Saturday, November 8, 2014

Khamenei YM"S: "The Only Cure for Israel is its Annihilation"

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Y"MS, on Saturday once again called for Israel’s destruction.

Khamenei’s latest provocation came in a series of tweets in which he launched a tirade against the Jewish state and called to arm Palestinian Arabs in Judea and Samaria.

“This barbaric, wolflike & infanticidal regime of Israel which spares no crime has no cure but to be annihilated,” read one tweet.

“The only means to confront a barbaric regime like Israel is arming WestBank,” read another tweet by the Supreme Leader.
“We've seen 100s of times that Israel doesn't abide by #peace.They didn't even tolerate Arafat who cooperated w/them& poisoned him to death,” charged Khamenei in another post, referring to the death of former Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat.

"WestBank should be armed just like Gaza. Friends of Palestine should do their best to arm People in West Bank,” another tweet read.

This is certainly not the first time that Khamenei has called for Israel’s destruction. 

Last month, the Iranian leader accused Israel of having "no limit or boundaries regarding viciousness, cruelty, and trampling underfoot all human standards and ethnics. Crimes, genocide, mass destruction, the killing of children, women and the homeless...they take pride in."

He previously said on Twitter that the Israel government was “the most wicked terrorist” in the world.

Khamenei has also called Israel an "illegitimate and bastard regime," and further called the United States a "smiling enemy" that is not to be trusted.

The latest Twitter rant, ironically enough, comes just days after reports indicated that U.S. President Barack Obama had written a letter to Khamenei in which he indicated that cooperation on ISIS depends on an agreement being reached by the November 24 deadline regarding Iran's nuclear program.

The White House would not comment on the reports and would only reiterate that Washington’s policy toward Iran has not changed, but Obama’s national security advisor, Susan Rice, on Friday said that Washington was “not engaged with Iran” regarding ISIS.


Anonymous said...

Big deal,i read the exactly same editorial week in and week out in the two Satmar antisemitic rags 'The Yid and the Blatt,the only difference between Kahmeini and the Satmar romanian gypsy Jew hating gangsters,is that Iran wants to destroy Israel with a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv,and these Satmar ignorant savage bastards instruct us to pray three times a day for Medinas Yisroel's immediate disappearance and demise.

Anonymous said...

Well the fact is that Jews lived many hundreds of years under Muslim rule with no special antisemitism contrary to what was under the European rulers
All that changed thanks to the disgusting Zionistic ideology AND TODAY IT'S VERY CLEAR ZIONISM IS THE CAUSE OF ALL ANTISEMITISM IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!
It's not satmar who's instructing us so it's the CHAZAL who ordered us to pray 3 times a day for the disappearance of this atheists AND TODAY THERE ARE NO BIGGER ATHEISTS THAN THE ZIONISTS

Anonymous said...

Right on, look at whats happening in Israel, is this called peace? Security? And look also what's happening all over the world, sinas yisroel, antisemitism, blaming Jews for all the world's problems, as never before, for only one reason, ZIONISIM!!!!!!. How 100% right was the holy SATMAR REBBE, who cried and warned that the Zionist state, besides being against gd's will, is something that will have major reprecussions to the detriment of Jews worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Just keep reading those two newspapers, especially the Blatt, and hopefully you'll get to realize that therein is the Truth, Zionizm is a dangerous movement that had costed Klal Yisroel thousands of Jewish lives, all in the name of cheap Nationalism, and even more, much more, millions of spiritual lives, as I said in the beginning of my comments, just keep on reading The Blatt, where you'll find the Truth.

Anonymous said...

Zionism is based on Atheism, to be an "am chofshi", " chofshi min hamitzvos ", Zionism is plain and simple Nationalism, without regard to Hashem or his Tora, or more accurately, Zionism is based on Akiras Hatora Vehamitzvos, Kook Shem reshayim Yirkav, injected a bit of shemiras hamitzvos into the mix, thereby creating a " kosher chazer fissel", and confusing many otherwise good people, may Hashem guide those yidden to see the real true way of the today hakdosha.

Dusiznies said...

To 8:17,8:50, 12:10
Satmerism and Zionism actually have alot in common:
1) Both were founded by people with beards
2)Both founders don't have any survivors.
3)Both don't believe in a G-D!
Satmar only believes that the Rebbe is central to their religion, and that G-D cannot do any miracles, Zionism (according to you) doesn't believe in miracles either!
4) Both believe in Socialism, Satmar is on all Government programs, and Zionism also believes in programs!
5) Both want to destroy their enemies.
6) Both eat Kugel and kishke
So Mr. anonymous don't yell like a banshee, Satmar and Zionism have alot in common!

Anonymous said...

To 1:08, you have quite a few things in common to an ox, 1) both of you don't have beards, 2) both of you dont have brains, that humans have, 3) both of you dont believe in gd, 4) both of you are bullies, 4) and also both of you dont make sense. your comments are childish, foolish, etc. that's why I commented in your style, and in your lanquage,, in the future, keep in mind, what Shlomo Hamelech, the Chacham Mikol Adam, says in Mishlei, Gam evul Macharish Chacham Yechashev, with comments like yours, you only display your shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

I definitely take issue with the Kohmeni statement, but I would just rephrase it, to read thus, The only solution to the problem that is called Israel, is for gd to abolish it, without any loss of human life, with this statement all true faithful yidden would very much satisfied and happy.

Anonymous said...

I expect some real nasty, stupid, sarcastic, retarded comments to begin appearing shortly, coming from those one track minded Zionist idiots pretty soon, (right moe they most probably busy with more important things, like sitting before their televisions, or surfing off limits sites, while consuming their favorite alcoholic beverages, however I'm satisfied for them giving us the microphone, even for this short period. I'll also mention, that quite surprised that even people, and I mean modern people like me, who use the web, have become quite savvy, and don't bite the bait offered by the Zionist media, and we can see the truth, in spite of the smoke and mirrors put before us, I'm happy that the tide has turned to the direction of the truth.

Anonymous said...

To 2:19, you practically took the words I wanted to write, its very surprising that even among internet users, there is a strong consensus that Zionism isn't what it was alluded to be, very very far from Utopia, supposedly it wasto take care of all the problem's facing the Jewish people, quite the opposite, not only didn't the creation of the Jewish state solve those problems, by having a Jewish state new and major problems arose, there is no question that more problems serious problems that put the existence of the Jewish people in danger, were created. Besides that there are Rabbinic leaders that are of the opinion that its forbidden under the rules of the Talmud, to create a Jewish state before the coming of the Messaia.

Anonymous said...

Everything you write in 8;17 & 8;50 is dumb . Read FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL by JOAN PETERS and you'll see how the Jews suffered in Moslem countries. Zionism is not the cause of anti-Semitism, it's an excuse. 6 million Jews were killed in the holocaust and millions in pogroms since the 18oos before Zionism. Most Jews were not Zionists. Every era of murder of Jews had a different excuse, such as religion, economics, etc. These were excuses , stupid. Expulsions, blood libels, pogroms, Talmud burnings, all this had nothing to do with Zionism, klahvte..
It's not Zionism, it's punks like you who hate Hashem's great gift who are causng anti-Semitism midah kneged midah, dummy. You and the Jewish radical left, stupid.
Satmar?? Look how poor Litvish well-meaning Jews emigrated to Israel years ago, settled mostly in Mea Shearim and Satmar brainwashed them into committing terror, violence, cursing of Jews. Turned these Litvishe yiddin into vitual chayos, Curly the Stooge...
Peace and security will come when most Jews make Aliyah and show Hashem how much we love Israel. Poor Israelis are maybe getting punished because of us, Nachbi ben Vofsi. Jew hatred is increased worldwide, dog doo, because there aren't enough Jews who care about RY. It's a signal to care and come home, Groucho Marx.
Get off the Internet, you baryoni apikorus who defies bans by his Das Torah to do so,.. pirtzface....
You preach like a rabid dog imam but on a Sunday .
the Derby...... Biyomin Zev Herzl; may he rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

No Utopia until years and years after Moshiac comes, per the Amorah Shmuel. YoSo if it's not Utopia, you reject it. Is your wife Utopia????
The rabbinic leaders who believe that a state cannot exist before Moshiach were wrong..... Can't you see ????
What;'s wrong with you???? Israel is a fait accompli and very, very real. Go deny that today is Sunday... You're so stupid.....
You don't like EY.... nay,... you HATE it, so you're picking on every little chisoren to bash it.. It's a common psychological disturbance.... Nothin you and your stinking ilk say can change the facts.... Almighty G-D wanted Israel to born and you, little cockroach ( as per the Meraglim) don't like it. Well, BOO-HOO dog doo.
Too freakin' bad.....

the Derby... Strike up the band boyz..... HATIKVAH in Dminor, andante..
the Derby......

Anonymous said...

R' Bachaya & others :
Yishmaelim are our worst enemies. Writtem hundreds of years ago, before Zionism.
These dregs of dreck made Yad Achas with our enemies, with Yishmael, Eisav and self-hating Jewish leftists , to publicly.... in newspapers, blogs... media... social media, openly, befarhesyeh in chillul Hashem fashion brazenly besmirch other Jews and Israel in the worst fashion possible. I know I use salty language, but if there's worse nivel peh in the world than what these farkruchene frummies use , I've yet to hear it. Curses easily tripping off their tongues like yemach shmo, Amalek , and so on. Has anybody ever heard anything worse???? The F--- Bomb pales in comparison to the language they use.
And for what???? because they don't want Israel to exist???
Shimu Shamayimmm!!!

Gadi ben Sussi : EY will be no utopia.

Amiyel ben Gemali : You're starting anti-Semitism as never before. You're going to cause Jew hatred.
Shafat ben Chori : We the learned talmidei chachamim are against Eretz Yisroel.

Ladies & Gentlemen: Except for a few, except for the women almost all of klal Yisroel believed these rogue gedolim. Can you imagine the dvar Torahs, pshetlach, toilech these bums used to be able to comnvince thousands, possibly ( according to some) millions of Jews???
This generation of Nachbis are trying to do the same.
Fortunately, millions of Jews K"Y are not paying them any mind. Aliyah is increasing, the land is blooming, Torah is spreading Boruch Hashem.

On a very hot in Tiberias, says the Yalkut ( or Midrash) 2 amoroim were walking in the brutal hot sun. They crossed to other shadier side so that Chas Veshalom they wouldn't inadvertently say something like " It's too hot and uncomfortable in this part of Eretz Yisroel."
Yet these rebellious bums don't care a damn about saying the ugliest things.

the Derby... Artza Alinu.....

Anonymous said...

Well well, derby is at it again, seething, brimming with anger,, because of among other reasons, he sees that even on this half chiloni whole Tzioni blog, it seems he has very few that agree with him, so where does that put him, nowhere, & he's left with only one option, curse, curse, & curse again, & repeat & rinse his half (or less) truths, & whole lies, quote out of context, & call others by the named HE deserves, its so obvious, you're so see through, it ain't funny. Of course to bolster you're loony theories, you'll quote some fiction writer, for what the Rabbonim Gedolei Yisroel, like the CHIDA ZATZAL, & all the other Rabbonim who actually lived in those countries, and write otherwise, that in general relations with the Arabs were mostly fine, but being that the facts dont correspond with your theories (& wishes), its vety convenient to quote fiction. Derby & company, have you watched the game to the end, or did your team lose, & you threw an empty botlle of Koors at it, or maybe you were SURFING, where its forbidden, and you just cant stand yourself anymore, by the way, my Daas Torah, my Revered Rabbi, allows me to use the internet, I suspect if you would ask Daas Torah, you wouldn't like the answer. In reference to Ahavas Eretz Yisroel, there again you're totally mistaken, Eretz Yisroel was only given to Shomrei Torah Umitzvos, as is quoted in Tehilim, 'Vayiten Lahem Artzos Goyim, Veamal Leumim Yirashi, Baavir Yishmeru Chukov Vesorosav Yishmoru'. And the Torah repeatedly says, 'Velo Thaki Haaretz Eschem Kaasher Kaa Es Hagoi Asher Lifneichem'. End of quote.

Anonymous said...

The Rabbeinu Bachya is fiction, then. Chida didn't live a 1,000 years in a row , there were good times in Poland also.
This book is documented and footnoted but of course you never read a book.

I don't have a Daas Torah to ask about the Internet because there's no such thing as Daas Torah. You're a liar if your Daas Torah allows it other than parnassah.

"....Eretz Yisroel was only given to Shomrei Torah Umitzvos, as is quoted in Tehilim, 'Vayiten Lahem Artzos Goyim, Veamal Leumim Yirashi, Baavir Yishmeru Chukov Vesorosav Yishmoru'. And the Torah repeatedly says, 'Velo Thaki Haaretz Eschem Kaasher Kaa Es Hagoi Asher Lifneichem'..."

It also says" Lo Betzidkoscho" has Hashem given us Eretz Yisroel, and that same phrase is repeated again in Navi for the future ( read: NOW) redemption .

All Jews will one day be mekayim ALL mitzvos..... for now, Hashem saw fit to bring his children home to an established State of Israel, and thankfully, He didn't ask for your odious opinion even though you consider yourself to be his holy Cossack.

But this is all time consuming.. You and I can trade psukim ad infinitum...The proof is in the pudding...
So let's get to the point.....All your quotes and anti rabbonim avail you nothing... You refuse to see a truth that even little children can see.. You deny reality... Millions of Jews have made Aliyah al pi Hashem Yisborach... More and more are coming... Kibbutz golios is at hand..... Dare I say you're a kofer??? Yes, I dare say it...

Hashem blessed the work of the Zionists who worked for it but you don't and can't understand how... Well... Boo Hoo again, Nachbi... You lost !!!! We love Eretz Yisroel... you hate it.. Stink in your own " hoo-ha."

the Derby..... Can you believe there are still people out there who say the world is flat??

Dusiznies said...

To 5:18
You write:
"Eretz Yisroel was only given to Shomrei Torah Umitzvos,"
That is of course a lie, as you well know.... you meshigener!
Ezra Hasofer writes differently his sefer, open a Divrei Hayomim, and you will see that the Inhabitants of Eretz Yisroel were openly Mechallel Shabbos and lived with shiksas, never the less, he cursed the Bavloim that remained in Bavol and who refused to make Aliyah!
In fact the biggest Aliyah movement was the Ezrah Ha'sofer movement...
and of course he wasn't aware of the "Shaolosh Sehvuois" and if he did, he ignored it!
I think that Ezrah was on higher madrigah then your Rosh Yeshivah who has his beard dipped into Shmaltz Herring!
and im aware that you want to have the last word,
but for this thread I heard enough of you and will not give you the last word...I'll remove all your further comments on this thread..

Anonymous said...

At 2:19"........I expect some real nasty, stupid, sarcastic, retarded comments to begin appearing shortly, coming from those one track minded Zionist idiots pretty soon, (right moe they most probably busy with more important things, like sitting before their televisions, or surfing off limits sites, while consuming their favorite alcoholic beverages....."

Ya.. !
Then he goes ".. Right on,..." to himself, mind you at 8:50.
Hold on... He's not done, this talmid haccham sitting in front of his computer , and congratulats himself, with To 2:19,"....... you practically took the words I wanted to write....." HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhHH!!!!

Indulge me for a second, folks...... Here's his quote again:

"one track minded Zionist idiots pretty soon, (right moe they most probably busy with more important things, like sitting before their televisions, or surfing off limits sites, while consuming their favorite alcoholic beverages....."

How does such a" ben Torah" know about such things and how does his "Reverend Rabbi" as he calls him, allow him here? Mmmmmmm... How does a "ben Torah accuse and speak loshon horah about people whom he knows nothing????? Can this pipsqueak find a posuk where this is allowed???

Remember Shakespeare??
" The lady doth protest too much..""
This one-person poster posing as several ( schizophrenia?) is in reality a well know web surfer and drinker... just as he projects on others...

the Derby.... G-D loves us, pities us and brought us to EY through miracles... This impersonator hates us and EY too...he's not Jewish.

End of story..

Anonymous said...

"..... my Daas Torah, my Revered Rabbi, allows me to use the internet, I suspect if you would ask Daas Torah, you wouldn't like the answer. ...."

Yes, yes, your rev allows you but won't allow me.. Your anononymity, I'm sure , prevents you from blushing and stammering like a teen aged girl with braces while you're writing such obvious BS..and lying like a rug, to boot..

the Derby...

Anonymous said...

The blogger who writes against Zionism will lose in a formal debate. Extensive persecutions and murder of European Jewry began in earnest after the Crusades in 1080 A.D.long before Zionism. While overall the persecutions in Islamic countries were not as extreme, there were pogroms, blood libels and dhimmni status nevertheless. Jews were hated and persecuted everywhere throughout the ages.The advent of Muslim violence in the '20s -present was propagandized by radical Muslims who were not so much anti-Zionists as anti- colonialsts and anti- everything non-Muslim. In the 30s, the Mufti Husseini was a Nazi sympathizer who wanted dead Jews everywhere.
Israel was declared and recognized as a Jewish state by the majority of world bodies and to blame all Muslim hate against Israel is simply not thought out intellectually.
So many Europeans who demonstrate against Israel today, are descendents of those who urged Jews for years to move to "Palestine." So it isn't Israel but Jews. Muslim pashas wanted Jewish wealth, brains, resources to remain in Muslim countries
Agenda driven feelings most always distort the historical record and highly oversimplify it and I'm afraid this is what happened to the blogger.