Tuesday, October 31, 2017

8 Dead , 15 Hurt in Lower Manhattan after TERRORIST runs over bikers on bike path . Yells "ALLAH ACHBAR" FBI TAKES OVER INVESTIGATION!!!!

UPDATED!!!!!!!!! 4:51PM
8 people have been killed, and 15 injured  by an Arab Terrorist yelling "Allah Achbar" who mowed them down on a bike path in lower Manhattan on Tuesday.

The driver made his way from Houston Street down towards Tribeca where he mounted the bike path on the West Side Highway shortly after 3pm and drove 8 blocks until a school bus driver cut him off!

The man then emerged with imitation guns in his hand and was shot in the leg by police. He survived and was taken to hospital but at least six innocent people were killed and others are injured. 

Police tweeted that one person has been taken into custody and "no others outstanding."

Why I Don’t Grieve on Social Media (or at Synagogue)

On the anniversary of my mother’s death this past April, there was no Facebook remembrance, no photo of my beautiful, smiling mother on Instagram, and not one #RIP tweet bearing her name. A few of my dearest friends remembered the date and texted that they were thinking of me.
It’s been more than seven years since my mom died, and even as I miss her daily and dearly, life has gone on—as it tends to do, even after the worst has happened.
My mother died 12 weeks after a surprising stage-four lung cancer diagnosis. By the time she got the diagnosis, cancer had already done its dreadful work. When she died, even after such a short period, the suffering had been immeasurable.
There was no time to prepare for the very end. And after it came, the shiva provided little comfort. My mother’s friends, colleagues, students, and even her dentist who came to my parents’ house, and told me that their lives would not be the same without my mom. They would miss her jokes, her kindness, her good advice. How selfish, I thought: You’ll be OK.
The loss felt so raw and so personal as if it was mine alone.
That misplaced anger dissipated long ago, but the need to keep her loss private did not. A text or a private email is welcome, but sad faces and timeline comments, no matter how thoughtfully written or well-meaning, no thanks. I realize that I may be in the minority among those in the same sad boat. I’ve read plenty of virtual remembrances that were incredibly poignant, and seem to have comforted the person doing the remembering. But the one time I posted a memorial on social media, it just felt forced and contrived and all too public.
So on the anniversary of my mom’s death, I say Kaddish, the Jewish prayer for the dead, and I light a Yarzheit candle, as is traditional. But I don’t seek out communal prayer in a synagogue. I go to the cemetery with my Dad, my husband, my kids and, schedules permitting, with my sister and her family. We stay for a short time at my mother’s grave, (and then visit dead relatives going back several generations). I’m always glad that I go, and I’m always glad when it’s over.
Then we go for fried clams from a seafood shack that my mother loved. We share real stories, not Instagram stories, about my mom over lunch. Surrounded by my family—and emoji free—this feels like the best way for me to remember.

Hot pastrami? Burglars steal $5,000 from Mechy's Deli in Flatbush

The burglars who robbed Mechy's deli in Flatbush weren’t looking for kishke or overnight potato kugel. 
They left the food untouched but stole $5,000, after breaking in by way of the adjacent office of a Brooklyn state senator.
“They certainly weren’t desperate for pastrami,” state Sen. Simcha Felder said on Sunday, according to The New York Post.
Police said the burglary took place on Shabbat, between Friday and Saturday night. 
The thieves broke into the deli by way of a stairwell connected to Felder’s office.
“Someone broke into the building. They broke into the office next door to ours and they broke into my office and messed up the papers in our office,” Felder said.

City Council Candidates for the NYC 44th district Kalman Yeger and Yoni Hikind "killing each other" Heshy Tischler Stays out of the Nasty Fights

Kalman Yeger (left) Yoni Hikind (Center) Heshy Tischler (right)

It seems that frum Jews cannot have civil campaigns ... and something ugly is happening behind the scenes  between Yoni Hikind and Kalman Yeger. who are running for the same seat....
 It has something to do with Kalman Yegar's disabled son ... with Yoni Hikind mentioning Kalman's son in the campaign. ....

The YeshivaWorldNews Blog had an Op-Ed accusing Yoni Hikind of "Crossing the line." It should be noted that Kalman Yegar ran ads on the YWN website..

I'm not privy of what's really going on but it seems that Heshy Tischler would get my vote!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Robert Mueller should resign! New York Post

by Michael Goodwin
Forgive yourself if you are confused about developments in the Russia, Russia, Russia storyline. In fact, there are so many moving parts that you shouldn’t trust anybody who isn’t confused.
Consider this, then, a guide to the perplexed, where we start with two things that are certain. First, special counsel Robert Mueller will never be able to untangle the tangled webs with any credibility and needs to step aside.
Mueller, whose office is apparently leaking the “secret” news that a grand jury has approved charges against an unidentified defendant, assumed his role with one big conflict, his relationship with his successor at the FBI, James Comey. That conflict has morphed into several more that are fixable only by resignation.
That became obvious last week when events showed that any honest probe must examine the Obama White House and Justice Department. Mueller served as head of the FBI for more than four years under President Obama and cannot be expected to investigate his former colleagues and bosses.
But without that necessary step, his work would be incomplete at best. So it’s time for him to say ­bye-bye.
The second thing we know for certain is that Hillary Clinton had a worse week than Mueller. Much worse.
The revelation that her campaign and the Democratic National Committee secretly funded the discredited dossier on Donald Trump’s supposed connections to Russiarocked the political world. The Clinton connection, denied by the campaign for a year, throws more doubt on the entire Trump-Russia-collusion narrative and shows that Clinton worked with Russian officials to meddle in the election.
The Washington Post reported that her campaign and the DNC paid millions of dollars to a law firm, Perkins Coie, which hired a shadowy company called Fusion GPS, which hired a former British spy, Christopher Steele, to compile the dossier, much of which was said to be based on Kremlin sources.
The bombshell sent Clinton into hiding, and no wonder. She probably thought three degrees of separation from the dossier would be enough to insulate her. In her absence, her defenders offered a dog’s stew of evasions, half-truths and diversionary attacks.
Their claim that nobody in the campaign or the DNC knew anything about the deal doesn’t pass the smell test. When as much as $12 million goes out the window for a document that aimed to win the election — and failed — everybody knows something.
While the link to Clinton answers some questions, it raises others. For example, while it is certain her campaign spread the dossier among the media last summer, it remains uncertain whether the dossier was used by the White House and the FBI to justify snooping on the Trump campaign.
One hint that it was is that Comey, while still in office, called the document “salacious and unverified,” but briefed Obama and President-elect Trump on its contents last January. And the FBI never denied reports that it almost hired Steele, the former British spy, to continue his work after the campaign.
The mystery might soon be solved because the FBI, after months of stonewalling, agreed last week to tell Congress how it used the dossier and detail its contacts with Steele.
If the bureau did use the dossier to seek FISA warrants to intercept communications involving the Trump campaign, it would mean the FBI used a dirty trick from the candidate of the party in power as an excuse to investigate the candidate from the opposition party.
Somewhere, Richard Nixon is wondering why he didn’t think of that.
There is also the issue of the “unmasking” of Trump associates caught up in the snooping, with the names leaked to anti-Trump media. It is essential to investigate that angle, but it would lead right to the Obama White House, which is why Mueller is not the man for the job.
As for Clinton, the dossier revelation was not her only new problem. In fact, the second blow might be the most serious yet.
At the urging of Congress and Trump, the Justice Department lifted its gag order on an informant who can now testify to Congress about bribery and other wrongdoing surrounding Moscow’s gaining control of 20 percent of US uranium production.
The 2010 transaction was approved by Obama officials, including Clinton, then secretary of state. About the same time, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for a speech to a Russian bank involved in the transaction. Later, tens of millions of dollars — $145 million by one estimate — were said to be donated to the Clinton Foundation by individuals having a stake in the deal.
The informant’s lawyer, Victoria Toensing, told Fox News the speech fee and the donations amount to a “quid pro quo” for Hillary Clinton’s help.
“My client can put some meat on those bones and tell you what the Russians were saying during that time,” Toensing said.
Clinton called the accusations “baloney,” but that’s what her team said about any connections to the dossier — before the truth came out.
Finally, another event is worth mentioning: the release of thousands of files from the JFK assassination trove. There were lots of juicy tidbits, but no final clarity, which raises the horrifying idea that, 50 years from now, we might still be waiting for the truth about Russia, Russia, Russia.
Heaven help us.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Satmar Rebbe's great-grandson becomes IDF officer

The great-grandson of world’s largest hassidic sect's leader graduated IDF Officer School on Wednesday and will become a platoon commander in the Golani Brigade.

Chaim Meisels, the great-grandson of one of two Satmar Rebbes who lay claim to the hasidic dynasty, was drafted into the IDF in 2014 after moving to Israel from the United States. On Wednesday, he graduated the IDF's Officer School and became a platoon commander in the Golani Brigade.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral in Israel, Meisels wrote about the long journey that took him from the insular Satmar community of his youth to the IDF.

"I grew up as a haredi child in Brooklyn, United States," he began. "I had the feeling that something was missing, but I didn't know what. My first visit to Israel was at the age of 11. I discovered the State of Israel, a Jewish state. I did not yet know how it would affect me, but I felt that I had come home.
"When we returned to Brooklyn a few days later, I felt like another person," Meisels continued. "Suddenly there was something I connect to, the State of Israel. Because I am the grandson of the Satmar Rebbe, and the community in which I grew up does not support Israel, I had no one to talk about it with.

"I came to Israel again at the age of 15, this time to study in a yeshiva in Bnei Brak. The only language I spoke at the time was Yiddish, and I could not communicate with the outside world like I wanted to. When I returned to the United States a year later, I bought a phone with Internet (we were not allowed to own one in a yeshiva), decided to learn English, learn about Israel and a little about the world."

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The power of baking powder: Rubbing it on fruit and vegetables removes up to 96% of pesticides

Baking powder removes up to 96 percent of pesticides from fruit and vegetables, new research reveals.

When mixed with water and gently rubbed on apple skins, the kitchen staple eliminates nearly all the reside left by two commonly-applied pesticides within 15 minutes, a study found.

This method is more effective than the standard procedure of applying a type of bleach to the fruit for two minutes, the research adds. 

Previous research reveals baking powder breaks down pesticides due to its highly-alkaline pH, which causes the chemicals to fragment into harmless molecules.  

Lead author Dr Lili He from the University of Massachusetts, said: 'Pesticide residues may remain on agricultural produce, where they contribute to the total dietary intake of pesticides. Concerns about potential hazards of pesticides to food safety and human health have increased, and therefore, it is desirable to reduce these residues.

Auerbach & Satmar Savages Smash Windows On Egged Bus In Kikar Shabbos

This time the Eida HaChareidis a Satmar offshoot joined in calling today's protest!

Protests organized by the Peleg Faction along with the Eida Chareidis resumed on Thursday afternoon, at Kikar Shabbos and in Bnei Brak.

As the protesters grow in numbers, they shut down Kikar Shabbos in Yerushalayim. In this instance, they surrounded and blocked an Egged bus and smashed some of its windows. This occurred on Shivtei Yisrael/Meah Shearim. They claim the bus lightly tapped one of their protesters who was on a bicycle, trying to block the street.
The protests seen in the past week are becoming increasingly violent. Protesters on Shivtei Yisrael Street on Thursday afternoon also shut down light rail service, creating additional hardship for persons who often shop and do Shabbos-related errands on Thursday after work.
A number of arrests have been made.

Ed Day Looking to besmirch Monsey Hatzalah

On July 18, the Hatzalah Jewish volunteer ambulance service rushed to a swimming pool in Pomona New York, near Monsey, and desperately tried to save 7 year old Miriam Zidele, to no avail. She died the next day at Weschester Medical Center. 

Now police are investigating to why they were never informed of the incident as required by law.

According to Hudson Valley News, police only got wind of the incident a week later. Rockland County Executive Ed Day told the TV station that law enforcement officials have heard about other cases in which Hatzalah did not inform authorities after incidents which they were required by law to do so.

A new law in Rockland Country has been proposed that would make not reporting an incident in Rockland a crime.

Members of the Rockland Country Jewish community wave off the charges, contending that Country Executive Ed Day was looking to besmirch Hatzalah due to his rocky relationship with the religious community. 

"They are going after Haztalah for not reporting suspicion of abuse, but the hospital she was taken to is also obligated to report it, but didn't." a senior source in Haztalah told Arutz Sheva.

Hillary Takes $140 mil From Russia, Gives Them Our Uranium and Blames Trump

Hillary gets a mysterious $142 million contribution from Russia, gives them our uranium, her campaign manager gets $30 million from Russia fro his company, his brother is a paid Russian agent, and Hillary says Donald Trump is the one with the ties to Russia

Open Letter From a "non-frum" Jew to Frum Leaders!

Jan Van Mil
In the past couple of days the protests by the Haredim against the draft have flared up again and they have learned from the handicapped and are blocking roads, mostly in Jerusalem but also in Bnei Brak and Bet Shemesh.
Legislation regarding the draft of Haredim has changed over the years in line with political powers of the moment but throughout there have been exemptions and postponements for Haredim youngsters that do not exist for anyone else.
This week I heard on the radio the spokesman for the protesters, a Rabbi David Zikerman, defend the protesters and declaring their behavior as part of the effort to save the Tora in Israel. He also made a comparison between the pure souls of the Yeshiva students and the youngsters that waste their time in bars. My son, who is waiting to be drafted in December, indeed enjoys himself in a manner different than a Yeshiva student would but that makes him less pure, less righteous, less important? My son (and his two sisters before him), together with his friends, will be guarding the borders, fighting Israel’s wars with all the possible unthinkable personal consequences and in any case give several years of his life to protect the citizens of Israel, which includes these “pure” Yeshiva students. Who is David Zikerman to make a value judgement on my son and his friends?  

Bobover Rebbe 45 Dances While Kallah Stands like a "Klotz"

Woman Refused To Be Connected To Monitor On Shabbos ....Her Fetus Died

A chareidi woman hospitalized at Tel Hashomer Hospital due to a medical problem related to her pregnancy refused to connect to the monitor on Shabbos for fear of Chilul Shabbos – and after Shabbos it became clear that the fetus had died, Yediot Achronot reports on Wednesday, 5 Cheshvan.
The woman, in her 30s, was hospitalized in the past few days due to a medical problem. When she was required by the medical staff to connect to the monitor, as part of the treatment, she refused to do so.
On motzei Shabbos, the woman was connected to the monitor to check the fetal pulse, but then, unfortunately, the tragedy was realized as the baby was pulseless.
At Tel Hashomer Hospital, they explained that they had responded to the woman’s demand not to connect to the monitor because there were no signs of fetal distress, so the law did not allow her to undergo treatment against her will.
It was also reported that despite her objections, the medical team again recommended that she undergo the examination, but the woman persisted in her refusal.
According to the report in Yediot Achronot, there is no suspicion of negligence on the part of the hospital.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Clinton’s dirtiest political trick

And so the worm turns. Make that worms.
Just as key congressional panels open new probes into the still-smoking debris of last year’s election, the revelation that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid as much as $9 million for the discredited Russian dossier on Donald Trump flips the collusion script on its head.
Now it’s Democrats’ turn in the barrel.
The explosive report in the Washington Post goes a long way to explaining how the dossier was so widely spread among political reporters during the election. The Clinton camp must have passed it out like Halloween candy to its media handmaidens.
News organizations tried for months to confirm the salacious details, but couldn’t. The document became public when BuzzFeed, a loud Clinton booster, published it 10 days before the inauguration, while acknowledging it couldn’t verify the contents.
The Post report provides possible answers to other questions, too. Because Clinton’s team paid for the dossier, it’s likely that she gave it to the FBI, where James Comey planned to hire the former British agent who had compiled it to keep digging dirt on Trump.
The finding also raises the possibility that the dossier is what led the Obama White House to snoop on members of Trump’s team, and leak the “unmasked” names to the anti-Trump media in a bid to help Clinton.
In short, we now have compelling evidence that the dossier was the largest and dirtiest dirty trick of the 2016 campaign. And Clinton, who has played the victim card ever since her loss, was behind it the whole time.
Anybody surprised? Me neither.

"I walked into the circle of hell" says Frum Female IDF Soldier Trapped by Peleg Savages!

The soldier who pepper-sprayed Peleg protesters opened up and told her side of the story on Tuesday. The soldier was caught on video by a passerby and the video was then uploaded to the internet. According to the soldier, the most important part of the incident wasn’t filmed.
The soldier, Amit Nazri wrote t Israeli media her side of the events that transpired: “Yesterday, at approximately 3:00 p.m., I was traveling to the IDF base where I serve via the Jerusalem light-rail. I headed from the Central Bus Station towards Ammunition Hill. When we arrived at the Damascus Gate (three stops before I need to get off) the driver stopped the train and announced that he could not proceed due to a protest which was taking place in front of the train. He asked all passengers to disembark.
I got off the train together with all the other passengers and began to walk towards the station that I needed. On the way, I was trapped by the protesters. I kept walking and minding my own business, and despite the ‘regular’ shouts of “Shiksa” being hurled my way because I was passing by them and in a uniform, I kept going. Truly, that was a terrible thing for me to do.”
According to Nazri she didn’t react to the comments but to a woman who was surrounded by approximately 40 Charedi men who were not letting her leave the ring that they had formed around her. “The woman was being cursed and spit on from all directions. I didn’t think twice, I simply broke into their circle in an effort to extricate the victim from the assailants. That’s when the real drama began. The second I walked in there, I walked into the circle of hell. This was a circle of human animals. The absurd thing is that they still allow themselves to wear kippot and have the audacity to call themselves Charedim.”
Nazri explained a bit about her own religious background. “It is important for me to make clear that I also keep the Mitzvot. I have a strong faith in the complete Torah and all of its commandments and I encourage those who sit and learn, the Lomdei Torah. But these people? These people were Satan incarnate. They were not lomdei Torah, and not even lomdei na’alaim (shoes). They were animals.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mahwah Must Return $3.4 Million Grant to State Because of It's anti-Semitism Against Chassidim ..The Eiruv Stays!!

Fearing an influx of Orthodox Jews from New York State, the Township of Mahwah introduced two hateful and discriminatory ordinances that illegally targeted that community, the state Attorney General's office alleged in a stunning complaint filed against the town on Tuesday.
The harsh public rebuke of both the actions of Mahwah's elected officials and the anti-Semitic sentiment of some residents likened the conduct of the town to the actions of "1950s-era white flight suburbanites who sought to keep African-Americans from moving into their neighborhoods."
The nine-count complaint, filed in Bergen County Superior Court, seeks a return of more than $3.4 million in state Green Acres grants received by Mahwah and an injunction blocking the two ordinances.
"This is an extensive complaint ... but the bottom line is very simple -- the township council in Mahwah heard the angry, fear-driven voices of bigotry and acted to appease those voices," Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino said in a statement.
The first ordinance, which went into effect at the end of July, limited the use of Mahwah's recreational facilities to New Jersey residents.
The second, which was introduced but not passed, was the expansion of an existing ordinance that banned signs on utility poles, amended to include any "device or other matter." It effectively would have banned the formation of an Orthodox Jewish religious boundary known as an eruv, which is designated by white piping called "lechis" on utility poles, the state alleged.

Kallah blocked by anti-draft protests walks to her own wedding

Amidst protests by members of the Yerushalmi Faction yesterday at the entrance to Jerusalem which led to massive traffic jams, one bride found herself forced to walk to her own wedding so as not to be further detained in traffic.

“The family was really aggravated,” a member of the family, belonging to the Lithuanian stream of haredim, told Arutz Sheva. “Not only was the bride forced to go by foot for some time, but the parents of the groom had to leave their car at a certain point and go by foot so as not to be late.”

“In the end, the photographer of the event had to wait for the family for over an hour, and the wedding ceremony itself was also delayed,” he added.

Watch Today's Peleg Protests As Their Leader Enjoys Some "Kasha Varnishkas"

Watch What Happens When One Woman Tries To Remove A Protester Blocking A Bus

Monday, October 23, 2017

Anti-Semitic Cartoon of Dershowitz on the Berkeley's Student Paper

This isn't a Nazi Newspaper .... Nope! 
It's the  Berkeley's independent student-run newspaper. ......
Tweet those bastards that "Lo Zu Ha'Derech" 


The Daily Californian, the University of California, Berkeley’s student newspaper, has offered a monstrously anti-Semitic cartoon of famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz that would have fit perfectly in any issue of Nazi Germany’s Der Sturmer.

The drawing showed Dershowitz’s head fitting through a stock emblazoned “The liberal case for Israel” (the title of the speech Dershowitz gave on campus on October 16), while on the other side of the stock the palm of his hand held an IDF soldier standing with his rifle drawn with a bloody, prostrate Palestinian lying in front of him as blood dripped down toward Dershowitz’s shoe, which was crushing another Palestinian.

Shomer Negiyah Cards !

Now I've seen everything!

Marijuana Havdalah ..... New Trend????

Karen Benezra, left, and Catherine Goldberg leading the havdalah blessings at a recent “Chai Havdalah” event in Brooklyn.

Marijuana entrepreneur Catherine Goldberg was working on an event with the Orthodox founders of Mitzva Herbal, a company that makes kosher-certified cannabis-infused edibles, when she shared her dream of uniting marijuana-loving Jews over Friday-night dinners.
“They were, like, ‘Cat, we can’t smoke on Shabbat,” Goldberg, 28, recalled. “So I figured havdalah, instead, was perfect.”
Thus “Chai Havdalah” — in which “chai” is pronounced “high” — was born.
Since July it has become a somewhat regular event, advertised by word of mouth, that marks the end of Shabbat with the traditional havdalah blessing alongside the less traditional acts of smoking marijuana and eating cannabis-infused edibles.
So far there have been five Chai Havdalah events, mostly in the herb-friendly states of California and Colorado. But last weekend, on the second floor of a brownstone in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, about three dozen people gathered to smoke pot, listen to the sounds of a local hip-hop duo, bid farewell to Shabbat and usher in a new week.
“I love being Jewish and I love weed, so it made sense to bring my two passions together,” Goldberg said on Saturday night, wearing a shirt with the words “Let’s Get Chai.” “I wanted to show people that Judaism can be really fun and it doesn’t mean you have to go to temple. I wanted to build a community around food and a new way of doing things.”