Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Lipa Schmeltzer Reconciles With the Skverer Dayan During Flight

Eleven years after he was banished and left the Skvera community, the colorful singer Lipa Shmeltzer met with the Skverer Dayan, Rabbi Yisrael Ya'akov Eisenberg, who stood behind the  "Lipa Schmeltzer" Skverere boycott and the two reconciled!

Lipa went over to the Dayan while the Dayan was sitting in his seat on an  airplane and the Dayan looked alarmed at first , but then when they met during Maariv, the Dayan shook his hand warmly and greeted him. 
Shmeltzer decided that it was also time to straighten things out and asked to speak with the Dayan in private and the Dayan immediately agreed.

Lipa told Rabbi Eisenberg about the hardships he had experienced in recent years, and the Dayan told him, 
"And throw throw them into the depths of the sea," meaning that everything has been forgiven . 
"The rabbi told me that he forgave me and he asked me to forgive him too, and I asked him to say it again and told him that I forgave him 100 %!


Knighted Vorpal Sword said...

When the Satmar rebbe brothers reconcile and forgive each other, that indeed will be news.

Anonymous said...

This message to Lippa,ok you decided to make a turn in your life and become more chasidish,ok KOL HAKAVOD,but for your own good and peace of mind please do not return and have anything to do with the criminally insane Jew haters of SKVER,and that includes their so called Rebbe and godfather Twersky