Thursday, February 7, 2019

Pope kissed a notorious Islamist anti-Semite

Dear Pope Francis, are you sure the imam of Al Azhar was an angel of peace and not one of death?

The most important picture taken during the Pope's trip to the Arab Emirates was the Pontiff's close encounter with the imam of Al Azhar, Ahmed al Tayyeb. They kissed each other after signing a joint declaration which repudiated violence justified “in the name of religion”.

Religion? I don't see any violence today in the name of Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism, while I see a lot in the name of Islam!

Tayyeb is the same Islamic religious figure who suspended all dialogue with the Vatican in 2010, after Pope Benedict XVI had dared to ask for respect following a series of devastating attacks on Coptic churches in Egypt. Since then, the condition of Christians in the Islamic world - their numbers, their persecutions, their exiles - has worsened everywhere, in Cairo, in Damascus, in Mosul, in Turkey, in the Philippines, in Pakistan, in Kenya.

So I ask myself: was there really any need for this physical demonstration of affection, for a kiss? 

Shouldn't dialogue be based on facts, rather than on the effusions and the right but empty words in deference to the cameras? When everyone gets excited, applauds, beats his heels and hands, I think there is something wrong.
And there is something wrong in the double standard of who is called the Pope's friend. 

Francis kissed an anti-Semite and an Islamist of the worst kind. “The solution to Israeli terror lies in the proliferation of suicide attacks that spread terror into the hearts of Allah's enemies”, said Ahmed al Tayyeb during the Second Intifada. It goes without saying that “the Palestinians have the right to blow up everything they want” (women, children, bars, buses, as long as the victims are Jewish Zionists).

For the imam, the Muslims who convert to Christianity deserve to be killed (he called them “apostates”), anti-Semitism is justified by the Koran and Jerusalem has never been Jewish.

Dear Pope Francis, are you sure that he was an angel of peace and not one of death?
Are you aware that violence is committed or attempted every day against the Jews in Israel and that your Egyptian friend justified it? Or that if the Jews are attacked by Muslims that is not "violence in the name of religion," but in the name of a justified “resistance”?
Giulio Meotti


Frum but normal said...

Actually this so called Pope is himself an angel of death,he is an outright marxist leninist extreme leftist swine,who is calling the masses for violent revolutions all over the world,as for him kissing that other devil,wouldn't be surprised if both of them where fruitcake FEIGELECH

Frum but normal said...

interesting how you have two articles next to each other,one about Satmar gangster TeitelBum and the other one about the Pope yemach shemo,got me thinking,who is a bigger danger and a bigger enemy to the Jewish nation? my conclusion is that Kapo TeitelBum is a much bigger danger and a bigger enemy than the Pope,because this filthy swine together with his gangster brother Aron are responsible for poisoning the minds of tens of thousand Jews with a pathological and insane hatred towards our one and only God given holy land.
And the Pope at least recognizes the state of Israel inside the pre 1967 borders,but these two Jew hating Kapo bastard brothers believe that Israel has no right to exist and Jews have to pray three times a day for it's destruction and demise,if i had to under a point of a gun to my head,would much rather kiss the ring of this Pope than kiss the filthy blood soaked hands of these two so called Rebbes