Thursday, February 21, 2019

Boro-Park "Animal" Drives on Sidewalk To Avoid the Stopped School Bus Narrowly Mowing Down Children .... Cops Find Car And Impound it!

The car was found parked later that evening and impounded!


Anonymous said...

The way the buses - or shall we call them taxis - run in this town - you can't blame this guy (eventhough he is dead wrong).

Why are the buses parked in front of the Yeshivah when the Yeshivah itself knows very well that more kids are being dropped off at a later time? Don't they realize that they are blocking traffic? And 53rd Street is just about the only though fare from Flatbush to Boro Park?

The answer is they don't give a hoot. So how can you blame this nut for for driving on the side walk.

Not justifying the guy, just discussing what he may be thinking. Yet this does not clear the Yeshivah for their uncaring and rude attitude toward other people in this comunnity.

Realist said...

Narrowly MISSING! mowing

Dusiznies said...

Even if there wasn't a single bus parked on that street the guy still has to wait if the bus has his lights on