Monday, October 23, 2017

Anti-Semitic Cartoon of Dershowitz on the Berkeley's Student Paper

This isn't a Nazi Newspaper .... Nope! 
It's the  Berkeley's independent student-run newspaper. ......
Tweet those bastards that "Lo Zu Ha'Derech"

The Daily Californian, the University of California, Berkeley’s student newspaper, has offered a monstrously anti-Semitic cartoon of famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz that would have fit perfectly in any issue of Nazi Germany’s Der Sturmer.

The drawing showed Dershowitz’s head fitting through a stock emblazoned “The liberal case for Israel” (the title of the speech Dershowitz gave on campus on October 16), while on the other side of the stock the palm of his hand held an IDF soldier standing with his rifle drawn with a bloody, prostrate Palestinian lying in front of him as blood dripped down toward Dershowitz’s shoe, which was crushing another Palestinian.

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