Monday, April 22, 2019

Muslim Maniacs Murder 300 Christians in Sri Lanka but Media Doesn't Mention That Attackers Were Muslim and that the Victims Were Christians!

The Face of Evil!

Reports identified the suicide bomber and mastermind behind the attack on Christians  as Islamic extremist Moulvi Zahran Hashim. An imam, he was a prolific lecturer for National Tawheed Jamaath. 
As Hashim’s name began disseminating on social media, journalists on the left, like Al Jazeera journalist Saif Khalid, pushed back against the reports, accusing the press of being “Islamophobic” for reporting his name.

The National Tawheed Jamaath imam has a history of racism and Islamic superiority. 

In July 2017, for example, Sri Lanka press reported that the organization’s leaders were being prosecuted for making derogatory remarks in a video against Buddha and hurting the sentiments of the Sinhala-Buddhist community in the country. 

Hashim has likewise posted several YouTube videos during which he preaches comments that could be considered incitement. 

“For years, the faithful man spread his incitement without being banned,” he describes on his video. In another one, he says: “What can Sri Lankan Muslims do for Dr. Zakir Naik?” Naik is the president of the Islamic R
esearch Foundation in India and is considered to preach incitement and support terrorism.

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Thanks for pointing out the very obvious for those that refuse to think.