Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Chareidie Outraged At The Exposed Elbow of the Statue of Liberty

Below is a letter to the editor of the Yated that will have you wondering whether our Rebbes, Teachers and principals, have gone mad!

Now I've been screaming that the chareidie world is sick and getting sicker......

But this letter should win the prize for the most "Outrageous Bizarre Insane" Letter to the Editor of all time!

She signs the letter "A Proud BYM alumnus"

Is this what we are now "proud" of?

She laments the fact that the Statue of Liberty has an "exposed elbow" and that when she drives her children past the statue, she rushes to cover the eyes of her "pure boys."

First of all I hope she is not the one driving. Second of all, the eyes of her boys may be "pure" but their brains are now fried by having a mother that should be driven and committed to the nearest funny farm ASAP!

She writes that as a young BYM student, the girls put on a play and the background scenery had the picture of the Statue of Liberty and that her "esteemed principal, Rebbetzin Paretsky" nixed the scenery because the elbow of the statue was exposed!

Which guy ..... gets turned on by a woman's elbow? Seriously?
And an elbow of a copper statue that turned green ????

Have we all gone insane? Is this our Torah? Is this our values?
Is this the Tznees values that our Torah asks of us ...?
To cover the "exposed elbow" of a dead copper statue that is over 100 years old?

And who was going to watch this play?
Wasn't it for women only?

So should we now be worried that a lady watching the silly play with  a bunch of amateur actors, might glance at the background scenery and see  the "exposed elbow" of the statue and get turned on???


Anonymous said...

Rebbetzin Paretzky did not nix the picture of the statue of liberty she just had the girls make the sleeve on the statue a bit longer.
I don't think DIN understands what it is like to make a concert or production in Monsey. The parents and the audience judge and scrutinize every detail and the school gets complaints.
Even the Yated is gone over with a microscope examining every picture. This is the world we live in now, with people sick with modestphobia.

Ploni Doe said...

I think the bigger problem is that most of the Statue of Liberty's hair is uncovered. You cannot say she is chasidish and its a shaitel under her hat, because a chasidish woman would not wear short sleeves. But the real question is why is the Statue of Liberty outside at all; as we all know kal kvodah bas melech penimah

Abe said...

That BYM alumnus was in “shock and horror” that she viewed a sleeveless Statue of Liberty?
DIN, it appears that you’ve been taken in by a satirical ridicule of Chareidi tznius claptrap. I doubt that this letter writer was for real. And if it was, uch und vey to the future of chareidi Judaism. Y

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a long time child molester at Bais Yaakov Monsey who was creating exposure far deeper than the elbows?

Vaad Hatznius said...

It's not about the exposed elbow. It's about making sure it doesn't lead to worse things. And we lose control. That's why we all need to encourage people to speak up even on small infractions. It keeps people who push the envelope at bay. These are the same people who accuse molesters. You can not and we won't allow you to accuse a molester without one of our Rov's who verified the situation and gives permission to accuse.

Anonymous said...

The molester at Bais Yaakov was just rumors. No acceptable community publication substantiated it.

Anonymous said...

An elbow a day, says the devil, "It's OK."

cyrano said...

There are muehugoyim everywhere, but I would have thought that the Yated was smarter than to publish such an inane letter. I guess not.

Anonymous said...

I think the real problem was she was trying to get turned on, but there wasn't enough exposure, so she made some stupid story up. if I recall correctly there is some other famous statue, I forget where I saw it and he got his hull trunk out there, she most have been thinking of that one.
It is such a sad world we live in, that they go insane for these stupid things and then they wonder why; there kids fry out, no one likes them, people make fun of Jews...

Ezra Epstein said...

Whoever wrote this is trolling you and you all fell for it.