Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Benny Ganz Who Is Running For PM Accused of Sexual Misconduct 40 years ago!!!!

Eventhough the claim is probably false,  it was designed in a way that fits the profile of a truthful event.

Unlike Kavanaugh's false accusations this woman has what is called a rape crisis event profile. Her life was genuinely ruined by something. 

She claims he never touched her, a friend held him back.
She left the school at the end of the term.
She never married.
Her psychological profile fits.

On the other hand she could be a pathological liar, and there is no proof.
However  she is being su
pported by a liberal media which is very unusual 

and that doesn't make it true.
However it is disturbing.

1 comment:

peter said...

You could not sleep 40 years !!??

I am a medical doctor and don t believe you

I also don t believe that you waited 40 years before you spoke to anybody husband children parents and you are now trying to get in the public eye at whatever price ..

You love Israel ?? really?? from Los Angeles ?? did you serve in the army where your " horse " spent most of his life so you can sleep ( hmmmmm) quietly ??
Apologise to him and to the country that you knowingly or unknowingly are trying to tear apart Dr Peter Hermes Prof of neurology