Thursday, April 4, 2019

Satmar Evicts & Sues Chabad of Seagate!

I have to admit that I am not privy to all the details of the story and there is probably a lot more to it ....
but I know this ..... Satmar Chassidim who travel the USA and the world on vacation or for business, utilize Chabad Centers to daven and even to eat....
So...Where is the Hakaras Ha'Toiv? 
Mr Chesed .... how do you have the chutzpah to evict a couple that do kiruv???

A Satmar Yeshiva has thrown Out Chabad of Seagate 
of their building and attacked them with a lawsuit, even threatened Shluchim Chaim and Rivky Brikman with arrest.

The shul had always prided itself on being a place in which every Jewish resident of Seagate would feel at home, so the Brikmans’ Chabad philosophy of warmth and outreach to every Jew was a natural fit.

In keeping with their mission––as shluchim of the Rebbe––the Brikmans founded a Hebrew school, adult education classes, programs for youth, teen and seniors, transforming what was a relatively small Jewish community into one that is vibrant and brimming with Jewish pride.

Eleven years ago, they were approached by a Satmar Yeshiva from Boro Park to rent space in the building adjacent to the main shul. Because the shul building sufficed for the congregation’s needs at the time, they rented the space to them.

Then came Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed the lower level of the synagogue. Recently, an electrical fire wrought havoc and forced the community out, leaving hundreds of Jewish families without a building and a place to daven.

Left without a home, the congregation chose not to renew their tenant’s lease on the school building after it expired. While verbally agreeing to vacate at the end of the school year, the Satmar Yeshiva reneged on the agreement, fabricating a lawsuit against the shul, the first step in what would become a pattern of deceit trying to bankrupt the shul and initializing a hostile takeover of the shul’s property.

They have fabricated horrific accusations against the Shliach and Shlucha as well as the local community members. UTA of Boro Park hired armed guards to station themselves in front of the shul to stop community members from entering. They even went as far to insist that the judge order the Shliach Rabbi Chaim Brikman be arrested for hosting a Shabbos Kiddush in the building.

They are well aware that their fabricated allegations will not hold up in court. They have therefore engaged in delaying tactics hoping to exhaust the community’s resources through the legal proceedings.The shul had always prided itself on being a place in which every Jewish resident of Seagate would feel at home, so the Brikmans’ Chabad philosophy of warmth and outreach to every Jew was a natural fit.


Anonymous said...

Aye Zadeek.

I love Chabad.

But if you knew how many shuls Chabad stole and put under the shliach's personal name instead of a Kehilla you would sue as well and make sure it does not go private.

Rabbi Maizel said...

Chabad houses on campuses and around the world are being seen as pro-israeli activist gathering's and therefore as targets c"v. Employing visible security guards at their centers makes things even worse, and for all of us to. לא מדבשך ולא מעקצך

Rabbi Aryeh Leibish Teitelbaum, 37, , son of the Volover Rav from Boro Park, N.Y. married the daughter of the Rebbe of the Toldos Avraham Yitzchak, one of six victims from Mumbai’s Chabad House, maybe he would of still lived today if not for chabad houses.

Emes will prevail said...
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Emes will prevail said...

Fake news. The chabad shavuah is trying to take away the shuls buildings for his own chabad organization the Satmar yeshiva are tennant of the shule.the congregation has davening privileges in the shul on shabbos and yom tov but the chabad faction of the group want the yeshiva building for other chabad functions.this chabad group on multiple occasions resorted to intimidation and violent for a full interview with supportive court documents I am willing to give an interview

Anonymous said...

There is a lot more to this story, it has nothing to do with satmar, there has been issues with this for over 10 years. There is no minyan there and he has to bring in his kids and nephews every shabbos to make the minyan. The shul is not chabad. It was hijacked by them.

Frum but normal said...

something doesn't add up,if Chabad is the owner of the buildings and rented it out to Satmar,how could Satmar take over and lock them out?,

Let's hear both sides said...

"I have to admit that I am not privy to all the details of the story and there is probably a lot more to it ...."

Good that you at least inserted that disclaimer at the beginning.

It would be fitting for the earlier Lakewood post as well.

Dusiznies said...

I am fully aware that Chabad "teals" shuls all over the USA ...
yes absolutely .....
but there are 2 issues here
1) the shuls that Chabad "steals" are not active shuls by in large, most of them barely have a minyan, like this one
2) Satmar as I wrote should have hakoras hatoiv to Chabad, so in Seagate when Satmar saw that Chabad has its eye on it they should have backed off or made a deal with them

Anonymous said...

"I have to admit that I am not privy to all the details of the story and there is probably a lot more to it ...."

WTF is your problem. You admit that you know nothing about this situation, but you're happy to insert your two cents. Unbelievable. Really is.

Why not accept that you don't have anything of value to say and say nothing?

Your entire blog is full of this sort of garbage. You cherry-pick something from the media, decide who must be the good guy and who must be the villain and off you go.

Truly mind-boggling and insane.

I don't live in Seagate, I don't know either party, but I know to keep my mouth shut and stay out of this argument. Turns out, I know a heckuva lot more than you.

You're a בעל מחלוקת and that's nothing to be proud of.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining, Dusiznies.

I was under the impression (mistaken) that this post is 'bad mouthing all of Satmar - which is totally untrue. Love Satmar (Their Chesed project are mind boggling) just as I love Chabad (their mesiras nefesh to go ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE is just as mind boggling).
Thank you for clarifying that this is a isolated incident on BOTH sides.

Emes will prevail said...

Knesses Israel has a steady shabbos minyan for the last 100 years.knesses is self sustained by 2 valuable rental properties whish Satmar is a tennant in one of them.the rabbi is an employee of knesses recently he started action to take the shule.the and it's properties away from the community by stacking the membership with his friends and groupies. Satmar is in his way because any type of litigation prevents non fir profit takeovers that is why he wants Satmar out.this is about taking away properties from the seagate jewish community and giving it to chabad

Anonymous said...

Raise more money
Video shows breaking and entering by Mr& Mrs Brikman.
Trespass 2
Holding supper party
All are trespassing and guilty of breaking and entering after the fact.
Facing criminal charges and arrest.
Raise more money for the accused!
Even if they guilty.

Anonymous said...

Someone rented it out and then gave it back to Satmar