Wednesday, August 3, 2011

UPDATE!!!! Desperate battle to defuse collar bomb hung round neck of girl, 18, 'being held to ransom' at multi-million pound mansion: Video

* Balaclava-clad intruder 'broke in and attached bomb and note to girl'
* Shaken parents outside house haven't spoke to their daughter yet

* Family is one of Sydney's wealthiest with mansion in exclusive street

* Bomb officers investigating other 'items' in house

* 'Life of young girl potentially at risk', say police
* Bomb is proving a 'tough nut to crack'

Four bomb squad officers have entered a house in a wealthy suburb of Sydney where a terrified teenage girl has had an explosive device strapped to her body by a balaclava-clad intruder.
Police said a 'delicate operation' was taking place in a property in the suburb of Mosman where wealthy families including bankers, stockbrokers, sports personalities and company directors live.
A senior police officer described the device as an unusual 'collar bomb', which has never been seen before in Australia, but an exact description has yet to be officially given.

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Update!!!!!!!!!!5:10 New York Time

After 10 hours, police in a wealthy suburb of Sydney released a teenager involved in a bomb scare. Police refused to confirm media reports that the teenager had been strapped to an explosive device in an apparent extortion attempt.
Update at 3:30 p.m. ET: Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch said the British armed forces were contacted, because they had experience with the device, described as a collar bomb, The Australian  says. Police reportedly have X-rayed the intact device and are analyzing its components before attempting to defuse it.
Murdoch said the 18-year-old girl, Madeleine Pulver, was kept in an "uncomfortable position" during the ordeal and was taken to hospital for evaluation early Thursday,The Daily Telegraph reports.
Madaline Pulver 18 year old 

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