Monday, February 11, 2019

R' Don Yosef ibn Yichye a Rishon ... Predicted in 1538 ... That The Jews Will Return To Israel in the Year 1940

The Sefer Is Being Autioned Tues 2-19 Contact:
I guess there was no Satmar in the 1500's ...  Jews during the 1500's dreamed of returning to Eretz Yisrael ... There were no mentions that Jews can only return when Moshiach comes and had no SHIT'as.... no ulterior motives, no politics ...  just pashut Torah ...

See below excerpt where R' Don Yosef ibn Yichye, (He was a Rishon)writes in his Sefer on Daniel: 
"At the end of five thousand and seven hundred years to the creation of the world, perhaps a little before or a little afterwards, our time will come, with the help of G-d, so that Bnei Yisrael may dwell in their land..."

Rabbi Don Yosef dealt with calculations of the future, such as that of the coming redemption.
The precise wording of his calculations, in light of the circumstances that followed, are remarkably accurate.

That prediction 5700 would be approximately 1940..Just when the "Gedoilei Yisroel" were advising their followers not to make Aliyah!

In his introduction, Rabbi Don Yosef recounts how his mother fled Portugal to Italy while expectant with him in an attempt to flee apostasy. Upon her arrival in Pisa, Italy, she jumped off a roof in order to protect her modesty, and miraculously, both she and her unborn child survived.
She then made her way to Florence where she gave birth to Rabbi Don Yosef in 1495.
After some time, they moved near Bologna where Rabbi Don Yosef passed away in 1539.

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