Friday, August 26, 2011

Lakewood Residents: Keep Your Radio On For Shabbos

Rav Yaakov Forscheimer To Lakewood Officials: Residents May Keep Radio On During Shabbos
Posek Harav Yaakov Forscheimer Shlita was contacted in regards to keeping a radio on for this Shabbos. It was Paskened, that Lakewood residents may keep a radio on, on station 107.9 for the duration of Shabbos, out of the reach of family members.
The station 107.9 will remain silent from Licht Benchen (Candle Lighting) until 72 minutes after Shkiah on Shabbos, and will only be active should there be any emergency alerts to announce.
Officials say they do not expect the Hurricane to hit on Shabbos.

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