Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Williamsburg Anti-Vaxxer Yenteh Give Media Shocking Interview

Chassidishe Yentas blabbering to press ,making a huge Chillul Hashem
Following the press conference by Mayor DeBlasio, some local anti-vaxxer Hasidic mothers blabbered like a bunch of chickens in heat, to the media. 

Chassidishe Yenteh: 
“Our religion talks a lot about taking care of our bodies and medical procedures, and as far and I – spoke to my – spiritual guide, he told me, and this is something that I looked into our books and our written works, and I’ve seen that medical things are very very important as a healing tool, but as a prevention, if my child is perfectly healthy and I want to prevent something, like chicken pox, so if they force me to inject something into my child’s body as a preventative measure, that is completely ridiculous and unethical”.
DIN: "Our religion?" ..... "talks about medical procedures?"
She spoke to her "spiritual guide?" and he spoke to her?
"this is something that I looked into our books and our written works,"
What a farikteh ignoramus meshiginar! She spoke to her "spiritual guide?" ha ha ha lol
She looked into "our books and our written works?" 
Comic books???

ANOTHER Yenteh: 
“I feel that this is my religious belief, and I’m not gonna tamper with that, I’m a religious woman. So this is my religious belief, and it comes along with whatever it comes along, and we deal with whatever comes along, and I think I chose the better part of it…. and my children HAVE MEASLES FOR LIFE.”
DIN: "religious belief?"  Where? When? 
Where is it written in the entire Torah that taking a vaccination has anything to do with religion?" .... 
"my children HAVE MEASLES FOR LIFE.”
Good.... now don't give it to our children ..... You "naar"
Go back to the kitchen and make Luckshin & Kroit" ....


Anonymous said...

Does anybody know who these lunatics are? Is this one particular group or just individual idiots? Is there really one specific rabbi telling them these lies? They need to stop talking to the press, its embarassing to frum jews and makes us look like morons. What a chillul Hashem!

Anonymous said...

You don't make them stop talking to the press. You make them stop being morons.

Anonymous said...

They made the test of us look like idiots way before this measles crisis.

Abe said...

Anti-vaxx is her religious belief. Her belief is like her a**hole. Everybody has one. And hers particularly stinks to high heaven.

Josh Nathan-Kazis said...

Kamenetsky and Kanievsky Hoax!

An Orthodox anti-vaccine group is circulating a digital pamphlet that quotes two of the most prominent rabbis in the ultra-Orthodox world, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

The pamphlet quotes rabbis Shmuel Kamenetsky and Chaim Kanievsky saying that yeshivas should allow unvaccinated children to attend. Kanievsky is one of Israel’s most revered rabbis; Kamenetsky leads a major ultra-Orthodox yeshiva, and is a member of the rabbinical leadership council of Agudath Israel of America, a major umbrella organization and advocacy group for Orthodox Jews.

Kamenetsky is a longtime critic of vaccines. The Forward reported in 2014 that he had called vaccines a “hoax.”

Brandy from Brooklyn said...

A 25-year-old mother of four who gave her name as Breindy told The Post she decided not to vaccinate her kids after “a friend forwarded me a PDF of the handbook.”

“When I read through it, it confirmed a lot of things I’d been suspicious about,” she said. Breindy also said she was heavily influenced by the rabbis mentioned in the pamphlet, (rabbis Shmuel Kamenetsky and Chaim Kanievsky) calling them “Gedolei HaDor,” Hebrew for “greatest of their generation.”

“These aren’t just local no-name rabbis,” she said.