Monday, April 8, 2019

Aguda in Panic Mode: "We will settle accounts with communities that will not vote"

Agudath Israel continues to try and get the Auerbach Fanatics  to vote, this time with a clear threat: "whoever does not vote will not receive help from  representatives when they need it" 

 A senior Agudat Israel official told "Kikar Ha'Shabbat" 

that "this time everything will be clear and computerized,  we invested great efforts and technological resources to know exactly in full detail on how every community voted or didn't vote!

"Groups and communities whose rabbis  forbid voting in the elections and abstain from voting - will not receive any help from our representative in the next term, we have run out of patience."

"We reached a situation where our representatives even got into trouble when they helped those  groups that did not actually vote in the elections, but we always helped everyone, we will no longer turn the other cheek,"
 the senior official says emphatically. "A community or group that does not care to bring its voters to the polls should not come crying to us after elections.

A source in Agudath Yisrael explains to the Kikar Ha'Shabbas: 
"This time we will know exactly how each community and each Chassidic group, exactly to a few percent, voted at any moment, and this includes a very accurate breakdown of all the details. "

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Anonymous said...

It's a out time they do that, unfortunately I'm afraid it's just another campaign promise that will not be kept.
This satmar antisemites (yes someone that hates 95 percent of klal yisroel qualifies for that title) can get the hell out of Israel if they don't like it there.
Don't get me started on how the chilonim hate the frum Jews, it's not even close to how much we hate each other if we are not the exact same fraction, for example bobov 45 and 48, satmar aroinim zalionim, new square friedwald, they are ready to kill each other, does ילד שעשועים ring a bell? How about burning mr. Ruttenberg alive ?
So why should the chilonim be any different ?