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Day Yoimie Snippets ... Chullin Dafim 138,139, 140,141 & 142 ......

A great opportunity for the entire family, to share some thoughts on the daf ...  the  family feels united by discussing what the head of the house is studying.
I try to break it down so that everyone can understand it .... 
You can copy and print this without my consent, since Torah belongs to all of us..... 

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צארטל בת אסתר מלכה 
יעקב דוד שילו בן שיינדל שרה דאבריש 

''דף קל''ח ''עסקת חלקת הבהמה  
Page 138  Mesectas Chullin  
''The Business of Selling Animal Parts"

A butcher just had his animal slaughtered and is busy selling the parts of the animal.
A customer approaches him and buys the insides of the animals for a specified amount.
The customer comes home and realizes that the butcher included the abomasum which he then gifts to a kohein as per halacha.

He now wants the butcher to return the value of the abomasum which he couldn't and didn't use.

The talmud on this daf rules that the butcher owes him nothing..... since the butcher knew that the abomasum belongs to the kohein, we assume that when he sold all the insides of the animal for the agreed price, the butcher didn't charge for the abomasum.

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"דף קל''ט ''רמזים בתורה  
Page 139  Mesectas Chullin  
''Hints in the Torah"

Where in Sefer Bereishis  do we see that Moshe Rabbienu will be born in the future (Parshas Shemos)....

The Torah in Sefer Bereishis writes:
ויאמר ה' לא ידון רוחי באדם לעולם בשגם הוא בשר והיו ימיו מאה ועשרים שנה 
"And Hashem said, "My spirit shall not contend evermore concerning man, inasmuch (beshagam) as he is flesh; his days shall be one hundred and twenty years"

The numerical value of the word בשגם, is משה!
and the end of the verse states : "his days shall be one hundred and twenty years" which was how long Moshe actually lived.

Where do we see in Sefer Bereishes the Haman story?
The Torah writes:
ויאמר מי הגיד לך כי ערום אתה המן העץ אשר צויתך לבלתי אכל 
ממנו אכלת
"And Hashem said, "Who told you that you are naked? Have you eaten of the tree from which I commanded you not to eat?"

Hashem asked Adam this question after he had eaten from the Tree of Knowledge. The word המן (meaning..from) is comprised of the same letters as המן...The phrase המן-העץ thus serves as an allusion to the future hanging of the wicked Haman on a wooden pole !

"דף ק"מ "מצות שילוח הקן 
Page 140  Mesectas Chullin  
''The Commandment of Sending The Mother Bird Away"

A person looked forward all his life to do the mitzvah of שילוח הקן.... suddenly  sees a pigeon on a tree outside his home, he sneaks up on the nest and the bird notices him and lifts its self off the nest but hovers right above waiving its feathers.

Can this person in a case like this still be able to do the mitzvah of שילוח הקן?


If the wings are still touching the eggs then he can perform the mitzvah...
It can also be performed if there is only one egg in the nest!

"דף קמ"א "רבי אושעיא 
Page 141  Mesectas Chullin  
''Rabbi Oshaya"

R' Oshaya was from the first generation of "amorayim."
Both his father and grandfather were Gedoilei Hador. He was the distinct student of Reb Chiyah and Reb Bar Kapparah.

R' Oshaya continued the work of his rabbi and mentor R' Chiyah in redacting the Baraisas, after R' Yehudah Hanasie completed the entire Mishnayois!

So much were both R' Chiyah and his student Reb Oshaya trusted and relied on that on this very daf, the talmud states:
 כל מתניתא דלא תניא בי רבי חייא ובי רבי אושעיא משבשתא היא ולא תותבו מינה בי מדרשא 
"Any Baraisa not taught in the academy of R' Chiya or in the academy of R' Oshaya is inaccurate and you should therefore not raise any challenge from it in the Bais Ha'Midrash" 

R' Oshaya was very close to the second Reb Yehudah HaNasie and his students were Reb Yochanan and R' Ami!

"דף קמ"ב "שכרן של מצוה 
Page 142  Mesectas Chullin  
''The Reward For Performing Mitzvois"

The Torah in Sefer Devarim by the mitzvah שילוח הקן states:
שלח תשלח את האם ואת הבנים תקח לך למען ייטב לך והארכת ימים
"you shall surely send away the mother (bird) and the young take for yourself, so that it will be good for you and will prolong your days"

The Mishna says that if with such an "easy" mitzvah meaning doesn't cost a whole lot, the Torah promises a great reward, how much more so if we do a mitzvah that we must exert ourselves both physically and financially to do !

What loss does a person who performs שילוח הקן have?
The talmud states that when he sends the mother bird away, he can only take the eggs or the little tiny birds ....
he loses the mother bird ... a very small loss for such a great mitzvah!

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