Monday, November 3, 2014

VOTE MIKE KOPLEN COUNTY COURT JUDGE, Monsey Rabbis and Mosdos would rather elect a Non-Jew

Mike Koplen

Mike Koplen is a Shomer Torah U'mitzvos running for County Court Judge, in Rockland County. A real "mentch" who dedicated his life to helping others, presently he is a trustee in New Hempstead, and has a private law practice. He did all the right things, sending his children in the local yeshivos, and in all the years, nobody has yet to say one bad word about this guy!

Mike was a County Legislator, Assistant County Attorney, Deputy Mayor of New Hempstead and drafted laws that allowed the Frum Jewish community to grow in New Hempstead, while at the same time, maintaining the nice single family lifestyle that everyone wants. It was because of Mike, that we were able to construct shuls in our neighborhood.
In New Hempstead, we dont have this constant bickering among the different groups, like in neighboring Monsey.In New Hempstead, we have peace, and it's because of peace loving people like Mike Koplen.

So who do the local "Rabbonim" and "Mosdos" endorse? You guessed it a "goy"! 
Why? Who knows? 
The terrible atmosphere in the county has hit a new low. These Rabbonim have in the past  endorsed Candidates, not based on what's good for the county ...... nooooooooooooo! But what's good for them!

Ever drive down route 306? A gigantic disaster waiting to happen. The greedy developers that bought off the goyim developed Multi Family Houses all the way to the curb, leaving no room for children to play, and no room for School buses, so what you have in the morning and night is a traffic bottleneck, with children running constantly into Route 306!

Ever drive down Route 59? What should take 2 minutes, takes a half hour! All because the goyim were bought off by the Rabbonim and Mosdos! In the past 5 years, people have been killed on Route 306 and Route 59! The blood of these holy neshamos are on these "leaders". 

I'm not saying that we don't have a housing crises that should be addressed, but we shouldn't do it on the expense of people who moved out to Rockland County for a better life for themselves and their precious children. 

We have the opportunity to finally do things right and to tell the Mosdos, that "LO ZU HADERECH"! 
 We have an election for County Court Judge. 
A decent human being, whose heart has always been in the right place, is running for that seat ... 
Let's pull the lever for a responsible, honest, caring and independent thinker...

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