Thursday, November 13, 2014

Daniel Nachmani named as indicted alleged murderer of Noa Eyal

Noa Ayal A"H
The Jerusalem District Attorney's Office on Thursday filed an indictment with the Jerusalem District Court against Daniel Nachmani for the alleged murder and rape of teenager Noa Eyal, a 1998 case which had gone cold for years. 
Nachmani was to be brought before the court for a hearing to remand him to police custody until the end of the proceedings.

On Tuesday, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court cleared for publication that police in the capital had arrested the murder suspect after DNA and other evidence reportedly linked the man to the killing.

The man, a 38-year-old Jewish resident of the city, is married with two kids and was arrested in late October.

He has denied the charges against him.

Nachmani came into the sights of law enforcement about a year ago, when a relative of his was arrested by police on an unrelated crime. A DNA sample taken from the relative was shown as being similar to one taken from the murder scene. Police then began to work on relatives who may or may not fit the profile they made for the killer, eventually honing in on the suspect.

Last month, while the suspect was under police surveillance, he reportedly spit on a sidewalk in Jerusalem and the sample was taken and matched to the DNA from the murder scene.

Police said that the suspect’s cellphone was one of those that on the night of Eyal’s murder were in the area of the Davidka Square, where she was last seen.

The suspect’s attorney issued an appeal to Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, requesting that his name remain under gag order. As a result, his identity could not be revealed until Thursday afternoon. His attorney Yehuda Shushan told the press on Tuesday that his client has denied ever meeting Eyal or being involved in her murder.

Eyal was 17-years-old when she disappeared late one night in February 1998. She and her friend Eldad Bribrom had left a movie theater in downtown Jerusalem and Bribrom told detectives that after he got on a bus at Davidka Square, he saw Eyal run to a different bus than the one she was waiting for. Police later interviewed a cabdriver downtown who told them that he saw a girl getting into a white car, believed to be a Ford Escort, with tinted windows and several bumper stickers on the back, including one for the Golani Brigade.

The next day, Eyal’s body was found raped and murdered in a forest in the Ramot neighborhood of the city.

Since that night, the case has been a major focus of Jerusalem investigators, who have invested countless man hours and interviewed hundreds of people of interest in an attempt to crack the case.

When the development was first announced last month, representative of Eyal’s family put out a statement saying they are very excited and nervous about the reports and that “we call for supporting the police and allowing them to do their work thoroughly so that the truth will see the light of day.”


Anonymous said...

What a lovely visionary the mamzer herzl ym"s was created a ideology that produced murderers inhuman animals like the worst of society

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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The intelligent reader already knows that someone obsessing sactimonously over something, means there's hypocracy floating somewhere...
Shakespeare, again: " Alas, The Lady Doth Protest Too Much"

Gem for the day: From the true authentic Torah'nik above...

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Anonymous said...

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the Derby..

Anonymous said...

Derby (the ferd), you should really be proud of the Matzav in your Israel, another milestone was reached, when a loyal follower of Hertzl yimach shemo vezichro, Shem reshayim Yirkav, raped and then killed a Jewish girl, what is the refrain in the Hatikva? 'Lihyos Aam chofshi', 'chofshi min hamitzvos', yes yes, Hertzl in geihinom is very happy with the situation in Israel, the jails are full of Rotzchim, Rapists, etc, just like any 'civilized' country, mamash a Mechaya, Derby, take in a deep breath, and show your big chest, how proud and happy you are.

Anonymous said...

Of course, you know what kind of hell is prepared for one who lies and invents stories that aren't even remotely true. Especially by a true, authentic Torah'nik who's supposed to set examples of emes... even if you don't like the person.

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I don't have a big chest...

I already wrote that I'm 4"11 soaking wet, a large oversized derby resting on my ears, and a nerdy Tupperware collector...

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OH ! Ikar Shochachti... Herzl died young , of a broken heart, battling his opponents, religious or not, but primarily broken hearted over the savage pogroms that were ripping apart Jewish communities in Europe, and tried to get his fellow Jews out of that churban...Same for Jabotinsky... Now if anybody can show any primary source, that frum rabbonim not just one or two.., outside of the Zionist supporters.. that ordered a fast, special tfillah, speech, outrage,, words of comfort , yom iyun, tehillim, encouraging emigration, or gathering of any kind for the butchered Jews from circa 1880-1917.., I'd like to see it.

Anonymous said...

Raped and killed a girl.. Any newspaper that documents your accusation? Was there ever a trial? When? Where? How?

You're falling apart, having a nervous breakdown on a public forum, and as a result making in your pants because your irrational rage loosened your putrid bowels. Aren't you, a chussid from Satmar/Sakmar not ashamed to rant like a bipolar lunatic at Creedmore???
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Anonymous said...

I'm going to busy with other things, so probably won't catch the putrid usual responses/lies.

But apropos of my last point in
12:05.. I just remembered the response of R' Meir Kahana H"YD to those rabbonim who opposed his demonstrations,etc, etc... and so I'll hang my derby on this great man. When challenged by R' Hutner in Mir, he responded, and I heard him say this myself,AND I believe it's on audio tapes.... Told him the following;
Ok, you're against my demonstrations and media blitzes, but tell me, did you ever even set aside a moment for the bochorim to say tehillim betzibbur for the Russian Jews??

End of story..
the Derby, somachti shkivanti..

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, I heard him repeat the story several times , not at the moment it happened.

Anonymous said...

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the Derby...

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Dusiznies said...

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It seems you know alot about hell & yoshkeh
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Anonymous said...

Herzl died too old, if he would have died before he came up with the Zionist dream, then he would only have to give reckoning for his personal sins, even though those were also alot, now however he became a Chote Umachti ESS Horabim in a big bad way, that could easily compare to OSO HAISH, he'll never even reach the GEIHINOM, he's still somewhere in the KAF HAKELA, and smoldering in TZOA RUSCHIS, yimach shemo vezichro.

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