Monday, November 3, 2014

Rabbonim in Monsey sink to new low! Attack Chris Day as an anti-Semite....and Endorse A Pro-Gay and Pro Abortion Candidate!

The "Rabbonim" and "Mosdos Ha'Torah" of Monsey have sunk to the abyss! 
What a Chillul Hashem!!! 
Shame on those Rabbonim!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are destroying the character of Chris Day, that's running for congress, calling him an anti-Semite! 

Turns out that his wife is Jewish, and Chris himself, is the Vice President of an Israeli-focused investment firm managed by an IDF veteran. Chis is also an active  member of The Jewish Society at Yale.
So what is his sin? 
He is unfortunately the son of Ed Day, the Rockland County Executive, who doesn't want to allow Chassidim to put 40 families in a one family home, refusing to allow people to live like gypsies! He also wants .... get this .... hold onto your seats .....he wants the developers to remember that they live in the suburbs, not in Williamsburg and Boro -Park, and he wants some grass (G-D Forbid)! 
He doesn't want builders to build to the curb...
He also wants Yeshivas to build to code and not put 150 Bochrim in a dormitory that was built for 10 and doesn't have proper permits. He doesn't want a fire in those buildings!
What an avirah?!

So who are they endorsing? Aha!
Get this! The  are endorsing Nita Lowey, an old bag, who stands for everything the Torah is against. 
She is for Abortion, she is pro gay, she was rated 100% by the HRC, indicating she is all for the LGBT lifestyle....

So what are we teaching our children? That we value life, but vote for someone who wants and advocates  death to infants? That we value the morals of the Torah but vote for someone who advocates immoral behavior?
The e-mail states:
"We cannot allow an aggressive Sonei Yisrael to be elected to the position of a United States Congressman and to give him a lofty position in Washington with which to attack our Orthodox community, and other Orthodox positions both in the United States and in Israel."
Nita Lowey is not "attacking our Orthodox community, and other Orthodox positions both in the US and Israel?"
Is the "Orthodox community" now endorsing alternative lifestyles? Is the "Orthodox community" now endorsing mid-term abortions?
And since when do the Rabbis care about Israel? Didn't the Rabbis endorse Hillary Clinton when she ran for Senator of New York, while her lips were still wet from kissing Mrs. Arafat?
A Bunch "Money grubbing" hypocrites! 

She is for Obama Care!
She also brought in zero Federal grants for the new Tappan Zee Bridge, meaning $20.00 Tolls in the very near future! 
She is a walking disaster in a dress!

Now read the insane disgusting email sent to all of us, and contains no proof to anything they wrote....
The E-mail also doesn't say that Nita Loey advocates anti-moral ideas!

October 31, 2014

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

This coming Tuesday, November 4, we will be voting for a Congressman and for Judges. These elections are very important for our community.

For Congress, Chris Day is the choice of the Preserve Ramapo and Preserve Rockland organizations. His goal is to bring about a solution to the problems in Ramapo. These are code words for solving the problem of the growth of the Orthodox community. When he comes into Ramapo, he professes his love for the State of Israel, Yeshivos, Shuls and Shtieblach. However, when he returns to his core constituency, he changes his tune. There, he is straight-line Preserve Ramapo. He will make sure that Yeshivos and Shuls are treated strictly and harshly, as we have seen from his father, Ed Day, the Rockland County Executive.

As soon as Ed Day was elected,   annual County funding for  Jewish public service organizations was slowed down and held up, and Ed Day instituted a law suit to stop the building of a Yeshiva that was approved by the Towns of Ramapo and Clarkstown. That Yeshiva is being built east of the Palisades Parkway very close to the Clarkstown border. He sued an Orthodox public service organization, as well, and the Judge ruled against him. The lawsuits are in the public records. The slowdowns of County funding can be accessed from our public service organizations.

We cannot allow an aggressive Sonei Yisrael to be elected to the position of a United States Congressman and to give him a lofty position in Washington with which to attack our Orthodox community, and other Orthodox positions both in the United States and in Israel.

We also will be voting for a County Judge and a  Supreme Court ( Rockland) Judge. These are important positions that affect life in our community in many meaningful ways. Please inform yourselves of the candidates and their views and please vote for the candidate that will best represent us.

Please vote on Tuesday and be an informed voter so that our community is best represented and protected. Your vote counts and will protect your family, your community, your Shul and your children's Yeshivos.


Anonymous said...

Have sUnk...

Anonymous said...

I think this election the Yidden will vote their heart and not listen to the hypocritical self-serving words from the so called "leaders" who put out tzetlach endorsing the wrong people.

Anonymous said...

and be sure to vote for MIKE KOPLEN!! He is a true mentch and he deserves the vote of every Jew. Man woman and child! Well, at least voting child! LOL> Anyway, Vote Koplen. Let's put Mike in the Judge seat!

Anonymous said...

Of course the rasha nita lowey ym's shouldnt be voted for but Chris Day probobly shouldnt be voted for either as some have said that he supports forcing businesses to hire gays (others say this is not so) but to play it safe you should probobly just write a protest vote.

Anonymous said...

Have they gone mad? Why don't they stick to whatever it is their good at and us alone?

I've made it my business to stop supporting these so called Rabeim. Let the contractors and developers come to their aid.

Clifton Yid said...

Anyone in Monsey supporting Nita Lowey is a whore and a dirtbag. It used to be easy to spot an anti Semite because they simply hated Jews. Now Yidden have learned to play their own race card by going on the offensive: an anti-Semite is now anyone that Jews decide to hate! It's grotesque.

You think this elections is a disgrace? Check out the Clifton NJ City Council election - a similar group of self appointed loud mouth "spokesman" sent around a letter endorsing several candidates- one of whom is a fellow by the name of Matt Grabowski. His father was Chester Grabowski- a vicious neo-Nazi anti-Semite who is on record stating that Hitler was right. His son led an effort to have a public park in Clifton named after his late father, but thanks to the efforts of a righteous non-Jew, and Alan Dershowitz, the plan was shelved. See this article in the NY Daily News written by Dershowitz:

So go figure- these holy Yidden have openly endorsed Matt Grabowski, who never showed any remorse over his attempt to have the City of Clifton endorse his Jew hating father. These idiots are looking for some type of pay back in exchange for getting people to vote for this guy…how disgusting! They are nothing but prostitutes of the Mosaic persuasion.

Anonymous said...

Chester Grabowski used to come on talk shows especially Bob Grant ,and blast Israel all the time, he published a local newspaper in Clifton and always wrote anti-Israeli stuff. yemach Shemo vezicro.

Clifton Yid said...

OK, so can you tell me why so many Orthodox Jews in Clifton are openly supporting his son Matthew, who led the effort to have a public park named after his anti-Israel, racist, anti-Semite father?

Anonymous said...

the chasidim in rockland want all of rockland to look like williamsburg and boro park. BP was once a beautiful community with large homes and yards. The chasidim turned it into a ghetto. You can see what they are doing to monsey. 306 is a ghetto, glen hill is a bunch of large buildings squeezed into a tiny piece of land. Bates drive also a ghetto. They want all of monsey to look like that. So what if most of us moved to monsey to get away from that. they dont give a shit. this is why they are so against preserve ramapo.

Anonymous said...

Because orthodox Jews are schizos who don't give a shit about Israel or anti-Semites, only how much money they could get.