Thursday, October 19, 2017

Auerbach's Animals Cause Massive Chillul Hashem ...See Names of the Terrorists and their Yeshivas!

איזה חילול ה' עושים המחבלים-הליטאים אנשי שמואל אויערבך - מזעזע

Shlomo Kobi Tov - Yeshivat Grodna Ashdod 

Israel Shefter - Yeshivat Grodna Ashdod 

Haim Volozhin - Yeshivat Grodna Ashdod 

Yechezkel Shtamper - Grodna Yeshiva Ashdod 

Arieh Elyashiv - Yeshivah Grodna Ashdod 

Meir Elyashiv - Yeshivat Divrei Emet 

Tanchum Elyashiv - Yeshivat Knesset Yitzhak Hadera 

Gabriel Cabra - Avrech 

Ninth Deserter has not yet been transferred, but is in the process of extradited to the Military Police. 

When these nine deserters joined the two deserters who were arrested at the beginning of the week - Yisrael Meir Kaplinsky and Ben-Zion Weisenstern - whose arrest led to the arrest

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