Wednesday, October 18, 2017

NYPD Quitely Remove "Chesed Bins" At Night!

From a Citizen ....

Many of us have seen the dropoff bins put out at various locations in Flatbush  by the Chesed Center. (They have other bins in other parts of the city as well) 

I’ve observed over the past months many well meaning  people dropping off expensive clothing, shoes, toys etc., apparently in the belief that it will go to a good cause.

To be clear, I do not vouch for the legitimacy of the Chesed Center, and to what extent or what percentage of donations reach the intended recipients. One clearly has reason to question the veracity of a “chesed” organization, that prior to the present time was not known, and has no office address, its only presence being on the www. ; You  can do your own google research .and find that many a donation bin was only a scam, the donated clothing not going to the needy, but  for recycling with  proceeds to the owner

But turning back to the issue at hand, these bins have been here for a while, and (for whatever reason)  no action was taken by law enforcement. That was until tonight.

Last night, under cloak of darkness, NYPD Officers  of the 66th Precinct, had this donation bin (and its contents) towed from Avenue I off of Ocean Parkway. The  obvious concern is one of due process;  notice and an opportunity by the Chesed Center.

Why did the NYPD act in a sneaky way to tow on a late weekend night, hoping no one would notice. But more important is the notion of selective enforcement; this  bin as opposed to others. If  they are all illegal they all should have been towed. 

I tried calling the 66th precinct at (718) 851 5611 and asking for an explanation. I was put on an indefinite hold. Maybe your luck will be better.


Anonymous said...

The picture you are showing is of Avenue L. That's the Yeshiva of Brooklyn boys building in the upper left hand corner of the photo. If you enlarge it, you can see Avenue L on the arm holding the traffic signal.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're just not allowed to leave a bin of any type parked indefinitely on a public street. There are parking regulations, street cleaning regulations, etc. Just because its a so-called charity doesn't make it immune to local laws. And, as you point out, who knows if its a legitimate charity anyway...