Thursday, April 4, 2019

In Monsey Area Ed Day Fighting With His Own Son Chris Who Is Working With Aron Weider on the Measles Vaccine

A day after his son, Orangetown Supervisor Chris Day, said he would not run for re-election due to the actions of his father, Rockland County Supervisor Ed Day said he is proud of his son in a response to his son's scathing attack.
“This entire situation is a sad commentary on what can happen when private family matters are made public," Ed Day said following his son's statement on Tuesday, April 2 that pointed a finger at the political and personal infighting with his father as the reason for his withdrawal from politics. "Let me state, unequivocally, that my support for my son and his political career has been unwavering."
Chris Day said during the press conference, that the problems with his father and his political cronies have "have been present and impacting my life, my family’s lives, and many political situations since the end of 2014."
The issue seems to have reached a boiling point last week when Chris Day, Republican, suggested working with Democratic Legislator Aron Wieder, D-Spring Valley, on measles vaccine education in an effort to help curb the current epidemic in Rockland.

Chris Day said during his press conference that his father called his proposal to Wieder a “scary thought” for the people of Orangetown, and what they didn't see were the multiple emails from his father to party officials to make sure he did not succeed in politics.
Not so, said his father, who in turn, said: "I have never worked against him and have in fact supported him both publicly, financially and privately behind the scenes," he said. "Anyone who has been through a divorce knows that it is not only difficult for the people directly involved but for their children as well; my heart breaks in this situation."
Ed Day and his wife, Jean, are currently going through a divorce and their marital turmoil may have added to the father-son feud.
The son said he never wanted to have any of this become as widely publicized as it has.
His father, in turn, offered the following: "I applaud and am proud of my son for all he has been able to accomplish for the people of Orangetown and looked forward to his great future.
"Nothing that is said will ever take away my appreciation for his military service to our nation, his help on my campaign for county executive and the work he has done for Orangetown."
Friends and supporters of Chris Day have taken to social media to support him and encourage him to change his mind about running.
For now, Chris Day says he is returning to private business.


Anti Anti-Vaxx said...

Ed Day claims to be the biggest supporter of educating the anti-vaxx morons so why would he have a problem that his son is promoting the same cause?

Working with Wieder would even serve the purpose of creating a plausible (yet phony) denial that the Preserve Ramapo party who got both of them elected are "not" Anti-Semitic.

Ezra the Kapo said...

I bashmeck profit in here somewhere. I just wonder which side in this machloikess will give me the bigger payday.

Hmmm ...

Me darft git trachten vegen dem!

Anonymous said...

Anything to do with Wieder is corrupt.