Saturday, November 22, 2014

Har Nof Shul where murders took place had Cell-Phone blocking Device!

Crazy .... Crazy .... Crazy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Read this interview between Kol Berama Radio and Rav Yosef reported in Yeshivah World !
This is scandalous!
This Far- Frumtah Frumkeit is killing people!

Kol Berama:
What about cell signal blocking devices? You know in Kehillas Bnei Torah they have such a device and that is why it took so long to call for help. They had to get outside. All of the phones were blocked inside.

Rav Yosef:
You raise a very important point. First of all, the tzibur must learn to put the phones away in shul! That said, I would say that at least for this period, these devices should be disabled to permit cellular signals, at the very least until the security crisis in the capital is behind us G-d willing.

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