.
“We’ll keep analyzing the data, but bottom line is we entered the very exclusive group of countries that have launched a spacecraft to the moon,” said Yigal Harel, head of SpaceIL’s spacecraft program. He said it was thrilling to witness the launch in person and to know Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was watching it live from the control center in Yehud, Israel.
The four-legged Beresheet, barely the size of a washing machine, will circle Earth in ever bigger loops until it’s captured by lunar gravity and goes into orbit around the moon. Touchdown would be April 11 at the Sea of Serenity.
NASA’s Apollo missions in the 1960s and 1970s took about three days to get astronauts to the moon, but they used monstrous Saturn V rockets. The $100 million Beresheet mission couldn’t afford its own rocket — even a little one — so the organizers opted for a ride share. That makes for a much longer trip; the moon right now is nearly 230,000 miles (370,000 kilometers) away.
“This is Uber-style space exploration, so we’re riding shotgun on the rocket,” Winetraub explained at a news conference on the eve of launch.
Lunar surface operations are meant to last just two days. Beresheet will measure the magnetic field at the landing site, and send back data and pictures. A time capsule is aboard the lander — which includes a picture of Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, who died aboard space shuttle Columbia in 2003 — as well as a lunar library containing 30 million pages on a disk from the U.S.-based Arch Mission Foundation.

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Satmar Lies "That Jews Lived In Peace In Arab Lands Pre-State" Exposed ....Video

In this Video Hear about the Pogroms occuring in the late 1800's and early 1900's

Also see how Israel once Established Helped all the refugees ! 

In this video hear and see Jews murdered in 1929 ... 18 years before the establishment of the State!
Hear how Egyptians in the early 1900 prohibited  Jews from making a living 

So much for the Satmar propaganda that Jews and Arabs lived in peace 

Son And Daughter-law of Yehuda & Tamar Kaduri In Custody Bein questioned in the Murder To their Parents

Murderers ????

The bodies of Yehuda Kaduri, 71, and his wife Tamar, 68, were found January 13 in their apartment in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood of southern Jerusalem, with signs of violence, including stab wounds, in an apparent double homicide.
Police now suspect that the children were involved in their murder! 
More info as it comes in!

Father Writes Painful Letter to YWN About His Daughter Getting Rejected By All Seminaries In Israel

I am publishing the letter with some follow up 

Dear Editor,
I write this as a father in pain. In pain because I love my daughter, I feel for her and when a parent is put in to a situation where their hands are tied and there is nothing they can do to help it makes something difficult that much worse.

Let me preface by saying I am not a new parent, this is not my oldest child I am writing about, I have BH been a parent for close to thirty years. In addition, I am not a parent who is convinced my child is perfect, the smartest or the best at everything she does, close but not perfect.
My daughter is in the 12th grade and is now going through the grueling, unfair ridiculous process of seminary applications and interviews. I am well aware that a year in seminary in Eretz Yisroel is not mandatory, tell that to her teachers that convinced her otherwise, but that is a conversation for another day.
We found out this week that none of the seminaries she applied for is willing to accept her. I have “no doubt” that they gave it serious consideration after all they gladly took her application fee. She is either too yeshivish, or not as scholastically achieved as they are looking for, or to use the politically correct term just simply not “a good fit”.
What have we come to that a good girl, who for all her years in school has never missed a homework assignment, never had an unexcused absence, never had a discipline problem, has taken school seriously, no cell phone, no internet, nothing. She has followed all the rules to perfection. Now she stands with a half year left to high school knowing she just doesn’t cut it.
Let me preface by saying I am not a new parent, this is not my oldest child I am writing about, I have BH been a parent for close to thirty years. In addition, I am not a parent who is convinced my child is perfect, the smartest or the best at everything she does, close but not perfect.
My daughter is in the 12th grade and is now going through the grueling, unfair ridiculous process of seminary applications and interviews. I am well aware that a year in seminary in Eretz Yisroel is not mandatory, tell that to her teachers that convinced her otherwise, but that is a conversation for another day.
We found out this week that none of the seminaries she applied for is willing to accept her. I have “no doubt” that they gave it serious consideration after all they gladly took her application fee. She is either too yeshivish, or not as scholastically achieved as they are looking for, or to use the politically correct term just simply not “a good fit”.
What have we come to that a good girl, who for all her years in school has never missed a homework assignment, never had an unexcused absence, never had a discipline problem, has taken school seriously, no cell phone, no internet, nothing. She has followed all the rules to perfection. Now she stands with a half year left to high school knowing she just doesn’t cut it.
I wonder how many girls over the years have been turned off from this process. How many girls have said to themselves, if after all these years of hard work the very system I have worked to be part of is now rejecting me? Well I will reject it as well.
When will those “in charge” wake up and realize they are not serving a purpose whatsoever, they are personally responsible for damaging the future mothers of Klal Yisroel. I don’t know what the percentages are but clearly more girls get rejected than get accepted, and what percentage of those rejected are damaged from the experience. A fool I am not, rejection and an application process are a necessity, but rejection has to be for a good reason.
When a seminary that demands application fees and tremendous amounts of money in tuition can not even give you a straight answer about anything, then one begs to wonder what their real motive of operation really is.
It is time for change!
I am from the lucky parents my daughter says whatever Hahem wants is what will happen.
Will you be?
Dear YWN,
I had the opportunity to go to Seminary in Israel five years ago. I was the lucky girl who applied to three seminaries and got into all three. However, I still side with the father who wrote this letter about seminary rejectionand feel for him more than the seminary staff that have to go through the “terrible” choosing process.
I had a great year, yet I am confident to say that seminary is NOT a necessity.
Unfortunately, our society has created a system in which parents and girls think that seminary is a must! Because this has become the system, almost every single girl applies to multiple seminaries. With so many girls applying and a limited amount of seminaries, there is no doubt that we will have this issues. With Klal yisroel growing as a whole, the amount of seminary applicants each year will only increase making the problem that much worst! Therefore, if we want a solution to this problem we must first backtrack To solve the root of the problem.
What is the root of the problem?
The problem is, as I said earlier, that it became a MUST to go to seminary in Israel.
In my opinion, if a girl went to a good bais Yaakov school and comes from a functional torahdik home, there is no need for seminary. At this point, she should have the core values which will help her be a successful Jewish woman, mother, and wife. Besides- majority girls do not even go because they have a deep desire to go, they go because they are either afraid of the stigma of not going or they are just going along for the ride!
Although some girls gain a tremendous amount from seminary, I can say confidently that an equal amount do not.
This seminary process has gone way too far from the fact that every girl and parent feels the need for it.
Maybe, just maybe, if parents and girls can independently think about their need for seminary in isolation to what “everyone else” does, it can be proven that Seminary is not a MUST! This will narrow down the applicants to those who legitimately need and want the year and will by default reduce amount of applicants. Fewer applicants Leads to less rejected, which leads to less hurt and frustration in our community.
Name withheld upon request.
Good morning,
I just want to weigh in on the seminary controversy.
I’m the oldest of eight and I have four younger sisters, one who is still in high school. When it came time for me to apply to seminaries, we got the usual speeches from our mainstream beis yaakov that if we don’t go, we might have trouble getting a shidduch. People will say, “What’s wrong with her? Why didn’t she go?”.
My parents were very reluctant. It was the year of the 2nd intifada and security was a concern, not to mention that financially, they just couldn’t afford it. They let me apply to one seminary that was known for its intense supervision, and though I got in, they ultimately decided that they just couldn’t do it. I ended up staying in Brooklyn, attended a local seminary for half the year, and started working on my degree.
I have to say that the scare tactics regarding shidduchim were completely unwarranted. Though my parents are not at all wealthy or connected, and I was not particularly beautiful or remarkable, I had no trouble with shidduchim and B”H have been supporting my husband and family while he learns in kollel for the past 14 years, kein yirbu! Additionally, the friends who also stayed in America for seminary year were similarly married with great shidduchim. (Not that there is any correlation necessarily, but my friends that are still single went to great seminaries in E’Y.)
When it came time for my sisters to go to seminary, my parents bowed to the pressure and sent them. Though 2/3 enjoyed their year, none of them believe that it was actually worth the money or the hype. One had such a terrible time, she came home early despite the reminstrations of her seminary that she would NEVER get a shidduch and would regret the decision forever. She had no problem with shidduchim and her only regret is that she stuck it out as long as she did.
Personally, I have absolutely no regrets about not going. I’m glad I didn’t waste that kind of money when my parents had a whole family to take care of. I ended up renting an apartment EY for our first year and a half of marriage, while my husband learned in the Mir. Rent there was cheaper than in NY and I got the EY “experience”.
This letter is to give a boost to the girls who are rejected or whose parents are against them applying. You don’t need it. You will not at all regret staying here and starting your “real” life.  Don’t believe the scare tactics. Many, many families of boys out there respect a girl who makes this decision.
Name withheld upon request.
The Truth About Seminary
I read the letter in Yeshiva World News that a father wrote about his daughter who was rejected from seminary. It was heartbreaking. I feel horribly that anyone would feel diminished or unworthy because they were not accepted into a certain program, school, seminary, or college. However, what was equally heartbreaking to me were the awful comments written in response to the article. Multiple people are calling seminaries a joke, calling them money-hungry, accusing them of being businesses that only want money and do not care for the girls at all. These accusations are not only untrue, but they are words of rechilus, whose only purpose is to spread hatred and discord among the Jewish people.
I went to seminary. For me, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life thus far. Many of my friends went to seminary. Some loved it and felt it was life changing, some enjoyed it but had more neutral experiences, and a few disliked seminary, feeling that it was not the right place for them to learn or grow. All of these girls are correct. Like all institutions, there is a not a one-size fits all. The principals of seminaries recognize this, and must make the best choice they can based on a short interview and limited bed space. The same process occurs with shidduchim, when we must make decisions about who to date based on a piece of paper and conversations with friends or rabbis.
In this kind of system, every person will experience rejection at one point, and it will hurt. It stinks. It’s painful for the person who is rejected and its painful for their loved ones. However, that doesn’t mean the rejected person should now start bashing every single person, or every shadchan. To accuse all seminaries of being money hungry, and to accuse the leaders of seminaries to be working for their own kavod, is simply unfair.
I have watched my seminary Rabbi, and he puts blood, sweat, and tears into trying to create an institution of love, acceptance, and growth. He’s certainly not doing it for the money. He’ll be the first to admit he struggles with the acceptance process, but he does his best, because he truly cares, and it shows. Ten years after seminary, I still turn to him for advice or chizuk.
To the father of the letter– give your daughter a hug. Remind her that she is equally wonderful whether she got into five seminaries, or none at all. Remind her that everything Hashem does is for a reason, and for the best. To everyone else–stop spreading baseless hatred over a system that, like all systems, has both good and bad. Unless you yourself were once a seminary head, you cannot understand or appreciate the challenges and work and effort these men and women invest in their schools. To say that all seminaries are bad and wrong is a disservice to hundreds of thousands of girls like me, who learned and grew and developed in seminary; who were changed for the better, who will grow up and be better wives, mothers, and people because of their experience.