Thursday, October 19, 2017

Charedie Assault on Israeli Female Soldier Goes Viral and Reported by World Media

This massive Chillul Hashem by Bochrim that supposedly learn Torah, spitting on an Israeli Chayelet has gone viral and was the headline of yesterday's Washington Post! And today's New York Post!

Female Israeli soldier uses ninja moves on threatening

 crowd of ultra-Orthodox protesters

Ultra-Orthodox Jews protesting the military draft is nothing new in Israel, 
but a young woman using karate chops and kung-fu kicks to push back a 
crowd of angry young men might just be a first.

Meet Nomi Golan.
On Monday night, Golan, an off-duty soldier, attempted to guide a car through a violent protest that erupted in Jerusalem after two yeshiva students were arrested by the army for not showing up at the military recruitment office.
Ultra-Orthodox students have long been exempt from serving in the military, but they must still present themselves to the army with a letter from their school — something a number refuse to do.
The video of Golan fending off a group of men as they cursed at her, calling her a “shiksa” (a non-Jewish woman) and a whore and spitting at her, has caught the attention of both secular and ultra-Orthodox or Haredi media in Israel.
It was featured by mainstream news outlets and shared widely on social media Tuesday, as the protests by one of the more extreme Haredi sects continued for a second day.


Anonymous said...

These creatures are FRUM as the Ropshitzer Tov Z"L said
פ ר ו ם
Is Roshei teivos
פיל רשעות וועניג מצוות
They are a total disgrace to Religious Jews and an insult to humanity

Anonymous said...

They like her, they think she's hot.