Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Why is the FBI Lying About Las Vegas Shooter?

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer is exclusively reporting that Stephen Paddock, the Mandalay Bay hotel gunman who massacred 59 country music concertgoers and injured 530 more on October 1st, was not alone in his hotel suite in the days prior to the attack.

Loomer’s scoop lends credence to the theory that Paddock may had help in planning of the largest mass shooting in American history. Moreover, it also calls into question the information authorities have been giving the public in the wake of the tragedy.
Law enforcement initially told the public that Paddock had checked into his 32nd floor suite on September 28th. However, receipts obtained by Loomer prove the mass murderer actually checked into the room three days earlier:
Sources within the hotel told Loomer that Paddock booked his stay at the hotel on September 9th, suggesting he had planned the massacre nearly a month in advance. This contradicts Eric Paddock’s assertion that his older brother abruptly “snapped”:
“Through my investigative journalism, I have uncovered multiple inconsistencies in the LVPD and FBI narrative of the Las Vegas shooting,” Loomer said. “Sources who work for the Mandalay resort have told me Stephen Paddock checked into his hotel suite on September 25th, which directly contradicts the September 28th date that was provided to the American people by local law enforcement in Las Vegas.”
Loomer went on to describe the duplicitous way the Las Vegas Police Department is concealing critical information from the public, which has prompted accusations of a cover-up: “Even more troubling, room service receipts posted by a Mandalay hospitality employee on Facebook further proves that the LVPD is not providing an honest answer about Paddock’s reservation,” Loomer told GotNews.
“The receipt has a date of September 27th and lists an order for two guests, which is more evidence against the narrative law enforcement is feeding the public,” Loomer explained. “Basic analysis of videos, crime scene photos, and eye witness testimony all suggests that the victims and the American public are not getting the full story regarding the circumstances surrounding this horrific tragedy.”
Loomer has also received a tip that the woman who chillingly told the concert attendees “you’re all going to die” was a Muslim and is now in custody, presumably for having advanced knowledge of the massacre:
It is unclear whether this woman was the second person staying in Paddock’s hotel suite.
Loomer told GotNews she will continue to hold authorities and the media accountable with regard to their communications and reporting. “I will continue my investigations and will not stop until the truth is revealed,” Loomer told GotNews. “With the rise of citizen journalism, the deep state and globalist elite can no longer control the flow of information.”

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