Tuesday, August 30, 2011

19 Year Old Beauty Executes 10 Libyan Rebels

She has a fashion model's looks and an executioner's trigger finger.
A 19-year-old member of Moammar Khadafy's "gun girl" militia has admitted to executing at least 10 rebel prisoners -- because she said she would have been killed if she didn't pull the trigger of her AK-47.
Nisreen Mansour al Forgani said she was terrorized by her superiors, even raped by her commanding officer, after being recruited last year into the elite all-female unit of the Popular Guards.
When the Khadafy regime began to collapse, she was ordered to become a serial executioner -- apparently because Khadafy's thuggish officers regarded being shot by a woman to be the ultimate humiliation.

Nisreen said last Tuesday that she was given an assault rifle, taken to a building in Tripoli's Bosleem district and placed under heavy guard.
Rebel prisoners, tied up and gathered under a tree outside, were brought to her room one by one.
"They told me that if I didn't kill the prisoners, then they would kill me," she tearfully told Britain's Daily Mail.
"I killed the first one, then they would bring another one up to the room. He would see the body on the floor and look shocked. Then I would shoot him, too."
She said she "turned away and shot without looking" from a distance of about three feet.
"If I hesitated, one of the soldiers would flick the safety catch of his own rifle and point it at me," she said.
Nisreen said most of her victims were about the same age as she.
"I killed 10, perhaps 11, over three days," she said.
Her killing spree stopped after she escaped by jumping from a second-story window of the execution room. She was found by rebels, who are holding her, shackled to a bed, at the Matiga hospital in Tripoli.
"They are angry. I do not know what will happen to me now," she said of her rebel captors.
Nisreen said that her family didn't support Khadafy but that she was recruited by a friend of her mother's, Fatma al Dreby, who headed the female branch of the Popular Guards.
"She told me that if my mother said anything against Khadafy that I should immediately kill her," Nisreen recalled.
She said she trained at a camp in Tripoli with 1,000 other girls from all over the country and was then sent to a headquarters, near Khadafy's compound, under the command of an officer named Mansour Dau.
She said Dreby sent her one day to Dau's office, where he raped her.
"After it was over, Fatma told me not to tell anyone, not even my parents," 
BLOOD ON HER HANDS: Innocent-looking Nisreen Mansour al Forgani, 19, who admits to executing at least 10 rebel prisoners, lies in a Tripoli hospital bed after her capture.
Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/international/beauty_khadafy_made_me_killer_bnkbjVry6I2UZTWo2U2Y9O#ixzz1WXu2tFIL

Sunday, August 28, 2011

6 year old Monsey boy electrocuted! EXLUSIVE UPDATE AUG 29

A six year old boy is in critical condition after touching a live wire that was dangling near his house.The boy's father was also hurt trying to save his son. Initial reports are that the child was flown to Westchester. Will updated as soon as we get more info. The child's name is Reuvein Dovid Herbst.There was also one fatality from this incident but reports are still sketchy, reports are that the fatality was a neighbor, his name Reichenberg z"l.

This is the story as related to us by a close family member.
Rabbi Herbst went out AFTER the storm to Shmooze with his neighbor R' Reichenberg Z"L. Little Reuvein Dovid Herbst followed his father and touched the gate. The gate was electrified by a loose live wire that touched the gate that nobody noticed.  When Reuvein Dovid touched the gate he got electrocuted. Rabbi Herbst who was wearing rubber boots, because he was repairing something in the yard, grabbed his son's hand to remove him from the gate. By touching his son, Rabbi Herbst got electrocuted and burned his hand, he was immediately thrown to the ground; his life was saved by his rubber boots. R' Reichenberg z"l attempting to push the child further from the gate, was immediately electrocuted and killed. R' Reichenberg's funeral was last night and was buried in the Monsey Bais Hachyim. The child has 65% burns on his body and is now breathing on his own b"h.

Irene cancels Sunday weddings in Monsey, Tarrytown and Connecticut

This crazy and dangerous lady, Irene, caused the cancellation and postponement of  weddings scheduled for Sunday.
In fact, Irene also caused the cancellation of 9,000 flights, and all airports in New York, New Jersey are closed.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wonder of G-D:Black Hole Eats Star: Researchers Detail Astounding Cosmic Occurrence (VIDEO)

Black Hole Eats Star, Beams Signal to Earth

On March 28, 2011, NASA's Swift detected intense X-ray flares thought to be caused by a black hole devouring a star. In one model, illustrated here, a sun-like star on an eccentric orbit plunges too close to its galaxy's central black hole. About half of the star's mass feeds an accretion disk around the black hole, which in turn powers a particle jet that beams radiation toward Earth.
Awesome, one of natures amazing phenomenons

Lakewood Residents: Keep Your Radio On For Shabbos

Rav Yaakov Forscheimer To Lakewood Officials: Residents May Keep Radio On During Shabbos
Posek Harav Yaakov Forscheimer Shlita was contacted in regards to keeping a radio on for this Shabbos. It was Paskened, that Lakewood residents may keep a radio on, on station 107.9 for the duration of Shabbos, out of the reach of family members.
The station 107.9 will remain silent from Licht Benchen (Candle Lighting) until 72 minutes after Shkiah on Shabbos, and will only be active should there be any emergency alerts to announce.
Officials say they do not expect the Hurricane to hit on Shabbos.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Towns Residents Urged to Leave....

Nochum Dusowitz boards up his windows at Rockaway Beach in New York, August 26, 2011. REUTERS
The Village of Lawrence is urging residents, especially those in low-lying areas, to leave the area and go to a friend’s up north or in the city, its mayor said.
Since it will soon be the Sabbath, village officials are prepared to go around with a loudspeaker to make the latest announcements about Hurricane Irene and what people should do, Mayor Martin Oliner said. Village hall will remain open throughout the weekend. There is a coordinated effort with members of the police and fire departments as well as Hatzolah to prepare residents.
“Those people who have been flooded in the past, take action now,” Oliner said. “Once it begins to rain, you pretty much will be stuck here. This isn’t a question. You can’t leave when there are 50 MPH winds. There may be a time where you’re stuck in your home with no phone — in one of the worst-case scenarios.”

Village officials will be waiting to hear the latest information, and will convene again at village hall at 9 a.m. or noon tomorrow, Oliner said.
“Based on predictions right now, people should make plans to leave,” he said. “If it wasn’t Shabbos, it’d be easy. All the rabbis agree that if it’s life threatening, they will tell people to leave.”

Vaad of 5 Towns Permits Radio for Shabbos

The following email was sent from the Achiezer Organization to residents of Far Rockaway and the Five Towns on Thursday evening.
We understand that many in the community may be scared, concerned, or simply unsure of what should or should not be done in anticipation of the predicted Hurricane Irene which potentially might hit our neighborhood this weekend.
We have been working over the last several hours with community leaders exploring all possibilities which we may face during this storm.
Below are some the key points which were discussed on an emergency conference call with participants from Achiezer, Hatzolah, 101 Precinct, Nassau County Precinct, JCC, Office of Emergency Management, and local Rabbonim.

Over the next few hours, once the significance of the storm is further clarified, we will announce potential evacuation procedures and other urgent advisories.
1) Please identify any elderly or handicapped people in your vicinity who may be unable to move on their own, should an evacuation be ordered. Once we have a roster of these individuals we can work together with community agencies to ensure that this population is cared for.
2) Although the storm is not projected to hit until Sunday morning/afternoon, those who will feel more comfortable avoiding the storm should make plans to be away for Shabbos. This is the safest measure which can be taken in the event of a real Hurricane.
3) The Vaad Harabonim of the Five Towns has paskined that it is permissible, and strongly encouraged, that you leave a battery powered radio set to a news channel over Shabbos.
Again we stress that the foregoing is a conglomerated effort of the Office of Emergency Management, the Police Department, Hatzalah of the Rockaways and Nassau County, Achiezer, The Vaad of the Five Towns, the JCC, Local Rabbanim & many of the community organizations who will decide the best course of action to ensure that community members are safe and informed as developments occur.
We wish to reiterate that these plans are preliminary and precautionary.
As soon as we have a more clear directive of the forecasted path of this storm, we will immediately pass this information along.
Mark Gross
Hatzalah of the Rockaways & Nassau County
Rabbi Boruch B. Bender
Rabbi Tzvi Flaum
Vaad Harabonim of Far Rockaway & The Five Towns
Richard Altabe
Natan Mandelbaum & Alex Glucksman

New Square: Video: "When Cultures Clash"

Obama's Syrian Friend, Bashar Assad had his thugs break an Artist's hands as a "warning"

A renowned political cartoonist whose drawings expressed Syrians' frustrated hopes for change was grabbed after he left his studio early Thursday and beaten by masked gunmen who broke his hands and dumped him on a road outside Damascus.
One of Syria's most famous artists, Ali Ferzat, 60, earned international recognition and the respect of many Arabs with stinging caricatures that infuriated dictators including Iraq's Saddam Hussein, Libya's Moammar Gadhafi and, particularly in recent months, Syria's autocratic Assad family.
He lay badly bruised in a hospital bed Thursday evening with his hands swathed in bandages, a stark reminder that no Syrian remains immune to a brutal crackdown on a five-month anti-government uprising.
Ferzat remembers the gunmen telling him that "this is just a warning," as they beat him, a relative told The Associated Press.
"We will break your hands so that you'll stop drawing," the masked men said, according to the relative, who spoke anonymously for fear of retaliation.
Before inheriting Syria's presidency from his father in 2000, Bashar Assad, a British-trained eye doctor, used to visit Ferzat's exhibitions and offer encouraging words, the artist has said.
When the new president opened Syria to reforms, Ferzat was allowed to publish the country's first private newspaper in decades, a satirical weekly called The Lamplighter.
The paper was an instant hit, with copies of each issue selling out a few hours after hitting the stands. It was soon shut down, however, as Assad began cracking down on dissent and jailing critics after the brief, heady period known as the Damascus Spring quickly lost steam.
Read More breitbart
Ali Ferzat August 14,

Ali Ferzat in hospital 

New York Declares State Of Emergency For Hurricane Irene

"In this emergency I am activating all levels of state government to prepare for any situation that may be caused by Hurricane Irene," Cuomo said in a statement obtained by the New York Daily News."We are communicating with our federal and local partners to track the storm and to plan a coordinated response, and we will deploy resources as needed to the areas expected to be hit the hardest. I urge New Yorkers to personally prepare for hurricane conditions and to cooperate with emergency officials if needed." 
The storm, which has forced 200,000 to evacuate North Carolina, may hit New York City this weekend. If the storm passes over the city, the MTA, fearing floods, might have to shut down operations.
On Thursday, the "cone" of the storm moved West, so that it currently looks like the storm will pass over Queens and Brooklyn, not Long Island.
Mayor Bloomberg said Thursday that senior homes and hospitals in designated "Zone A" areas must evacuate, unless the particular facility can withstand such a storm. "We're trying to take precautions for the most vulnerable."
The mayor also said that by 8am Saturday, the city will decide whether or not to enforce a mandatory evacuation for Zone A residents.
While the category 3 hurricane of 1938 in Long Island killed 50, a new storm would wreak far worse havoc in those areas, according to the New York Times. "The dense development of towns on eastern Long Island in the decades since the 1938 storm could mean tremendous losses in a future storm."
New York, unlike Florida or other Hurricane-prone cities, appears to be unprepared for such an event, though the Office of Emergency Management released an enlightening PDF on preparing for a natural disaster. Or you could browse a list of evacuation routes here. The International Business Times also has a good story on the dangers of a hurricane hitting New York.
Reuters writes that the last serious storm to hit New York was in 1821, "causing a 13 feet storm surge that inundated the entirety of lower Manhattan."
Mayor Bloomberg is urging New York City residents living in low-lying areas to line up a place to stay on high ground ahead of possible evacuations this weekend due to Hurricane Irene. Follow thepath of the storm here.
Neighboring New Jersey has also declared a state of emergency.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rabbi's Baby Kidnapped by Maid! UPDATED !

Rabbi Chayempour with the kidnapped 6 month old baby
Gloria Suarez, the Maid

Great Neck LI, (reported from crown Heights)
It is every parent’s worst nightmare, and for Rabbi Yitzchok and Tamar Chayempour, Shluchim in Great Neck, Long Island, it came true this morning when their live-in maid walked out and vanished with their six-month old daughter Esti. 

The horror began to unfold at 9:50 this morning, when Rabbi Yitzchok Chayempour spotted their live-in maid walking along Middle Neck Road with his child. After calling out to her and asking what she was doing, she responded that she was heading over to the CVS pharmacy up the road. After attempting a quick U-turn, the maid vanished and the frantic search began.

The maid, Gloria Suarez, a 53-year-old native of Uruguay, had been in the United States for 11 years on a work visa. Ms. Suarez had been a live-in maid with the Chayempours over the summer months. She was hired through an agency that vets and does background checks on all the maids that they refer before recommending them for hire. 

According to the family, Ms. Suarez had finished working for them this past Friday and had moved her belongings out, but she had requested to stay a few more days until she had arranged her new place to stay, which the Shluchim allowed.

After losing sight of Ms. Suarez, R. Chayempour sped up to the CVS in search of the maid. “She was only a maid and was absolutely not a baby sitter, we made sure to never leave her alone with Esti, or any of the kids” he said.

When he could not find her at the store, he returned home to check if she was there. He asked his wife if she let the maid take the baby out, and she responded that she had not left Esti alone with her, and that she didn’t even know that she had left.

Right away family members began a frantic search, going store to store, and mobilizing the community to search for the maid. Minute to minute it became increasingly clear that this was, in fact, an abduction.

Over the past few weeks Ms. Suarez had expressed much interest – almost too much – in the child to Tamar Chayempour, telling her that she was married once only to be divorced shortly after and never had any children of her own. The maid’s interest in the child was slightly off-putting to the mother, especially after she kept asking to take little Esti out on walks in her free time – requests which were consistently turned down.

Nassau County Police were notified, but the police were reluctant to rush and classify the incident as an abduction, saying that they needed to wait more time, and that maybe the maid would show up with the infant.

This wasn’t satisfactory to the family, and the father’s own frantic search led him back to the CVS, where he ran into a member of his community who recommended that he check the local bus station, since that would be a preferred method of travel for the maid.

Of the only two bus lines that run in the area, Yitzchok ran over to the bus stop and asked one of drivers if he remembered the maid, who has very distinct long silvery hair. To his luck, the driver remembered dropping off a pair with the exact description! He even remembered dropping her off near Stepping Stone Park.

The father rushed over to the park where he met the park security and asked them if they had seen the maid with a child. Once again thanks to her distinctive appearance they had remembered the maid, and that she thought that the park was a train station. Thinking she was confused, security called a taxi for her, but they did not know what her destination was.

It was around this time that the police started getting proactively involved in the search. After learning that the maid had gotten into a cab, the police reached out to all the local cab companies, and moments later got a response from one of them saying that they had just dropped off a pair of passengers matching the description at the Roslyn Train Station.

Roslyn Police were immediately notified and they rushed over to the station, where they found the maid with the baby standing on the platform waiting for a train. When police asked her whose baby it was, she replied that it was her own. When they inquired further, she changed her story, saying it was her brother's child and she was going to meet him. 

When police attempted to take the maid into custody, a struggle broke out as she refused to part with the baby; only after some negotiations did she give in and police placed her under arrest.

A short while later, little Esti was was reunited with her father and mother.

“When my husband came into the house looking for Esti and Gloria and we started looking for them, I wrote in to the Ohel, and that is when we started getting leads which ultimately lead to us finding our baby” said Tamar.

“The fact that I was even on Middle Neck Road at that time was a matter of pure Hashgocho Protis, since I am usually in the camp office by then” said Yitzchok, adding “I was on my way home from attending a bris this morning, mamash Hashgocho Protis.”

When police searched the maid's possessions, they found cans of baby formula – a two day supply – with the labels peeled off in an apparent attempt to hide that they were Cholov Yisroel and had Hebrew letters on them. The maid had also changed the baby’s cloths. 

NEW York Post Reports:
A deranged housekeeper kidnapped a five-month-old girl from the Great Neck rabbi who recently fired her – and planned to take the baby with her to Uruguay, Long Island authorities said today.

Silver-haired Gloria Suarez, angry over losing her summer job Monday as a maid for Rabbi Yitzchok Hayempour and his eleven children, told cops she took baby Esther because "the baby would get more love and attention from me than she would ever get from (the Hayempours)."

"I know that they say the baby is theirs, but I know that the baby should belong to me," Suarez told cops.

Hayempour allowed Suarez, 55, to stay in their home until Wednesday, which is the only time the maid said she could get back into her Manhattan apartment, said Tammy Hayempour, 42, Esther’s mother.

Instead, cops said the baby-crazed maid spent two days honing her plans to abduct Esther by buying baby supplies, clothes and apple juice.

On Wednesday morning, Suarez asked if she could spend time with the baby before she left, Tammy said.

Unbeknownst to Tammy, Suarez used her goodbye time to change Esther out of her pink clothes and into a blue boy’s outfit – with sleeves long enough to cover a distinct birthmark on the baby’s forearm, the mom said.

Suarez then took the baby in her arms and fled the house on foot without the baby’s stroller, cops said.

Rabbi Hayempour was driving back from a bris he was attending when he saw Suarez walking with his baby, and he stopped his car to ask the woman where she was going.

"I said ‘we’re going to CVS,’" Suarez told cops.

Suarez eventually hopped a cab to the Roslyn Railroad Station in Roslyn Heights, where as she waited for a NYC-bound LIRR train. Meanwhile, Esther’s frantic family contacted cops, stopped buses, and reached out to every local cab company – and located the company that took Suarez to the train station.

Suarez was arrested at the station, but not without a fight.

"I fought them off and would not give her to them, but they were eventually able to get her," Suarez told cops.

Esther’s relieved mom said she never thought Suarez would be the kidnapping type.

"She wanted a child and she told me many times. I should have been suspicious," said Tammy.

At her arraignment at Nassau County First District Court this morning, Nassau prosecutor Melissa Lewis said Suarez intended to "take the child out of the county. . . and out of the country to Uruguay."

Suarez was arraigned on charges of kidnapping and resisting arrest. She is being held without bail.

Gay-Rights Groups Hold Fund-raiser for Weprin!

Weprin at the Gay Parade

Those in Congressman Weiner's district listen closely, as we reported in this blog yesterday, a vote for Weprin is a vote for the anti-Israel Obama. Now comes a report that Weprin is in "bed" with gays. The New York Post reported in its August 24, edition, that Gay- Rights Groups are fundraising for Weprin. Its time to send a strong message to this democrat lackey that we had enough. Vote for Bob Turner!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

US Worst President: Barack Hussain Obama

Barack Obama is solidifying his status as the worst president in American history. The leader who promised us a bright future of peace and fraternity is leading the American empire – and the rest of the world with it – into a dark abyss. Ever since he settled into the Oval Office, Obama has been hopping from one disaster to the next, making every possible mistake, boosting enemies and disregarding allies while ruining everything he touches in the process. To our regret, the heaviest price – for the time being at least – is being paid by residents of the Middle East.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Message to Israel: Time has come for abolishing Retaliation and trading it for Eradication

Is Israel going to wait for a terrorist big bang before eradicating this cancer, or treat it with aspirin to make the temporary pain go away?
There is no question. Iron Dome may not be able to stop 100% of incoming rockets. A war of attrition is advantageous to the enemy since the cost of a single Katyusha or Qassam rocket is miniscule in comparison to a single Iron Dome smart missile.
And one day, one of those rockets would hit a sensitive target. This is only a matter of chance, and the odds against such an event are getting thinner.
Time has come for abolishing Retaliation and trading it for Eradication. Israel must put a stop, once and for all, to the constant challenge that the Palestinian terror organizations put through.
Settling on Eradication may yield a transitory resentment by those around the world who label themselves as ‘civilized’. They may complain that such actions are too harsh, that innocent lives get caught in the cross-fire, and that this is not a measured response.
But the outcome and its associated benefits would be more permanent, and would last long after the memory of the global fury has been faded away. History has shown that a lasting peace following a bitter war has a better chance of success when the enemy is forced into an unconditional surrender.

A Vote For Weprin is a Vote for Obama!

Bob Turner (left) Weprin (Obama's tail, right) 
Time to call a spade a spade... Webrin running for Weiner's seat refuses to say whether he will indorse the Anti-Israel Obama for President... this congressional race in Brooklyn is turning out to be a referendum on the president and his party, and its time for Jews to do the right thing and vote out the "bums."
So I ask my readers to make sure to vote in this special election and vote for Turner.

Man who refused to give a "get" beaten and in serious condition!

8:58AM (Boroparkscoop.com)
Boro Park Hatzolah just transported two people to Lutheran Trauma Center after an apparent home invasion at a private home on 50th Street. The incident unfolded just a few minutes ago when Hatzolah was called to the home located on 50th Street near 18th Avenue. According to initial reports, they found two people tied up. One of them is in serious condition. They were reportedly assaulted as well. Detectives from the NYPD’s 66th Precinct are currently on the scene investigating the incident.
Boroparkscoop reports that the men refused to give their wives a get....
Let's see if they will now be motivated ...
Wow .... Why would a guy refuse to give a get? There is no legitimate reason to hold on to someone who refuses to live with you..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Manhattan DA's office will ask judge to dismiss all DSK charges!

Nafissatou Diallo, The Maid
The Manhattan DA's Office will ask a judge to dismiss all charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn when he appears in court Tuesday, The Post has learned.
Prosecutors are poised to file what's called a Dismissal On Recommendation motion, which will say the indictment against the frisky Frenchman cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt because of credibility problems with the sole witness in the case, Strauss-Kahn's hotel-maid accuser.
Prosecution sources said the motion, also called a Recommendation for Dismissal, will be lengthy, thorough and carefully crafted.
One source believes the dismissal motion will include never-before-revealed details attacking the credibility of accuser Nafissatou Diallo, in addition to details already revealed by prosecutors in a June 30 filing describing her previous lies to federal asylum and tax officials and then to prosecutors and grand jurors in the Strauss-Kahn case.
Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/source_to_drop_dsk_rap_31ojnTxU9N4v6ykxpntQOL#ixzz1VfbAck1V

Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the maid who accused him of sexual assault did have what appeared to be non-consensual sex, but the maid's history of lying means that charges cannot be pressed, prosecutors say.
New York prosecutors have asked a judge to dismiss sexual assault charges against the former IMF chief, a stunning reversal that could revive the political future of a man many had seen as the next president of France.
DNA testing "established that several stains located on the upper portion of the complainant's hotel uniform dress contained semen that yielded the defendant's DNA", the Manhattan District Attorney's Office said.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/world-business/strausskahn-free-as-criminal-charges-dropped-20110823-1j78a.html#ixzz1VoIPh1x2

In Mock Puppet Trial, Children Accuse Mubarak of Inflicting the Egyptians with Cancer From Israel

Knesset Members Call For Israel to Re-Occupy Gaza after another Missile Onslaught!

National Union MKs call on government to stop relying on “Iron Dome” and start hitting Hamas – hard.

National Union (Ichud Leumi) party Knesset Members called on the government Saturday to take dramatic action in response to the declaration of the Hamas terrorist organization of its resumed hostilities and subsequent murderous rocket attacks.

“Iron Dome cannot be the answer,” said MK Aryeh Eldad. “The answer has to be taking out all the heads of Hamas, tonight. From Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Mashaal on down.”

MK Ben-Ari called to not only target Hamas, but retake Gaza. “The one conclusion from the recent events must lead us to reoccupy Gaza,” he said.

“Otherwise, we will remain captive in the hands of terrorist gangs, who will make uspay a high price in blood every now and again,” he continued. He warned against being satisfied with a ceasefire like the one declared after Operation Cast Lead, saying, “No more 'tadiyeh' with gangs of murderers.”

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Saturday afternoon that Israel is “acting with efficiency” against rocket attacks.

Minister of Internal Security Yitzchak Aharonovich issued a harsher warning following an attack on Be'er Sheva in which one person was killed and several others wounded. “Hamas is responsible for this. Our response will be harsh and very painful. We will not put up with this anymore, the [rocket] fire must stop. We will put an end to it,” he said.
Arutz Sheva
Read Arutz Sheva

Lullavim Shortage This Year? Following Mubarak's downfall, Israel fears for annual import of 700,000 palm branches for Sukkot holiday

Every year for the past three decades, ahead of the Jewish holiday of SukkotIsrael imports from Egypt some 700,000 lulavim (one of the Four Species mentioned in the Torah), originating in palm trees in the northern Sinai city of El Arish.

This year could see a shortage in the palm branches, however, as Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's downfall has created uncertainty in regards to the deal.
Read More Ynet News

New Square letter: Spitzer sought mischief, not murder, in Rottenberg attack

Shaul Spitzer
A community group has circulated a letter claiming Shaul Spitzer just wanted to make mischief on the early May morning that he's accused of trying to kill a dissident resident and burn down the man's house with his family inside.
 Spitzer, 18, is charged with trying to kill Aron Rottenberg, 43, who defied Skver Grand Rebbe David Twersky by not praying at the rabbi's synagogue in the village.Three board members of the New Square Kehila issued a "special letter for Skver followers and friends." The Kehila deals with charity and other communal affairs. The letter-writers state that after gathering the facts, "the most important thing we have learned is that the teenage boy did not intend to harm anyone." They argue that the incendiary device went off when Rottenberg went after Spitzer, who is accused of tossing one device on the back porch. "He never wanted to burn a house with five people inside," the letter says. "His design was mischief on Lag Be'omer night, not arson."The letter condemns violence, says Rottenberg was unjustly attacked, calls for community peace and says "disagreements in a community have to be solved by adults with reason, not by teenage boys with mischief."
Rottenberg and his family have said Rabbi Twersky and his inner circle control life in the community, authorized the violence and looked the other way when Rottenberg suffered burns over half of his body in the May attack.
The letter staunchly defends Rabbi Twersky and the New Square Hasidic Jewish community against criticism and ridicule. Rabbi Twersky is the dynastic leader of the worldwide Skver Hasidic who sets the rules and lifestyle for his followers. An attorney for Spitzer said Friday that neither Spitzer, the Spitzer family nor the defense team had anything to do with the community letter signed by Kahila board members Mordachai Schwartz, Avrum Moshe Silberman and Isaac Breuer. The members could not be reached for comment.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Palestinian Authority plans to destroy the Kotel and build Arab housing in the Kotel Plaza if ever it gains control of Jerusalem.

Kotel Plaza
The Palestinian Authority plans to build an Arab housing complex on Judaism's holiest site if ever it gains control of Jerusalem, according to a documentary translated by thePalestinian Media Watch (PMW).
"They [Israelis] know for certain that our roots are deeper than their false history," thedocumentary stated in Arabicvideo clip from an official Palestinian Authority TV documentary broadcast August 10, 2011 on the Fatah-controlled television network from Ramallah stated that the construction would come as part of the PA's plan to erase the Jewish presence from Jerusalem."We, from the balcony of our home, look out over [Islamic] holiness and on sin and filth (Jews' praying at the Western Wall) in an area that used to have [Arab] people and homes.
"We are drawing our new maps," the program continued. "When they [Israelis] disappear from the picture, like a forgotten chapter in the pages of our city's history, we will build it anew.
"The Mughrabi Quarter will be built here (on the Western Wall Plaza)."