Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Municipality Fed Up With the Crazies in Geula.. Tear down Signs for Separate Streets for Men and Ladies

Kerem Avraham is a neighborhood near Geula in central Jerusalem, where the crazies of Yerushalyim live. 

Men and Women cannot walk on the same side of the street and they have signs indicating which side is for men and which side for ladies! 

Finally, now with the new Mayor, the municipally  tore down the signs .... 

I walk down those streets all the time and I walk on the ladies side, and when they sceram at me, I shout back in Yiddish that they "can all go to hell...." 
First they stop ... hearing Yiddish from guy that doesn't wear "longeh gatchkes" ... then they run in the other direction ....

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