Sunday, November 30, 2014

British Royals Refuse to Visit Israel

by Daniel Halper
You won't find the British royals in the holy land. 
Elliott Abrams calls it, "The bizarre story of the refusal of British royals to visit Israel, while they are constantly in the Arab world, continues."
"The Queen has never set foot in Israel and Prince Charles set foot there briefly only once, for the Rabin funeral," Abrams, a former deputy national security adviser in the George W. Bush administration, observes.
"By contrast, in just the month of November 2014 we found Prince Andrew and Prince Harry at what the Foreign Office must have considered a diplomatic necessity: the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Prince Andrew also visited Saudi Arabia (at the request of the Foreign Office, it was announced).
"And Prince Harry also visited Oman. Now with all due respect, Oman is a country of 3.6 million people with a GDP of $80 billion. Israel is a country of 8 million people with a GDP of about $300 billion. No point in laboring the comparison, but one might add that Prince Charles visited Oman in 2013 and the Queen herself visited there in 2010."
According to Abrams, there are 3 reasons to explain why the British royals refuse to visit Israel. 
"There are really only three logical explanations. 
The first is that the British royals only like to visit royals, and try to stay away from republics. But Prince Charles has visited Egypt time after time, so there goes that theory. 
The second possible explanation is fear–fear that any kind of royal visit to Israel would harm the UK, for example if Arab lands retaliated by cutting trade with Britain. This is silly. Prince Charles visited Jordan last year and could easily have helicoptered over for a day in Israel. Princes Andrew or Harry could have stopped by while in the Middle East as well. Given the current tacit alliance of Israel and the Gulf monarchies against Iran and ISIS, the likelihood that such visits would have harmed the UK is impossibly small. 
The third possible explanation for the continuing refusal of the British royals to set foot in Israel is that either they or the Foreign Office harbor deep and undying enmity toward the Jewish state."


Anonymous said...

Or maybe they are still sour from Israel's separation from the UK.

Remember, the Queen steel remembers the days her soldiers were killed by the Haganah and its likes.

Dusiznies said...

The Queen remembers very well that her soldiers were killed by the Hagganah, and I'm sure she remembers also that they were killed in retaliation for killing members of the Hagganah ...
and that's the reason British soldiers finally stopped killing the Jews, because the Hagganah was giving them eye for an eye..
it's time that the present government in Israel learn from the Hagganah..

Richest people on welfare said...

I happen to know a little something about this "house of Windsor" family.

They are direct descendants of German royalty who intermarried with British royalty. Not only that but the Queen's grandfather was first cousin of the viciously anti-Semitic Russian Czars.

This family have always been anti-Semites except for the Queen's mother, a nice woman who was daughter of a Scottish nobleman.

About 25 years ago a British yeshiva bochur was savagely attacked in broad daylight on a public bus by a bloodthirsty Arab with a knife. For PR reasons the Queens was forced to meet with the Jewish victim. If you know what kind of disdain she has for Jews, I could imagine she snottily said with her regal accent: "oh, so you were stabbed 17 times in the face?"

The Queen & her sister Margaret are reported to have said rude things when meeting rabbonim at functions.

These people have never worked a day in their life for the past 10 generations while they are made filthy rich off the public dole.

Anonymous said...

These British jew hating bastards, still cannot get over the fact ,that their behinds were whipped and where defeated by a bunch of ragtag jews and where forced out of Palestine,and as a consequence their whole empire became unraveled2683

Anonymous said...

All British descend from Germans being that the Saxons were German barbarians who invaded the island 1000 years ago, killing as many native men as they could. But the Queen's family was German as recently as 5 generations ago.

According to the Nazi racial laws, the British were Aryan.

The French are also Germans.

Anonymous said...

So you think king George III was ought to visit the US too?

Anonymous said...

"ought to visit"?