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Nitra Yeshivah Ignores NYC Measles Regs So City Closes It and Tiferes Bnos in Williamsburg!

Nitra still thinks it lives in Europe in some small shtetel and can do whats it wants ...
Ignoring a  Huge Chillul Hashem; sticking their tongues out at City Health Officials ,even after it was discovered that over 90% of all Measles cases in the USA are from the Frum Chareidie community! 
The city Health Department shut down two Jewish schools in Brooklyn for failing to submit immunization and attendance records amid the measles outbreak.
The school Tiferes Bnos on Marcy Avenue and preschool Talmud Torah D’Nitra on Bedford Avenue will not be permitted to reopen until the department approves a corrective action plan that addresses the lapses in compliance.
Health officials previously closed five schools – including the United Talmudical Academy’s preschool run by a Williamsburg yeshiva — for failing to comply with the health commissioner’s order.
The order requires yeshivas and child care programs in certain ZIP codes to exclude unvaccinated students and to provide the Health Department with immediate access to medical and attendance records.
All five have been authorized to reopen under Health Department monitoring.
“Schools that continue to disregard our direction during the outbreak will be closed down until they can prove to the Health Department that they will comply,” Health Commissioner Dr. Oxiris Barbot said in a statement.

New York Times Continues With Hatred of Jews Publishing Another Antisemitic Cartoon

The New York Times printed a second anti-Israel cartoon on Saturday in its international edition, a development that comes in the wake of the newspaper having run an antisemitic cartoon on Thursday, retracting it on Saturday, and then, later on Sunday, apologizing for running it.

This second cartoon depicts Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu wearing a robe and holding up what looks like a tablet with the Star of David on it. It depicts Netanyahu as blind and holding a selfie stick, taking a photo of himself. Times spokeswoman Danielle Rhoades-Ha did not immediately respond to Breitbart News’s request for comment on Monday morning in response to this revelation.

But the second cartoon was roundly criticized by the pro-Israel community.
Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan Greenblatt ripped the Times for printing it
The second cartoon was published on the opinion pages of the international edition of the New York Times on Saturday in print. It comes after the Times previously, last Thursday on those same pages, printed an antisemitic cartoon that the paper retracted on Saturday morning. That original antisemitic cartoon depicted a blind President Donald Trump wearing a skullcap being led by Netanyahu, who was portrayed as a dog on a leash whose collar bore the Star of David. As some experts have pointed out, that first cartoon has striking resemblance to a literal Nazi propaganda cartoon from 1940 that showed a Jewish mean on a leash leading British Prime Minister Winston Churchill around.

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When the Late Kaliver Rebbe Defied Satmar And Was The First Admar To Visit the Kotel in 1967

Chareidie Outraged At The Exposed Elbow of the Statue of Liberty

Below is a letter to the editor of the Yated that will have you wondering whether our Rebbes, Teachers and principals, have gone mad!

Now I've been screaming that the chareidie world is sick and getting sicker......

But this letter should win the prize for the most "Outrageous Bizarre Insane" Letter to the Editor of all time!

She signs the letter "A Proud BYM alumnus"

Is this what we are now "proud" of?

She laments the fact that the Statue of Liberty has an "exposed elbow" and that when she drives her children past the statue, she rushes to cover the eyes of her "pure boys."

First of all I hope she is not the one driving. Second of all, the eyes of her boys may be "pure" but their brains are now fried by having a mother that should be driven and committed to the nearest funny farm ASAP!

She writes that as a young BYM student, the girls put on a play and the background scenery had the picture of the Statue of Liberty and that her "esteemed principal, Rebbetzin Paretsky" nixed the scenery because the elbow of the statue was exposed!

Which guy ..... gets turned on by a woman's elbow? Seriously?
And an elbow of a copper statue that turned green ????

Have we all gone insane? Is this our Torah? Is this our values?
Is this the Tznees values that our Torah asks of us ...?
To cover the "exposed elbow" of a dead copper statue that is over 100 years old?

And who was going to watch this play?
Wasn't it for women only?

So should we now be worried that a lady watching the silly play with  a bunch of amateur actors, might glance at the background scenery and see  the "exposed elbow" of the statue and get turned on???

Monday, April 29, 2019

Muslims Ready To Take Over Congress .....

Shulim Lemmer's Kids suspected having Measels on Jet Blue Flight ....

Everything at the end worked  out ....

He sang they had no measles, Chad Gadyeh

Day Yoimie Snippets ... Bechoros Dafim 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10 ......

A great opportunity for the entire family, to share some thoughts on the daf ...  the  family feels united by discussing what the head of the house is studying.
I try to break it down so that everyone can understand it .... 
You can copy and print this without my consent, since Torah belongs to all of us..... 

See  previous Daf Yoimie Snippets 

This week's "Daf Yoimie Snippets Sponsored For the Refuah Shliemah of 
צארטל בת אסתר מלכה 
יעקב דוד שילו בן שיינדל שרה דאבריש 

''דף ב' ''מסכת בכורות  
Page 2  Mesectas Bechoros  
''Mesachtas Bechoros"

With this daf, we begin a new Tractate, Mesechteh, called Bechoros!
This mesechta, deals with "kodshim" ... karbonot.. sacrifices. 

However, this mesechta is unique and different than other mesechtas dealing with "kodshim" since it deals with "kodshim" that is halachicly relevant even in our days.

The previous mesechtas that we learned, Zevachim and Menachos dealt in Korbonos and the Avoideh of the kohanim, but unfortunately with the destruction of both Temples, we can no longer bring sacrifices, so the halachos of these mesachtos do not apply in our days.

Our mesacteh deals with first borns, and those laws are applicable in the here and now!

We learn about three different "first-borns":

Bechor Adam: The first born of a Jewish mother must redeemed by a kohein for 5 Selaim or Shekalim on the 30th day!

Petar Chamor: The first born of a donkey must be redeemed for a sheep and that sheep is given to a kohein.

Bechor BehimahTahor: The first born of any kosher animal is given to a kohein and has the holiness of a korban.

Press "read more" to continue to the rest of the dafim

War over Bread in Viznitz After Pesach

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Kaliver Rebbe Passes Away at 96 Was a Holocaust Survivor

ברוך דיין האמת

 האדמו"ר רבי מנחם מנדל מקאליב זצוק"ל

The Rebbe passed on in his Yerushalyim home surrounded by his chassidim.
Rav Menachem Mendel Taub was the son of Rabbi Yehuda Yechiel Taub, the Rozler Rov, and son-in-law of Grand Rabbi Pinchos Shapiro, the Kechneyer Rebbe, scion of the Nadvorna dynasty. 
He had six brothers and sisters. He married his first wife, Chana Sara Shapiro, before the start of World War II.

In 1944, he was deported to Auschwitz concentration camp, arriving there three days before Shavuot. While in Auschwitz, he was experimented upon by Josef Mengele. 
Because of "chemical burning experiments", he was unable to grow facial hair; he was also unable to have children.
He was transferred from Auschwitz to the Warsaw Ghetto and the Breslau concentration camp, and later to Bergen-Belsen. Six months after the war ended, he reunited with his wife in Sweden. In 1947 they immigrated to the United States and settled in Cleveland, Ohio.
He and his wife immigrated to Israel in 1962. The following year he founded Kiryas Kaliv in Rishon LeZion.
 The foundation stone was laid on 7 Adar 5723 (3 March 1963), the day of the yahrtzeit of the founder of the dynasty, Grand Rabbi Yitzchak Isak Taub. Several years later he moved his headquarters to Bnei Brak.
 In 2004, the rebbe's court moved to Jerusalem.where he passed on.

Since World War II, the Rebbe has actively spoken about the Holocaust and frequently invokes the memory of the Jewish martyrs. 
He has encouraged the recital of "Shema Yisrael" to memorialize Holocaust victims at the conclusion of religious events in Israel. He has also traveled to interact with millions of Jews by telling his story and encouraging the saying of "Shema Yisrael". 

He is also active in Jewish outreach and conducts regular lectures for groups of professionals, including doctors and police officers. In addition, a network of kollels, an encyclopedia project, and several other divisions of Kaliv have been founded.

In March 2014 he participated in the annual conference of the Rabbinical Congress of Europe, which met in Budapest to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the destruction of Hungarian Jewry.
 He delivered an emotion-laden speech in Hebrew, and switched to English to direct remarks to US President Barack Obama and Russian president Vladimir Putin.
In December 2017, the Rebbe Sent a message in English to the newly elected President.

Fatrima Ibraham the Muslim Pregnant Wife of Sri Lanka Terrorist Blows Herself Up With Her 3 Children Kills 3 police officers Trying to arrest her

The pregnant wife of one of the terrorists who murdered hundreds of people in a series of attacks in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday detonated a bomb in her home, killing herself and their three children when police arrived following the massacres, according to multiple international reports.
Three police officers were killed in the blast triggered by Fatima Ibrahim when they entered the luxury apartment.
Her husband, Ilhan Ahmed Ibrahim, 31, and his brother Imsath Ahmed Ibrahim, 33, have been identified as two of the eight suicide bombers responsible for the Easter Sunday attacks at the Cinnamon Grand and Shangri-La hotels in the Sri Lanka capital city of Colombo.
Both were the sons of wealthy spice trader Mohammed Yusuf Ibrahim, who has now been arrested on suspicion of aiding the terrorists carry out Sunday’s attacks. His youngest son has also been detained for questioning. Another son, Ismail, is reportedly a fugitive.

Judges Rule Sex-Segregated Pool Schedule Unlawful at Condo in Lakewood, NJ

The article below states that MEN had 16.5 hours use of the pool and WOMEN had 3.5 hours.....
Let's forget the women for just a minute.....Why do men need 16.5 hours? Isn't this in Fakewood? Aren't they supposed to be learning? What is going on? 
What's going on is, that the women are working all day and the men are home all day ... that's what's going on .....
The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit found on Monday that a condominium’s sex-segregated pool time policy in the heavily dominated New Jersey neighborhood of Lakewood discriminated against women.
The court ruled for a group of owners who sued after each were fined $50 by their condominium association for violating the rules of A Country Place Condominium Association about the pool that includes separate swimming times for men and women in accordance with strict modesty standards upheld by Orthodox Jews, who consist of two-thirds of the association’s residents during of the 2016 lawsuit.
The judges said the policy violated the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination and the federal Fair Housing Act, which “makes it an unlawful housing practice to “discriminate against any person in the terms, conditions or privileges of sale or rental of a dwelling, or in the provision of services or facilities therewith, because of race, color, religion, sex, familial status or national origin.”

Lori Gilbert Kaye Murdered on Pesach in San Diego Chabad Shul

Open Letter from a friend of Lori a"h

Today an anti-Semitic hate crime shot and killed my friend Lori Gilbert Kaye z”l at synagogue. 

Lori you were a jewel of our community a true Eshet Chayil, a Woman of Valor.  You were always running to do a mitzvah (good deed) and gave tzedaka (charity) to everyone. Your final good deed was taking the bullets for Rabbi Mendel Goldstein to save his life.

Lori leaves behind a devastated husband and a 22-year-old daughter. When I heard the horrific news, Lori I called your best friend Dr. Roneet Lev who is at the hospital with the other victims and their families who asked this to be shared.

 Friends please share this widely - 

Today at the Chabad of Poway Synagogue on Shabbat and the last day of the Passover holiday, a 19-year-old stormed in and said ‘F*ck the Jews’ and opened fire with an AR-type assault weapon. The hateful murderer had posted a manifesto online with anti-Semitic screeds and talked about planning the attack! He shot and killed Lori Kaye z”l who took the bullets for the Rabbi. Tragically the Rabbi was still shot in the hand and he gave a sermon telling everyone to stay strong. 

The horror continues, the other victims suffering shrapnel injuries include a 8-year-old girl, Noya Dahan. She asked for her picture to be shared and for everyone to know she is strong. 
Noya Dahan

The other shrapnel victim was Almog Peretz, age 32, Noya’s uncle who came from Sderot to visit his family for the Passover holiday. He was a hero today, gathering the children and leading them to safety. During the shooting a brave off-duty border patrol agent chased and fired at the shooter as he ran off. Fortunately he was caught by the authorities and is in custody. 

Noya’s family moved to San Diego from the Israeli city of Sderot (San Diego’s sister city) to get away from the terrorism and the constant attacks on their community.  The peaceful city in Israel they’re from is in the Negev and is less than a mile from the Gaza border. For years their home has been a major target of Qassam rocket attacks from terrorists in the Gaza Strip.  

Anti-Semitism is real and is deadly. Hate crimes are real and are deadly. Lori would have wanted all of us to stand up to hate. She was a warrior of love and she will be missed. May Lori’s memory be a blessing. 

Please pray for recovery of the Rabbi Goldstein, Almog and Noya. 

Please share this! Loris family want this to be a huge funeral to honor her and to stand against Anti-Semitism, I will post details about it as soon as I know.

New York Times Shows Its Vicious Hatred of Jews In Cartoon

As Jews around the world prepared for the last days of the Passover Chag, the New York Times international print edition (available in countries including Israel), published this cartoon

A blind US President Donald Trump wearing a Jewish skullcap being led by a canine caricature of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It was drawn by Portuguese cartoonist Antonio Moreira Antunes, of the Lisbon weekly paper, Expresso. According to the Daily Mail, Expresso deleted the cartoon from its site without an explanation or apology.
The image of Israel leading the US draws upon a classic antisemitic trope of Jewish power and control.
The newspaper that makes a virtue out of promoting anti-racism, minority rights and giving a platform to every possible liberal or progressive cause appears to have no boundaries when it comes to offending Jews.
 The New York Times has belatedly recognized its disgraceful editorial failure if this tweet is to be believed:

How do such ‘errors of judgment’ occur in the first place?
The image is so blatantly offensive, it’s hard to believe that editors at the New York Times international edition failed to see it before the damage was done.
And the damage has been done. The New York Times can issue its Editors’ Note in a future edition but this image has already been seared in the memories of an international audience that had the misfortune to pick up a copy of the paper that day.
Just when we think the New York Times couldn’t stoop any lower.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Lady Goes Berserk In Mexico Pesach Program After Finding Out The Chef Put "Kitniyot" in Food

Chareidim Protest Diners Eating Chametz on Pesach!

18 Year Old Yeshivah Student Ariel Kaslashi Drowns in Kinneret ...

 Thursday morning, an 18-year-old ultra-Orthodox resident of Jerusalem,  was seen entering the Kinneret on a "don't Swim"  beach near Shikmim Beach, Later, unfortunately, his body was found 

Chassidim"Invade" Jersey Beaches And Residents Are Livid!

A New Jersey mayor is facing mounting backlash for telling a constituent to call the cops on Jewish people for going to the beach.
Brick Township Mayor John G. Ducey was responding to a flat-out anti-Semitic tweet by user @simms10471 Tuesday night asking:
“Can we please do something about our parks and beaches. They are being invaded by the hasidic and orthodox jews and being ruined.”
“Our tax paying residents are being forced out while politicians sit and do nothing,” the user added.
Instead of condemning the tweet, Ducey, a Democrat, responded: “Just call police with any problems and they will send them out.”
After major backlash from other Twitter users throughout Tuesday night and into Wednesday, Ducey tried to back-peddle.

"Bernie Sanders Is A Shmuck" ..... Jackie Mason

Jewish funnyman Jackie Mason took US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to task Sunday for recent comments the Vermont senator made about Israel.

Speaking in an interview with Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, set to air Sunday on New York's AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM in Philadelphia, Mason took umbrage with Sanders' contention that Israel had used "disproportionate" force during Operation Protective Edge in summer 2014, and with his inflation of the death toll in Gaza during the conflict.

"Here’s a Jew from Brooklyn who never even saw a gentile till he was 28. Obviously, this man has a very, very big sickness. There’s something about being Jewish that makes him self-conscious and nervous. And he has to prove to himself and to the country that he doesn’t favor Israel in any way," Mason said.

Mason, a staunch Israel supporter, claimed that Sanders is "so determined that he’ll tell any lie about Israel that he can think of to say to you: 
‘Do you see that? This is proof that I don’t pay for Israel. The fact that I want every Israeli to drop dead for me to prove a point doesn’t matter. If they all get wiped out, it’s not my business.  The main thing is that I’m not favoring Israel.’"

The comic joked that for Sanders, who spent time on a kibbutz in Israel as a young man, climate change is a bigger issue than the Jewish state's security.

"A schmuck like Bernie Sanders pops out who doesn’t even know what’s going on and doesn’t care. Because to him Israel getting wiped out is no problem. Climate change is the only problem. To him, the most important thing in the world is climate change. If Israel gave up their country but they fought for climate change, he would love Israel. In ten minute
s, they would be his favorite country."

Professor Dershowitz and Rabbi Boteach Slug It Out!

Open letter from Prof Dershowitz to Boteach!

Shmuley Boteach — who falsely brags of being “America’s rabbi” because he has no congregation of his own — continues to recycle old lies about a trip I took to Qatar more than a year ago. I have disproved all of his lies, so why does he persist in his “lashon hara” — evil words? 
Perhaps to cover up his own hypocrisy. 
He has condemned every Jewish leader who traveled to Qatar in an effort to improve relationships between that important Sunni Gulf state and Israel. Yet, according to published reports, Boteach himself begged to be invited to travel to Qatar to meet the emir. The Forward has reported that Qatar “nixed Boteach from a list of prospective visitors,” finding him not credible. It also concluded that he lacked “a significant following or constituency” (“America’s rabbi”?). Finally, and understandably, they felt he could not “be trusted to keep sensitive information to himself.” According to a source quoted by the Forward, “Boteach had demanded a six figure fee for the proposed visit.”

Did Archaeologists Purposely Erase and Damage 53 Biblical Figures So That the Bilble Wouldn't Be Proven True?

Do archaeologists purposely erase any mention of the Biblical figures from ancient artifacts that they find?? If not who did it?

Read the following:

Currently the tally stands at 53, according to Prof. Lawrence Mykytiuk’s stringent analyses (this is the number just for individuals mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament). Mykytiuk’s list has an additional 13.
Here is just a sample ....


The Isaiah artifact bulla can be seen pretty clearly. There is a general consideration that this artifact did actually belong to the biblical prophet. But because of a broken letter, debate has raged among members of the scholarly community, and thus some degree of doubt still hangs over this artifact. And so here, it illustrates the semantic difficulties nicely.

All the evidence is there. The bulla (seal stamp) was found in a controlled scientific excavation. It dates to exactly the same period as the biblical prophet. It belonged to a high-ranking official, as was the prophet. It was found in a royal quarter of Jerusalem, where the biblical prophet lived and worked. It was found right alongside a bulla belonging to King Hezekiah himself, whom the prophet worked with closely, as evidenced in the Bible; the king and prophet are mentioned together in 16 different verses. 

The title on the bulla clearly reads 
Belonging to Isaiah.
 It was merely the final word—actually, just one letter of the final word—that has generated so much scholarly debate as to whether or not we can be absolutely sure it belonged to the prophet. 

The final preserved word is Nvy.
The Hebrew word for “prophet” is Nvy’ (both pronounced the same). The place where the final symbol was expected had been damaged by a 2,700-year old fingerprint.

Hence the debate—over one little letter. Without this letter (aleph), some of the more skeptical scholars argue, the word Nvy could just be a family name or a location.

But as Dr. Eilat Mazar (the archaeologist who uncovered it) keeps coming back to, what are the chances that this is just another “Isaiah”? 

Given all of the above, the wider context, that fits so perfectly—given that the word “prophet” is all there, minus one letter

All the evidence points to this being the Prophet Isaiah. 
Still, due to the tiniest bit of damage over one single letter,
 the curse of doubt has been introduced. And to the scholarly 
world, the tiniest speck of doubt makes even the unreasonable reasonable. Cue the flurry of articles, as certain skeptics jump 
on the “not so fast” bandwagon—typically ignoring the context and instead focusing on semantics regarding the missing letter.
Yet regarding that final letter, a close reexamination of the bulla appears to show a partially preserved aleph after all—thus completing the word prophet.

Chareidie "Jews" hurl stones at Frum soldier in Jerusalem, nearly Kill baby nearby!

A group of fake frum Chareidim heckled and threw stones at an IDF soldier walking through the Mea Shearim neighborhood in Jerusalem on Wednesday.
One of the stones nearly hit a father who was holding his six-month old daughter. Footage from the scene showed the father — with his baby still in his arms — yelling at the mob as they continued to hiss at the soldier. The child’s mother then appeared to scream at them as well, before the two of them walk away in disgust. See Video below!

Time to draft them all..... let them serve in the army!!

"Let My People Stay" . Orlando Pesach Fiasco

People don't learn ever..... I should be the last guy to talk... I have been to Pesach programs that everything that can go bad ..went  bad ... sometimes really bad!

So here we go again .... from "cheirus to Avdus" 
with the guests having to cook for themselves and others!

A Pesach program in Orlando, Fla., which attracted many guests from the New York area, descended into chaos this week after the owner of the program, Ben Atkin, failed to pay at least $75,000 for goods and services provided by the resort, workers and vendors, according to the program’s remaining staff.
Described as “a five-star hotel program without the hotel” on its website, the “A Different Pesach Program” has turned out to be quite different, indeed, from the rewarding experience promised. It offered rental of private villas with shared common areas such as a synagogue tent and clubhouse, and provisions for kosher seders and meals throughout the eight-day holiday.
It is believed that about 65 families were staying in the resort-operated gated community in Atkin’s program.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Video of bomber entering Sri Lanka church .. death toll tops 310

Baruch Eisenberg Monsey 3-year-old Killed by Bus in Betar Illit

Baruch Eisenberg of Monsey in Rockland County was holding his mother’s hand, standing on the sidewalk, when he suddenly ran into the street and was struck by the bus on Monday evening, April 22 in Betar Illit, Israel, located about 10 miles southwest of Jerusalem.
He was pronounced dead at the scene, the report said.
The boy's family had just celebrated his Upsherin haircut, and his parents and siblings all witnessed the horrific accident, the report said.
This is a developing story. Check back to Daily Voice for updates.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Zionist Monkeys Eat Machine Matzos on Pesach ... Don't trust the "heimishe" Hand Matzos!

Muslim Maniacs Murder 300 Christians in Sri Lanka but Media Doesn't Mention That Attackers Were Muslim and that the Victims Were Christians!

The Face of Evil!

Reports identified the suicide bomber and mastermind behind the attack on Christians  as Islamic extremist Moulvi Zahran Hashim. An imam, he was a prolific lecturer for National Tawheed Jamaath. 
As Hashim’s name began disseminating on social media, journalists on the left, like Al Jazeera journalist Saif Khalid, pushed back against the reports, accusing the press of being “Islamophobic” for reporting his name.

The National Tawheed Jamaath imam has a history of racism and Islamic superiority. 

In July 2017, for example, Sri Lanka press reported that the organization’s leaders were being prosecuted for making derogatory remarks in a video against Buddha and hurting the sentiments of the Sinhala-Buddhist community in the country. 

Hashim has likewise posted several YouTube videos during which he preaches comments that could be considered incitement. 

“For years, the faithful man spread his incitement without being banned,” he describes on his video. In another one, he says: “What can Sri Lankan Muslims do for Dr. Zakir Naik?” Naik is the president of the Islamic R
esearch Foundation in India and is considered to preach incitement and support terrorism.