Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Midrash "Pliah"

Translation for my English Speaking audience,

In reference to the Akidah:
Says the Midrash.... (Hashem told Avraham) "Take your son"
Avraham asks G-D: " I have 2 sons"
Hashem answers him: "Your favorite one"
Avraham answers G-D: "but I have two favorite ones"
Hashem answers him: "Yitzchok"

Says Rav Kahana:
"Look ... at the Jews ...constantly asking questions, If Avraham would have only taken Yishmoel and slaughtered him ...we would have avoided all that grief"

***Disclaimer: The above is a spoof ... but true :)


Rak Kach said...

No spoofing needed.

Take a look at Tehillim kapital 120 where Dovid Hamelech speaks about Kedar who the Rishonim say is another name for bnei Yishmoel. "When I want peace, they are for war" The meforshim say this means that (Arabs) view peace overtures as a sign of weakness, then they double up to attack you because they are convinced you will be smitten. The only way the Arabs behave is if you use an iron fist.

I don't agree with all of Kahane's hashkofos but his Rak Kach motto with the fist symbol is in fact a Torah hashkofo.

There was an op-ed in the Wall St Journal after Sept. 11th written by the famous non-Jewish historian Paul Johnson. He was mechaven to this kapital Tehillim & wrote that historically whenever Western colonialists where soft on the Arabs, they got nothing but grief in return. So he encouraged NATO to bomb the Arabs to smithereens.

Anonymous said...

R' Meyer Lehmann, a rov in Alsace in the 1800s, writes that there was a takonas Kadmonim circa 1200s that when goyish criminals were actively killing / kidnapping Jews and the government did not prevent Jews from defending themselves, there is a chiyuv to track down the criminals, and depending on what latitude is provided by the government, either kill them or hand them over to the authorities.

Failed Blob said...

Meanwhile Shmarya the shmatta is dredging up every bit of vomit from Left wingers, blaming Bibi's tough policies on the Arabs for causing an Arab backlash that kills Jews.

Pitts said...

El Said Nosair, the early al Qaeda operative who murdered Meir Kahane and shot others including a Federal Postal Police officer, is also suspected of killing Rabbi Nuti Rosenblum Hy"d who was visiting his in-laws in Pittsburgh in 1986.

A neo-Nazi was technically convicted of the murder 16 years later but there are questions as to whether he is the real culprit. 3 or 4 different juries would not convict the neo-Nazi, doubting the criminal witnesses who say they heard the neo-Nazi bragging in jail about the murder. The witnesses had what to gain from cooperating with prosecutors.

Federal investigators announced after the Kahane murder that they learned Nosair was living in Pittsburgh at the time of the Rosenblum murder & were looking for a connection. There never was enough evidence to make a connection.