Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Towns Residents Urged to Leave....

Nochum Dusowitz boards up his windows at Rockaway Beach in New York, August 26, 2011. REUTERS
The Village of Lawrence is urging residents, especially those in low-lying areas, to leave the area and go to a friend’s up north or in the city, its mayor said.
Since it will soon be the Sabbath, village officials are prepared to go around with a loudspeaker to make the latest announcements about Hurricane Irene and what people should do, Mayor Martin Oliner said. Village hall will remain open throughout the weekend. There is a coordinated effort with members of the police and fire departments as well as Hatzolah to prepare residents.
“Those people who have been flooded in the past, take action now,” Oliner said. “Once it begins to rain, you pretty much will be stuck here. This isn’t a question. You can’t leave when there are 50 MPH winds. There may be a time where you’re stuck in your home with no phone — in one of the worst-case scenarios.”

Village officials will be waiting to hear the latest information, and will convene again at village hall at 9 a.m. or noon tomorrow, Oliner said.
“Based on predictions right now, people should make plans to leave,” he said. “If it wasn’t Shabbos, it’d be easy. All the rabbis agree that if it’s life threatening, they will tell people to leave.”

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