Thursday, February 14, 2019

Shomrim Guy Beaten in London

A volunteer in the ultra-Orthodox guard organization was beaten in the face while handling a complaint about vandalism in a neighborhood that had its cars vandalized, in Stamford Hill.

An Avrech, a resident of the neighborhood who volunteered in the local  Shomrim Stamford Hill, was involved in the volunteer work at 20:30 (London time). He handled a complaint filed with the organization's headquarters about vandalism against cars in the neighborhood.
Suddenly, apparently in connection with his volunteerism, he was violently attacked and beaten by an unknown person who punched him in the eye. 
As a result, he had to be hospitalized because of the injuries he suffered in the face.
Another volunteer in the organization said of the attacker: "He came out of nowhere, hit the volunteer in the eye and fled to the park, the first attack by a volunteer in the organization since its establishment in 2008." 
Eyewitnesses were called to give their testimony to the police, so far no arrests had been made.
 It is not known if the possibility of anti-Semitism is being investigated.

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Anonymous said...

Some of these Shomrim thugs deserve a beating