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British Royals Refuse to Visit Israel

by Daniel Halper
You won't find the British royals in the holy land. 
Elliott Abrams calls it, "The bizarre story of the refusal of British royals to visit Israel, while they are constantly in the Arab world, continues."
"The Queen has never set foot in Israel and Prince Charles set foot there briefly only once, for the Rabin funeral," Abrams, a former deputy national security adviser in the George W. Bush administration, observes.
"By contrast, in just the month of November 2014 we found Prince Andrew and Prince Harry at what the Foreign Office must have considered a diplomatic necessity: the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Prince Andrew also visited Saudi Arabia (at the request of the Foreign Office, it was announced).
"And Prince Harry also visited Oman. Now with all due respect, Oman is a country of 3.6 million people with a GDP of $80 billion. Israel is a country of 8 million people with a GDP of about $300 billion. No point in laboring the comparison, but one might add that Prince Charles visited Oman in 2013 and the Queen herself visited there in 2010."
According to Abrams, there are 3 reasons to explain why the British royals refuse to visit Israel. 
"There are really only three logical explanations. 
The first is that the British royals only like to visit royals, and try to stay away from republics. But Prince Charles has visited Egypt time after time, so there goes that theory. 
The second possible explanation is fear–fear that any kind of royal visit to Israel would harm the UK, for example if Arab lands retaliated by cutting trade with Britain. This is silly. Prince Charles visited Jordan last year and could easily have helicoptered over for a day in Israel. Princes Andrew or Harry could have stopped by while in the Middle East as well. Given the current tacit alliance of Israel and the Gulf monarchies against Iran and ISIS, the likelihood that such visits would have harmed the UK is impossibly small. 
The third possible explanation for the continuing refusal of the British royals to set foot in Israel is that either they or the Foreign Office harbor deep and undying enmity toward the Jewish state."

I Came to Israel and Saw a Great but Ungrateful Country

Giulio Meotti
The writer, an Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes a twice-weekly column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the book "A New Shoah", that researched the personal stories of Israel's terror victims, published by Encounter. His writing has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Frontpage and Commentary. He has just prblished a book about the Vatican and Israel titled "J'Accuse: the Vatican Against Israel" published by Mantua Books.

I was just in Israel for a week and travelled all over: Tel Aviv, Ashkelon, Hevron, Samaria, Jerusalem, Haifa, the Carmel...

I hadn't been there for three years and was pleased to see that the country is in a great state: you see large and young families, start up companies, foreign investors, overbooked hotels, traffic jams, religious devotion, new buildings everywhere. 

A country that began with 600.000 people and is now more than 7 million strong. 

I went to see the Har Nof synagogue where four rabbis were massacred by terrorists last week. It was full of people even in the middle of the night. It means the Jews are winning. 
Tel Aviv is like Manhattan, a kind of secluded peninsula which sucks the entire Israeli nation in as a black hole. It seems everybody wants to live there. And this is not good. It creates the conscience and the reality of a ghetto. 

In Ashkelon, which was bombed day and night by Hamas last summer, I saw new houses at every corner. Like nothing bad could happen to them in the next war. This seemingly absurd feeling is everywhere in Israel. 

A main problem is Yad Vashem: I don't understand why the state brings all the foreign visitors there. Is it to feed the sense of guilt? Is it to compensate for the Arabs false portrayal of the "Nakba"? 

Then I went to see Judea and Samaria with two great friends of mine, Hillel and Tamar. It was not on the official itinerary of my tour. I understood that it is the terra incognita for the Israeli mainstream. And that without these regions, Israel would not exist today.

What happened between 1948 and 1973, when there weren't any Jews between the Jezreel Valley and Beersheba, just proves that. It was only after the Yom Kippur War that Jews realized that settling the land meant protection. 

It is all there, the Jewish fate, cradle, meaning and future: the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem road, Joseph's Tomb in Shechem (Nablus), Hevron's Cave of the Patriarchs . To not to mention the biblical mountains around Shechem. 

I wanted to see the borders of the "settlements", so I visited the families living in Tel Rumeida's Hevron and those living in Elon Moreh near Nablus but also everything in the middle, including Itamar, a wonderful religious agricultural (organic) utopia marked by a horrible night of killings and martyrdom. 
It is impossible, even for those who want to destroy Israel, to deny that the Jewish people would be obliterated without these barren highlands, the mountains overlooking Ashdod, Tel Aviv, Hadera, Petah Tikva. Even the blind, from these terraces, can see the danger over the Dan area. 

From a hilltop community near Kedumim, I saw the Azrieli Towers of Tel Aviv. Israel would be destroyed if a "Palestinian State" would take control of these region. To not to mention how the Hevron Jews protect the entire State of Israel from the Hamas and the Salafi terrorists based in the south.

Only heroes can live in those conditions. 

I didn't see any "occupation": the Palestinian Arabs use all the roads that serve the "settlements", they can even enter them. I saw very few soldiers to protect the Jews in Judea and Samaria. Their life is not in the army's hands. You have instead the feeling of an immense wilderness, with much empty space, where Jews and Arabs race to control and settle. The winner will decide the fate of the entire area. 
The Israelis from the coast, the south and the north don't set foot there. I know people who haven't been in Judea and Samaria for two decades and avoid even Kfar Saba because it is close to Qalqilya. They are paralyzed by the idea of driving in Samaria. 

But they also don't know that without this irrational miracle, which includes everything that has been settled and built after the 1967's line, their comfortable and politically correct life along the coast would vanish in a minute.

This is what I saw last week in Israel. A growing and strong besieged country. But one that is ungrateful towards its heroes.

Der Blatt Headline: Rabbis throughout Israel and the Diaspora cry about the Destruction and Spilling of Blood by the Zionists!

This weeks headline of, Der Blatt, the Yiddish weekly published by the Aroinie faction of the anti-Jewish Satmar, blamed the deaths of the 4 holy Rabbis that were brutally murdered by Hamas, on the Zionists! If you were in Mars and just landed and picked up this rag you would actually think that the Zionists murdered the 4 Rabbonim!
Der Blatt's disgusting anti-Semitic headline proudly joined the rest of the Jew-hating secular media...

CNN: "Deadly Attack on Jerusalem Mosque" (they changed it a full day after a public outcry.)

CBS: The two Palestinian attackers died in a shootout with police, it happened at a contested religious site in Jerusalem"

Reuters: "Tragedy & hatred abound in Holy land: last week, torched Qurans in West Bank. Today, blood-smeared Torah in Jerusalem." (then they put a picture of a Quran and a Torah side by side)

On the same front page of Der Blatt, they feature Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, covered in a Talis   (mocking the murdered victims that were murdered with their Talisim on) ranting that the Zionists are at fault for all Jewish troubles.
In a time like this, when Jews around the world are mourning the deaths of 4 innocent Rabbonim murdered by blood thirsty Arabs, "al Kidush Hashem," in a shul in Har Nof, this Jew Hater rants like a poisoned banshee, on the front page of his "hate newspaper," against his fellow brothers and sisters!
Last week, like shvartzas in Ferguson, he tore down his brother's shul in Monroe ..
What will he do next??

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the Unexamined Life of the Mass Murderer Adolf Eichmann

by Saul David
In 1963 the political theorist Hannah Arendt published Eichmann in Jerusalem: a Report on the Banality of Evil. 
A Jew who had fled Germany in the Thirties, Arendt had been at the trial of Adolf Eichmann, the so-called “Manager of the Holocaust”, and believed his claim to be an overworked bureaucrat who was simply “doing his job”. He “not only obeyed orders”, she wrote, “he also obeyed the law”.
Arendt concluded that Eichmann, the head of the SS’s department for Jewish Affairs, who personally oversaw the deportation and extermination of 400,000 Hungarian Jews in 1944, was neither a psychopathic “monster” nor a virulent anti-Semite. 
Instead his appalling acts were driven more by stupidity and a desire for professional advancement than by ideology. Thus was coined the term “the banality of evil”, implying that there is a potential Eichmann in all of us. Arendt’s theory has been challenged before. But only now, with the publication (originally in German) of this book by the award-winning political philosopher Bettina Stangneth, can we see how completely Arendt (and later historians) were hoodwinked by Eichmann.
Stangneth uses newly discovered documents, including Eichmann’s own notes and the transcripts of conversations he had with comrades in Argentina in the Fifties, to reconstruct the post-war lives of Nazis in exile. 
Stangneth’s new portrait of Eichmann is very different from Arendt’s. Instead of the reclusive, taciturn and boring war criminal on the run, she reveals a skilled social manipulator with a pronounced ability to reinvent himself, an ideological warrior unrepentant about the past and eager to continue the racial war against the Jews.
Stangneth charts in detail Eichmann’s movements from his escape from Germany in 1948 to his capture by Mossad agents in 1960. We discover just how organised the Nazi escape route to South America was, complete with Vatican officials helping to provide false identity documents, and how openly and brazenly former National Socialists lived in Argentina and elsewhere after the war. Protected by the regime of Juan Perón, they ran businesses, advised on security matters and plotted a political comeback in Germany. In Eichmann’s case, he even arranged for his wife and sons to be brought over from Germany to join him.
What ultimately did for Eichmann – as opposed to his former partner in crime Dr Josef Mengele, Auschwitz’s “Angel of Death”, who had also fled to Argentina – was his egotistical need for his “achievements” to be recognised. 
He never denied his true identity, allowed his sons to apply for German passports in the name of Eichmann and discussed openly with fellow Nazis his true feelings about the Holocaust.
 He even allowed a former Dutch SS journalist, Willem Sassen, to record some conversations for a potential book. It was during the “Sassen interviews” that Eichmann came clean. 
His only regret, he told Sassen, was not killing more Jews. “If we had killed 10.3 million [instead of six], I would be satisfied, and would say, good, we have destroyed an enemy… We would have fulfilled our duty to our blood and our people… if we had exterminated the most cunning intellect of all the human intellects alive today.”

Part of the reason Sassen and his colleagues had begun the discussion was to get Eichmann to deny that genocide had ever been intended. Only then could they distance National Socialism from “the one thing of which we are always accused” – the Holocaust. 
But Eichmann refused. 
He was proud to have taken part in the extermination of the Jews, and his only criticism of this lunatic National Socialist project was that “we could and should have done more”.
If Eichmann’s feelings are hard to stomach, so too are Stangneth’s revelations that the German Foreign Office and intelligence services had enough information on Eichmann’s whereabouts to have pursued his arrest and trial in Germany long before the Israelis did. 
As various official papers are yet to be released, she can only speculate on their motive. But the most likely one is that many former Nazis who had never been brought to book and who still had jobs in German public service, feared being exposed by Eichmann. 
For example, the “inability” of the German Embassy in Buenos Aires to find Eichmann in 1958 “looked embarrassingly like aiding and abetting a wanted criminal”.
Fortunately Eichmann’s misdeeds, and the Israeli secret service, eventually caught up with him. Taken to Israel, he was tried and found guilty of crimes against humanity and hanged on May 31 1962. For many decades since, his cunning depiction of himself as a “small cog in Adolf Hitler’s extermination machine” has blinded many people to his central role in the Holocaust and the nature of the key participants. But no longer. Thanks to this brilliant book, exhaustively researched and convincingly argued, the veil has at last been lifted.
“Like a mirror,” writes Stangneth, “he reflected people’s fears and expectations, whether they were fearing for their own lives or hoping he would confirm a theory of evil. Behind all the mirror images lay Eichmann’s will to power and desire to control.”

Rav Weissmandl's Claim that Eichmann wanted to trade Jews for Trucks, debunked, by Eichmann himself in a recording!

The whole anti-Zionist moved is based on  Rav Chaim Michoel Weissmandl's assertion that the Jewish Agency refused to save Jews during the Holocaust unless they were going to Palestine. 

Rav Wessmandl supported his theory by quoting letters from memory, and historians such as Bauer doubted his account..

Tuvia Frilling in his book Arrows in the Dark, pages 153, 165, 181, points out various statements by members of the Zionist leadership that  contradict Rav Weissmandl. The Zionist leadership  asked that any and all doors be opened for the rescue of Jews.... for example, the Zionists were pleading that since Polish children were being sent to Africa, why not Jewish children. The then South African Prime Minister Jan Smuts refused. 

But Rav Weissmandl's main accusation was that Adolf  Eichman was willing to trade Jews for trucks, "Goods for blood-blood for goods." But that the Jewish Agency wasn't cooperating!

And part of that claim is actually true.... Eichman did meet with Joel Brand a known deal maker. Eichmann told Brand that he wanted 10,000 trucks for the Waffen-SS to use on the Eastern front, one truck for every 100 Jews. Brand and Eichman met several times in 1944 and when they met for the final time on May 15, deportations of the Hungarian Jews began...

I am not going to go in detail at this time, I will post this at a later date, but suffice to say that negotiations broke down... 
and 437,402 Jews, almost the entire Jewish population of the Hungarian countryside were recorded as having been deported to Auschwitz on 147 trains, a rate of 12,000 a day between May 15 and July 1944.

What we know for sure: 
1)  Eichmann wanted the trucks and other commodities.
2) Eichmann would not have kept his promise of "Goods for blood-blood for goods" He would have taken the trucks and deported the Jews anyway....
"No trades!" Just the trucks...

How do we know that?
From Eichmann himself.... in his own voice .... that he would have only been satisfied if he "would have killed 10 million Jews"
six million wasn't enough...
So you think he would have given away Jews for the trucks?
Very naive thinking!

"Eichmann showed only disappointment that some survived, according to newly declassified files. Looking back on his role in organizing the systematic slaughter of Jews, gypsies and other groups, he says: "We didn't do our work correctly."
Recordings of Eichmann were made in the 1950s while he was hiding in Argentina. They have come to light after the German news magazine Der Spiegel found them in 4,500 files on his case recently opened by Germany's intelligence services.
The tapes, made by a Dutch journalist who volunteered for the Waffen-SS during the war, revealed the notorious Nazi, then under the alias of Ricardo Klement, in a relaxed and candid mood as he enjoyed a few drinks in a Buenos Aires house.
During the war Eichmann had served as "transportation administrator" for the Final Solution, organizing the mammoth task of sending Jews to various death camps.
In the tapes, now in the German Federal Archive in Koblenz, Eichmann boasted he "was no ordinary recipient of orders" and that he "was part of the thinking process; an idealist". The tapes contradict Eichmann's defense during his 1961 Jerusalem trial for crimes against humanity that he was following orders and was in effect only a small cog in the Nazi machine. Eichmann was found guilty and hanged in 1962."

In a post from today's The Telegraph, by Saul David
we can surmise  that Rav Weissmandle was completely wrong about Eichmann, and that Eichman was just manipulating Brand ...
as the article says, "Eichmann was a master manipulator."
 "Now, with the publication (originally in German) of this book by the award-winning political philosopher Bettina Stangneth, can we see how completely Arendt (and later historians) were hoodwinked by Eichmann.
Stangneth uses newly discovered documents, including Eichmann’s own notes and the transcripts of conversations he had with comrades in Argentina in the Fifties, to reconstruct the post-war lives of Nazis in exile. Stangneth’s new portrait of Eichmann is very different from Arendt’s. Instead of the reclusive, taciturn and boring war criminal on the run, she reveals a skilled social manipulator with a pronounced ability to reinvent himself, an ideological warrior unrepentant about the past and eager to continue the racial war against the Jews."

His only regret, was not killing more Jews. “If we had killed 10.3 million [instead of six], I would be satisfied, and would say, good, we have destroyed an enemy… We would have fulfilled our duty to our blood and our people… if we had exterminated the most cunning intellect of all the human intellects alive today.”

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NFL Moron Reggie Bush Compares Michael Brown, Blacks to Palestinians in Israel

NFL football player Reggie Bush sympathetically compares the 6" 300lb thief, Michael Brown, to the Palestinians.

No wonder Detroit Lions are usually losers. They have morons like this guy on the team.

While Ferguson, Missouri and the rioting race protesters have a lot in common,with Gaza and the violent Palestinian terrorists, that’s not how this imbecile, Bush, meant it.

In fact, he claims Ferguson is like Israel. Which is interesting. Do Ferguson police officers take meat cleavers into churches and synagogues and hack worshipers to death? Do Ferguson police officers kidnap three Black teens and murder them? Do Ferguson police offices bomb ,school buses, blow up Christmas dinners in hotels, and detonate explosive vests in bars, pizza shops, and other restaurants? Really? Nope. In fact, the Ferguson Police don’t do any of those things. But the Palestinians do those things to  innocent Israeli civilians.
 Let me guess: Reggie Bush majored in basket-weaving at USC.

Reggie Bush just compared Ferguson to Israel — suggesting Israelis are shooting unarmed Palestinians … the same way Officer Darren Wilson shot Mike Brown.

The Detroit Lions star went to Instagram and posted a photo of a man holding a sign that reads, “The Palestinian people know what mean to be shot while unarmed because of your ethnicity #ferguson #justice.”
Bush also included a caption — “No matter who you are, what color skin you have, where you live, we are all in this together! This isn't a Ferguson problem it’s a Global Problem! We need change NOW! What happened to to humanity? #JusticeForMikeBrown.”


Since August, Al Sharpton and MSNBC, CNN, the big three networks, and all the righteous protesters and Anonymous hacktivists have been using the death of Michael Brown as a basis to claim that our society is prejudiced against black teens. 

But since then, 244 teens have been killed in Chicago, most of them black males, and not a word has been said about this death toll.

In a city only a few hours away from the St. Louis suburb where protesters have hoisted Michael Brown onto a pedestal, records show that in the 107 days since Brown was killed there have been 244 teens killed in the Windy City -- nearly all from gang violence.
As the lives of hundreds of teens are laid waste in Chicago, Jesse Jackson, who lives in that very city, remains quiet. Al Sharpton has bypassed Chicago in his constant trips about the country to capitalize on violence against blacks. And former Obama Chief of Staff, now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, has issued no comment.
As Tyler Durden notes, 74 percent of these homicides have been black teens. And while ten were killed by Chicago's police department, hundreds of others on the list were killed by fellow blacks.
Chicago isn’t the only city experiencing the deaths of its teens, of course. But Chicago has the largest tally. And yet no national protests have hit Chicago after all this bloodshed.
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Widow of Rav Twersky: "This all happened because of Chareidi Infighting" UPDATED!

All the Rabbonim were quick to give a reason of why the Har Nof tragedy occurred. Some "Gedoilim" have remarked that this all happened because a couple guys went up  to daven at the Har Habayis... 
At the Agudah Convention, the keynote speaker actually said that....
But none of these so called "gedoilim" would G-D Forbid look into themselves and see what havoc and Sinas Chinom, they themselves have caused!
We really have no answers, even Moshe Rabbeinu didn't have the answers....
but finally a real lady, the Almana of Harav Hakodesh Moshe Twersky z"l, says that it may be a good idea, to look into our own affairs before we blame others!

See UPDATED DIN comments after the post!

 Bashi Twersky the widow Rabbi Mosheh Twersky – who was killed in the Har Nof terrorist attack last week – said the internal divisions within the ultra-Orthodox community that have developed over the last two years were the reason why her husband and three other members of the community died in the brutal incident.

Speaking at the mass prayer rally and ceremony held in the Jerusalem neighborhood on Tuesday night for the end of the shiva mourning period for the victims, Twersky said the dispute had become increasingly acrimonious over the last year in particular.

She was alluding to the establishment of a new political movement and party that is in competition with the traditional Degel Hatorah non-hassidic haredi party.

She said that the attack had been particularly brutal, and asked how such a death could befall those praying in synagogue, “how did the sanctity of the synagogue and prayer not defend us,” she asked.

“The fire of dispute has been burning among us for a year now, and this dispute became terrible, and every day it gets worse.”

“Someone who listens to a great rabbi different from the one I listen to, someone who belongs to a different camp from me is commanded to be cruel to them, is commanded to humiliate and disgrace them, to harass them with terrible brutality.

“When we behave with cruelty to our brothers, God sends a punishment with cruelty, measure for measure.

“In synagogues and study halls they persecuted, disgraced and humiliated those who think differently from me, and therefore we were struck by the attribute of strict justice in a synagogue at the time of prayer,” the rabbi’s wife said.

She added that strengthening religious observance, as has been advised by many rabbis, was not a good enough reaction, and that rather a “drastic change” was required.

Addressing the hundreds of women who had gathered to listen to the bereaved women speak, Twersky pleaded tearfully for such change.

“Beloved daughters, I implore you from a broken and tearful heart and from the depths of my soul: Let us accept upon ourselves to live with love and fraternity with all Jews who tremble before God.... Maybe then these sacrifices will not be for nothing and if we act with love to each other, God will reply to us with love,” she said.

Since the late Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv died in July 2012, the non-hassidic haredi world has been riven by an internal dispute over who should inherit the mantle of leadership.

It was the elderly and frail Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman who was acknowledged as the new leader by the majority of the community, but supporters and loyalists of the more hard line Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach refused to accept Shteinman as the spiritual leader.

The Bnei Torah party, established by Auerbach loyalists, contested local municipal elections in October 2013 and won several seats on municipal councils in the ultra-Orthodox strongholds of Jerusalem, Modi’in Illit and Bnei Brak.

The resultant factional strife has been extremely rancorous with mutual recriminations from either side.

It is this division that Bashi Twersky was referring to in her emotional and heartfelt speech Tuesday night.

What she is saying is absolutely correct, that the Litvishe community has engulfed itself in a huge machlokes. But when one analyzes it further, it becomes apparent that this machlokes stems from anti-zionism. The Litvishe were taught by their leadership to hate their fellow Jews who built the land. 

The sinas chinam techniques that they so brilliantly developed are now being used against each other, midah kneged midah. 
The proof is that the entire machlokes between these two Litvishe camps is on, how anti-zionist we are supposed to be. For example, do we sign up but refuse to serve in army, or not sign up at all. This is a very important issue to spend one's days on, and create new movements and warring newspapers and deligitimize each other's yeshivas just based on this single lomdishe point. How great klal yisrael is to be medakdek on such fine details. Yasher Koach. The nekuda of the machlokes is are we supposed to be very antizionist, or extremely antizionist.

Another proof is that one of the flagship anti-zionist yeshivas is now torn by such infighting that the police need to be called constantly. They destroyed their library, threw yogurt on rabbonim in middle of davening, etc. Much to be proud of. And the same for the Chassidishe anti-zionist movement, which has been fighting in courts for years. When you teach hatred, don't be surprised if your students use it on you, too, and each other.

Meanwhile, rabbonim from the Litvishe camp, which in the past has been known to stir up their crowd by saying that the Zionists are out to kill all Rabbonim, have now paskened that one can carry a cell phone on shabbos to call police, in case of emergency, chas vshalom. Hmmm, and guess who might answer the phone if they call? A zionist policeman who would put his life on line to save these Litvishe who bad-mouthed him and his beloved Medinas Yisrael all these years.

Rachmana Litzlan from this hatred and stupidity for so many years. It is time to grow up and show some hakaras hatov to our fellow nonfrum Jews who are moser nefesh for all of us, and then this asinine internecine machlokes will cease.

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Chasidishe Meshiginer Cheers Ferguson Protesters in Times Square

Abbas Writes a Book that resembles the Satmar Rebbe's Book "Al Hagilah"

Abbas YM"S
This Abbas wrote a book and it seems he read the Satmar Rebbe's book "Al Hagilah v'Al Hatmirah"
Word for word, straight out of the Satmar propaganda machine!

People have asked me why do you keep attacking the Satmar SHIT"eh? So here is my answer!

Unbelievable..... here are some quotes from the book:

“The Zionist movement did not send any assistance, financial or otherwise, for the victims of Nazism and it did not allow any other side to provide any kind of aid. The Zionist movement concealed the information that came from within the ghetto walls and concentration camps, news that shed light on what was really happening. If it had to publish anything, it did so by questioning that information and diminishing its importance.”
“Zionism adopted the Nazi selection principle, when it went to save Jews from the slaughter. It made itself the ultimate arbiter regarding Jewish life, deciding who deserves to live and who deserves to die.”
“The Zionist movement did not make any effort to convince Western countries to take in the Jewish refugees escaping the horrors of the Holocaust. It even placed obstacles I the way of efforts made by Christian groups or by non-Zionist Jews or a number of countries that saw fit to find a solution to this humanitarian problem.”
“All of this wasn’t enough - the Zionist movement led a broad campaign of incitement against the Jews living under Nazi rule to arouse the government’s hatred of them, to fuel vengeance against them and to expand the mass extermination.”
From Mahmoud Abbas’ book “The Other Side: The Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism” (Billsan Publising House, Ramallah, 2011), based on his doctoral dissertation.

US IN BIG TROUBLE :170 Cities Protest the Police Shooting of a Black Thief, in Self Defense!

It is bleak out there and getting bleaker ...
Brown beating on the Bodega Owner 
Last night those bastards suddenly closed the FDR ...leaving me and my thoughts, alone in the car for over an hour! 
So you ask, What were they protesting?
They were protesting the Police killing of a useless black teen who 10 minutes before robbed a bodega! After robbing the bodega, that can be seen by anyone who goes on utube, he confronted the officer and tried to wrestle the gun from the cop.... thank G-D that the cop got the better of him and killed him before he killed the cop!
A Grand Jury of 12 which included 3 blacks decided that there wasn't any probable cause to continue the charade to indict the officer!
Now! Did this "teenager" ( 300 lbs over 6') ever volunteer for any Chesed project? Was he a boy scout? Did he do well scholastically?
I've been following the news about this Ferguson story for weeks and still don't see an answer!
There are hundreds of  decent black "teenagers" that went to Iraq and Afghanistan and gave their lives for this country, and came back in a box, and no one, I repeat no one, knows any of their names.... but the name of this  useless hunk of meat is all over the world!
Are we insane? 
Those bastards who are protesting are rioting burning down stores owned by hard working blacks, and scream "Racism"...
They have a Black President elected twice, they have a Black Attorney General and they yell "racism"

Now here are some facts about the case, for those bleeding hearts white liberals that wish they were born black!

1. Surveillance video showed that shortly before the confrontation, 18-year-old Brown stole cigarillos from a convenience store and shoved a clerk who tried to stop him.
2. The autopsy report showed that Brown had marijuana in his system when he died.
3. Officer Wilson, driving to the call of a medical emergency, first encountered Brown walking in the middle of a street and told Brown and his friend to walk on the sidewalk. Brown responded with an expletive.
4. Wilson chose to confront Brown only after he saw the cigarillos in his hand and recalled the radio report of a robbery at the convenience store.
5. Wilson said when he tried to open his car door, Brown slammed it back shut, then punched Wilson in the face.
6. Fearing another punch could knock him out, Wilson drew his gun, he told the grand jury, and Brown grabbed the gun, saying “you are too much of a pussy to shoot me.”
7. An African-American witness confirmed that Brown and Wilson appeared to be “arm-wrestling” by the car.
8. Another witness saw Brown leaning through the car’s window and said “some sort of confrontation was taking place.”
9. After Wilson fired a shot that struck Brown’s hand, Brown fled and Wilson gave chase. Brown suddenly stopped. An unidentified witness told the grand jury that 6-foot-4, 292-pound Brown charged at Wilson with his head down. Wilson said Brown put his hand under the waistband of his pants as he continued toward Wilson. That’s when Wilson fired.
10. A witness testified that Brown never raised his hands.
11. Gunpowder found on the wound on Brown’s hand indicated his hand was close to the gun when it fired. According to a report, the hand wound showed foreign matter “consistent with products that are discharged from the barrel of a firearm.”
12. Judy Melinek, a forensic pathologist who reviewed the autopsy for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, said the gunpowder “supports the fact that this guy is reaching for the gun, if he has particulate matter in the wound.”
13. Wilson said Brown was physically uncontrollable and “for lack of a better word, crazy.” He said that during the confrontation, he was thinking: “He’s gonna kill me. How do I survive?” Legal experts say police officers typically have wide latitude to use deadly force when they feel their safety is threatened.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Greatest Threat to Israel? The High Court

Professor Yisrael Aumann

The Israeli High Court is "the biggest problem" facing the State of Israel, according to Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Yisrael Aumann.

Speaking at an event entitled "A State Ruled by the High Court: The High Court's Indictment Against Israeli Democracy," chaired by grassroots Zionist group Im Tirzu, Aumann claimed that the High Court's activism in overruling laws passed by democratically-elected legislators posed a serious threat to Israeli democracy.

"(Former High Court President) Judge Aharon Barak once told me that him and the Supreme Court are like the Sages of the Talmud," Aumann recalled of the notoriously activist Barak. "Judge Barak needs to wake up: we are living 1,500 years after the era of the Talmud."

Aumann took aim at the Supreme Court's recent decision to overrule the "Infiltrator Law" aimed at deporting the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa currently residing in Israel.

"The High Court's decision to close the Holon facility relied upon Basic Laws like Human Dignity and Liberty," said Aumann, referring to the facility in southern Israel where some 2,000 illegals were detained and which the High Court, in its ruling, ordered to close.

The State of Israel does not have a constitution; instead, the High Court relies on a series of "Basic Laws" which were passed piecemeal by various Knessets. The Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty was passed in 1992 - but Aumann questioned its legitimacy in overruling another law (the Infiltrator Law) which was itself endorsed by a significant Knesset majority.

"That (Basic) Law passed with a (Knesset) majority of 32 against 21. That means that less than half of the Members of Knesset took part in the vote!" noted Aumann.
"The Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty sounds like a really lovely law. Who could oppose something like that?" he asked hypothetically. "The problem is that the High Court decides when qualifies as 'human dignity' and what the values of the State of Israel are!"

Aumann went on to accuse the High Court of corruption.
The judiciary is corrupt not in the sense that it accepts bribes, he explained, but insofar as it is being used to further a particular agenda and consolidate its own power over the country, as opposed to upholding justice for the citizens of Israel.

Also speaking at the conference, Im Tirzu's founder Dr. Ronen Shoval cited the 2004 murder of the Hatuel family by Palestinian terrorists as an example of Aumann's position that the High Court was serving a specific political agenda and not the interests of the Israeli people.

Shoval noted how in 2004 the Hatuel family - mother Tali, who was eight-months pregnant, and her four daughters aged 2 to 20 years - were murdered while driving in Gush Katif by terrorists who fired at them from a building which the High Court had forbidden the IDF from demolishing. Residents of Gaza's Jewish communities had called for the building to be demolished, citing concerns it could easily be used for a terrorist attack - but the court refused on the grounds that demolishing the building could infringe on the rights of local Palestinian Arabs.

"The High Court's decision cost the blood of the Hatuel family," said Shoval.
"As far as the High Court is concerned, to allow infiltrators from Africa to enter Israel - yes! But rights for the residents of southern Tel Aviv? No!"
"Destroying the homes of Jews, yes; destroying the homes of terrorists, no! Settlements for Arabs exclusively, yes; settlements for Jews only, no!

"We will return Israeli democracy to the people of Israel!" he declared.

US Public Schools Whitewashing Hamas and the PA, and writing " the destruction of Israel as acceptable"

Parents groups are up in arms after a recent report found public schools in Newton, Massachusetts presented whitewashed versions of Hamas and Palestinian Authority (PA) charters, as well as other materials posing the destruction of Israel as acceptable.

The findings were made through an investigation of classroom materials by the independent watchdog group Verity Educate, which discovered "repeated instances of bias against Israel, bias against the US and its actions in the Middle East, and bias that sanitizes the ideology and actions of terrorists."

Parents for Excellence in Newton Schools (PENS), which took part in the research, on Sunday released a statement demanding action over the issue and detailing just how serious the school materials were.

In one case, students were given a modified version of the Hamas charter, in which references to genocide were removed and the word "Jew" was replaced with "Israeli" to sanitize the terrorist group's murderous intentions.

Likewise, the PA charter was presented with Article 2 missing, an article that claims all of Israel belongs to "Palestine." All following articles were renumbered to hide the change to the key piece showing the PA aims to replace Israel, not live alongside it.

In an exercise given to students, the destruction of Israel was presented as a "mainstream and well-accepted concept," and anti-Israel sources were used exclusively in giving supposedly neutral outlines of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

"The use of anti-Israel material in this affluent suburb, which prides itself on the quality of it's self-proclaimed 'world-class' schools, has been a controversial issue for the past three years, ever since a fourteen-year-old student found a false, anti-Israel passage in required reading for a high school World History class," notes PENS.

The group adds that while that text three years ago was removed, the recent report shows the anti-Israel bias is alive and well in Newton.

They reported that the Newton Public Schools refused to comment on the issue, and likewise refused requests to investigation other materials despite student reports that there is "even more objectionable material than that already uncovered."