Sunday, November 9, 2014

No Greater Enemy to Israel than Obama: Trump

In response to FOX News’ Judge Jeannine Pirro’s question concerning Obama’s nuclear concessions to Iran, real estate mogul and former US presidential candidate Donald Trump said last week,
 “Probably, maybe from the beginning, there has never been a greater enemy to Israel than Barack Obama. It’s incredible.”

Trump then added, “The way he treats them. The way he’s speaking to them. I think, he treats our known enemies much better.”

Upon additional questioning by Judge Pirro, with regard to the United States Ambassador Susan Rice’s walking out of the UN before Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s General Assembly speech, and the Obama administration's reported “chicken***t” remark, Trump went on to explain:

“Look, they don’t like him, and they don’t like Israel. And, that’s what I say. I speak to friends of mine that are Jewish. I say, ‘How are you supporting this man?’ He’s the worst thing that ever has happened to Israel... 

What’s going to happen is, the way it’s going, Iran will have a nuclear weapon. And it’s very close. And, as soon as that happens, it’s a new ballgame.”

“The United States is so poorly run,” he said. “When you look at relations with other countries, in history it’s never been like this. 

Not one country do we get along with anymore. And, it’s not like we don’t get along because we are taking advantage of them. We don’t get along, and they’re taking advantage of us.”


Anonymous said...

Wrong,Satmar Romanian gypsy gangsters are a much bigger and dangerous enemy

Anonymous said...

You're one hundred percent correct the Satmar Ruv and his thousands of followers are THE biggest enemies of the state of Israel and the Zionist ideology simply because the Arab world has a territorial disagreement and pure authentic Jews have a Torah to follow and according to Torah and halacha there's a MUST to hate atheists and G-d hating ppl and that's what Zionism stands for

Anonymous said...

"...... pure authentic Jews have a Torah to follow and according to Torah and halacha there's a MUST to hate atheists ...."

Would you consider us atheists?

Co-posted by the Zionists Hindi the Flatush snoodichke , Hillary the Five Clown'iste & Rafaeli Racheli Naftalia the hatted "Pea"neck'te subbing for Derby.

Xiaocheng the Chinaman preparing lawsuit vs. poster above for stealing our patented "true and authentic" labels on our well-made pencils & toilet tissues.

Anonymous said...

Vad hatzneeyis d'toirelech hakdoishe.... strongly condemns all tziyoinim from Burro- Pahhrk, flatTush,Peenek, finef lachenshpielers ( Five Clowns, hanikreh bilshoynum hatmeyeh Enngleesh). Yiddishe Kinder are strictly forbidden by our heilige mesoire not to have any sheichis to any koiffer with any suspicious of being a tziyoyneee.

Kenoydah... We NEVER sign our bulletins..

Translated by the Derby

Anonymous said...

Bunch of losers
You got nothing what to say so you block comments you don't like
Foolish losers

Anonymous said...

Exactly, the owner of this blog and with him Derby of renowned fame as a 'kal vereik', two big big sore losers, the only weapons they have left, after losing to the common sense comments, is 'I'll delete comments', or cheap corny lowly sarcastic dumb foolish silly jokes, so sorry pals, nobody is buying that crap anymore, times up, time to face facts, you're both full of it, and mostly everyone besides you two know it, fess' up, case closed.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how "the derby" crowned himself with such matching name that fits him so accurately THE DERBY

Anonymous said...

"...Bitches...crap "

So "true Torah Judaism..." So Reverenrend'ish. So Daas Torah,,so " authentic" Torah'ish , so potty snout. I said potty snout.

"...Yemachshemonik....'kal vereik'..."
So Satmarish, so "case closed" usual tired responses to any disagreement. So violent... Did I mention Satmar??


So projection'ish, so lookin' in the mirror'ish..

"....Foolish losers...."
So pathetic, so neanderthal'ish.

" corny lowly sarcastic dumb foolish silly jokes..." Whew...!!! Lots of babble...

Ok. So Come up with better ones. Eh.. You can't... You have no sense of humor... Only hate, cursing, hate, cursing, obsession with Zionism, hate, curses and denial. People like you eat, sleep and dream their obsessive hates and fears without any humor. Very sad, very painful.
Fanatical radicalized and living empty lives..You never comment on any other subject except Zion, Satmar and LakeHood...

the Derby... ( This "authentic" Torah talmid chacham knows all about horseracing???? Who'd a thunk it. ?

He needs a 24/7 companion to guard him... He's on a suicide watch???
I guess his metziyeh isn't Utopian afterall.. Oh well....He needs to get in line... Just Kidding... Just Kidding...

Have a great night and a greater day tomorrow....

Remember the credo :
Don't let negative people get you down.... Cheers...

Anonymous said...

Shkoyech Anonymous.. !!!

Call them out, these bittere tziyoinee lovers. Their bittere hashkufeh and bitte gzeiros must be stopped. You're not alone.. Fight them... Get English translators to put their bittere stuff all over the Internet. Get the unuv,the retired galicianer Hertz Frankel to help you mitt Anglish.. Bechazookeh!!!!!! burn tziyoinee bittere flags with the chooomitz......

Best Regards... Hindi snooditch'ke from FlatTush... a former Tziyoinisteh who saw the light....grabbing the keyboard from derby....

Oops!!!!!!! it's the light of an oncoming train... Too late..

Anonymous said...

I would write the Trump headline differently, No greater enemy to Hashem and his Torah, than the Zionists, just read today's latest news out of Israel, a typical day, Court okays chilul shabbos in Tel Aviv, stores may remain open, 2), long line of buses on Shabbos etc. Etc., , if that's not considered being Hashems enemy, pray tell me please, then what is?, but of course Derby (the ferd) & company, will not agree, for they always stick up for Machtiei Horabim, bla Bla Bla Bla, satmar Lakewood Bla Bla Bla Bla, plusa dash of nivul peh, and a tablespoon of sstupid corny childish comments, and they are then right, NO?, but they try to make you think so?!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No greater enemy to Hashem and his Torah, than the Zionists...course Derby (the ferd) & company....bla Bla Bla Bla... he's a real coward...Bitches
Yemachshemonik....Foolish losers...

YA THINK ....?????

Derby.... Warming myself up a couple of Mom's frozen knishes... They're really great....

Anonymous said...

"..... tablespoon of sstupid corny childish comments..."

YA THINK ?????

What made you think of that??? Mmm.Sure you don't mean teaspoon?

Say aren't you the fat slob who always says he eats only a "lefele" chulent lekoved Shabbos because his ulcers hurt?
The at shul Kiddush , bedecked with heavy Turkish Tallis and Henry VIII's atarah , he ladles himself a mile-high portion of chulent into his plate, then takes a white plastic "lefele" and chows down lefele by lefele by lefele, schmaltz & all. He takes no prisoners. Doesn't know that I saw him... Then gets up, passes me by and has the nerve to announce " Eh, only ate a lefele here... Need to eat at home, my wife will kill me..? HAAAAAAA..!!!!!

Tablespoon, eh???....

the Derby... I wasn't born yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Classic derby (the ferd), full of dreams (nightmares?), revelations (maybe a born again..........?), oblivious to the fact that it's so obvious, that he's kind of delirious (possibly substance induced), living in a sci-fi world, with tones of Orwellian 84 bits, wake up, wake up, no amount of twisting the facts, changing the truth will have any effect on the true facts, the state of Israel was created, planned, cultivated to eradicate Shemiras Hatora Vehamitzvos, unfortunately they are successful in a major way, we pray 'Umalchus Zadon Mehera Theaker Useshaber Usemagrr Vesashpilem Vesachniem Bimhera Beyumeinu', Vechal Harishaa Beashan Tichle' Amen.

Anonymous said...

Hey you anon. I really dig your comparing derby (the Ferd), to born again,......, makes a lot of sense, very much in common with them, both believe that the Tora is irrelevant today (afra Lepuma), according to the born agains oso haish said that, and our own derby (the Ferd) has the exact same authority, both don't like Real authentic From yidden, and last both love Israel, and their reason is the same, Zionists are unfortunately treading on the tora, and the born agains a also plan on converting the Jews to their Religion.

Anonymous said...

".....Hey you anon. I really dig your comparing derby (the Ferd), to born again..... At 4:38 ,talking to himself again...." Jekyll to Hyde.

We're watching an unstable person having a nervous breakdown here in public.

The reality of miraculous Zionism smashing his long held Malaga-shuckling- robot beliefs are too much for him.
Bit by bit, this slanderous evil shita of machlokes, cursing ordinary Jews, cursing big tzaddikim and rabbonim opposed to this odious, rotten shit-a , violence upon Jews since the 1950s, sinas chinam, lack of hakoras hatov, violence against property, physical and psychological harassment... Teaching their talmidim hate against EY and fomenting machlokes against the other side.. Clown vs.Clown... all this is unraveling before his repugnant self.... Thankfully, 98% of us despise and abhor this insane shit-a.
This shit-a is unraveling on the streets of Willy & Monroe, where thousands are quietly questioning and leaving this asylum of hate. Many are going OTD, many keep the levush and appearance but are laughing at the barbaric Huns in their midst, and laughing/disrespecting the 2 clowns in charge.
And so, readers, back to my unanswered question;
Name of the train on B'dway & Marcy in Willy ?? And... how much is the fare?


The pusillanimous pipsqueaks at Lake (get me a rich shver)Hood, Brisk, Yeshivish FlatTush & others give these savages aid and comfort. They are as guilty as them.These cowards, albeit are not violent in the USA, are guilty of shameless non-stop 24/7 dupa smooching..

Anonymous said...

You at 4:26...
You're really very, very sick..
Call 911 and check yourself into the emergency room.. You're deranged, Mahnn !!!

Billy Delroy, your Jah-maican entertainer , for dee derby.....

This mahnn need dee pahnn and a beet of Calypso to make heem hahppyy. Let's start wit " You got riddim" and den dahnce to Satta Massa Gana by dee Abyssinians. Mahnn.. You need song in your life.. Hit dee pahn, mahn..

Anonymous said...

Damas y caballeros...!!!!

Has anyone else noticed that this bullvahn's rhetoric and foul ( true authentic Torah) cursing is escalating?? He's losing it fast and furious.... Let's watch and see how he disintegrates...
Here's the red gartel bullvahn.. Charge it..

Jose the matador
thubbing for derby.... OLE..!!!