Monday, November 17, 2014

Bais Din, Shmes Din, Bobov 45 Ignores Bais Din Ruling to stop calling itself "Bobov"

Normally, I would say, "Who Cares?" 
But this is in line with  our previous post with the Heading:

"Noveminsker Attacks Bloggers"

The "Gedoilim" don't give 2 hoots about any rulings of Bais Din! They just want the Bloggers to heed the Torah and the 613 mitzvos,  The Gedoilim, don't have to listen to the Torah... they don't have to listen to Bais Din, they can go to Secular Court.... but us bloggers have to crawl under rocks, observe all this hypocrisy and keep our mouths shut! and Chap their Shrayim!
In the Litvisher Camp, Rav Shechter and Rav Belsky have ignored the Psak of many a Bais Din!

You won't hear  the "Agudah Convention Gedoilim" talking  about Gedolim observing the Torah like the rest of us schnooks! Nooooo! 
You won't hear any Gadol talk about the second Rashi in Parshas Mishpatim..... Noooooo!
Bloggers ....bad bloggers.....naughty bloggers..... loshon hara bloggers....
If the Gedoilim who were at the Aguda Convention do not come out with a statement condemning this Chillul Hashem, then these are not leaders...

Reb Mordecha Dovid Unger, Bobover Rebbe

Reb Benzion Halberstam, Bobover Rebbe

A brief history:
Reb Shloimeh Halberstam z"l, the First Bobover Rebbe in the USA, had two sons, Reb Naftulche, who was born in Europe before WW2 and was from his first wife (she was murdered in the camps) , and Reb Ben-Zion who was born in the USA was from the Rebbe's second wife.

When Reb Shloimeh z"l passed on, naturally his eldest son Rav Naftulche became Rebbe..
Reb Naftulche after waiting over 40 years to become Rebbe succumbed to an illness soon after becoming Rebbe and  passed away.

Reb Naftulche z"l, had no sons, and was "burdened" with daughters only!
One Daughter married Rabbi Rubin and the other married Rabbi Mordcha Dovid Unger.

Now that Reb Naftulche went to his Maker, Reb Ben-Zion claims that the Rebbe Shloimeh's  inheritance goes back to Reb Shloimeh's other son. him.
 Rabbi Unger, the son-in-law of Reb Naftulche claims that the Rebbistiveh belongs to him, because he is inheriting from Reb Naftulche z"l...
(though daughters do not inherit al pi Torah, but who cares)

So, as you can imagine, actual fists fights broke out between both Bobover Camps, both screaming that their guy is the Bobover Rebbe!
Don't forget there was and is  millions of dollars of real estate involved, and the guys surrounding the Rebbes are also in on the take and on the payroll... each Rebbe has tons of Gaboim etc.... all grabbing the $$$$$$$$$$'s!

So they went to Secular Court.. and the Secular Judge threw them both out and told the two Rebbes to work it out in Bais Din!
The Bais Din took 9 years to come to a decision and they ruled in favor of Reb Ben Zion...
They Ruled that only the Reb Ben Zion Camp can call themselves Bobov and they get all the Real Estate, but they have to give Reb Mordecha Dovid some 10 million dollars over 5 years (I may be off with a million or two, but whose counting).
Reb Mordcha Dovid can call himself Sanz-Bobov, Rupshitz-Bobov, 45th Bobov...
but not Bobov by itself!

When Reb Mordcha Dovid's guys heard this, they went thru the roof... because now all the handlers of the Rebbe will finally have to work for a living...
They weren't going to take this sitting down, so they decided to ignore the USA Bais Din that they chose themselves, and went to look for a Litvisher Bais Din in Yerushalyim... and they found one! Holy Moly!
They found Rav Moshe Sternbach, the anti-Chassidish, anti-Zionist but respected Litvisher Rav!
He wrote that the USA Bais Din's psak is a sham! And that both Bobovs' can call themselves Bobov, and that they should go bactk to the tables to make peace....
easier said than done!
They also had Rev Chaim Kanievsky co-sign the document but he added the following:
• Bobov 45 must listen to the Bais din’s ruling
• The Beit Din’s ruling should not, God forbid, be discredited by Bobov 45 hasidim or leaders. 
• Bobov 45 can not challenge the beit din’s ruling in secular court.

So there you have it!


Nee? said...

How did DIN miss this howler that Preserve Ramapo's Ed Day shows up to tantz when the Skverrer Rebbe makes a chasenna?

Anonymous said...

Not that I care much about it, but just curious what Unger was thinking.. He'd shove Bentzion out of the way, make himself full blown rebbe ?? But what of Bentzion, a true flesh&blood son, what to do with him?

I can see Unger at shalosh seudos at the head table while Bentzion runs around teilling little barcheslech from a huge translucent platic bag to the balebattim.
So here's Unger with closed eyes, singing " Askineh Seeedissseh... Oy Vey... Oy VEy... Dim-Dim hemniseh...

Bentzion now returns with these humongous wide tatzzen of pink herringlech adipped in sweet & sour tzibbeles to teill these also...

All the while, Unger is like:

" Shleimiseh, oy, Chedvisssehh, ... Dimalk....."
No bones about making a flesh & blood son be a shalesheeeedis shikyingel...

the Derby... And we're on such a low level, we don't understand...

Dusiznies said...

to nee
I saw it, but I cant print everything, contrary to what my readers think, I work for a living

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable Aam haaratzes, the tora says, Veum Win Lo Being, If the deceased left no son after him, Unsatem ESS Nachlaso Lebito, then you shall give the Inheritance to his daughter, so when Rav Shlomo Bobover past away, his older son Rav Naftulche inherited the Rabbistyve including real estate etc et , and soon after when Harav Naftulche past away, his inheritance was to be given to his Son in law, there is no mention at all that after the older son who received the inheritance passes, it reverts to the deceased persons brother. Listen I have nothing with any of the Bobover, and I couldn't care less, but why do you always take a stand on everything that's happening, and usually you stick up for the wrong side, even though you're an illiterate clown, with a crooked mindset, sporting an IQ fit for movie bouncer, and a bully like one too.

Dusiznies said...

to 9:45
from one Am Haaritz to another Am haaretz
The Torah says that the Bchor gets 2 Chalokim, but the rest of the chidren get the rest....
Reb Shloimeh's inheritance included Reb Ben Zion, not Rav Mordchai Dovid...
but I really could care less ....
my point is that at the Aguda Convention, there were 4 tiers of Gedolim ....and not one mentioned the Chillul Hashem that Both Bobovers and Both Satmerers are making...

and for guy who says "I couldnt care less" you are getting very upset and defensive!
I'm sure Reb Shloeh would have wanted his child with the sur name Halbershtam to be Rebbe, instead of some Unger guy!
As for your comment that I "always take a stand on everything"
First of all ... I don't take a stand on everything...
for example...I didn't take a stand when Di Blassio hired Bratton as Police Commissioner!
Second of all....This is my blog, and if you want to be heard either start your own blog or comment on mine and then if I don't like what you say, i'll shlug Hoshanois with you!
But i'm not a "bully" because all you have to do is stop reading my blog.... very simple solution!

Just the facts, man said...

The Gedolei EY are saying they will not get involved in settling the dispute, that is for American beis din.

Adding anything to that is falling for the Bobov 45 propaganda that this letter means anything more, which is exactly what Bobov 45 is trying to do by releasing this letter.

Where do you get that Rav Shternbuch shlita is "anti-Chassidish"? Despite being a Litvak who descends from the Vilna Gaon, he has sat for decades on the predominately chassidish Badatz of the Edah Charedis. He also has Shternbuch relatives who today are chassidish.

Peggy Hatton said...

$1000 reward if anyone Tweets a pic of Rhodes dancing the Hora at the Skverer wedding.

Dusiznies said...

To Just
Rav Shternbuch has evolved over the years ... If you read his early Teshuvois you will know exactly what I'm talking about

Brisker said...

Rav Sternbuch is of course the shvogger of R' Dovid Soloveitchik.

Dusiznies said...

To 9:45
Don't talk about the Torah to me until you ask your power hungry Rebbe
what's pshat in Rashi on the words
ולא לפני גויים
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shvantz said...

Bobov 45 may still have an avenue of appeal through R' Shmuel Auerbach lol

Pulp fiction said...

As a Litvak who knew & admired R' Shloyma ztl for the great man he was, it is an outrage that his legacy is being hurt like this.

45 is lucky that Galitzianers do not employ savage tactics like their Unterlander cousins from Satmar or else the 45 gabboyim including that pedophile Greenfeld would have been beaten to a pulp a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Your argument about YERUSHA is based on personal feelings NOT according to halacha
1) You can't force the bobover chasidim whom they should choose for rebbe, and the fact is that the majority had chosen Reb Benzion and NOT MONKEY DUDDLE BOBKARTCHINER
2) And regarding yerushas habas that's on personal items not on public properties, And in regards to the RABANUT of bobov NOT the rabisteva the ONLY one that maybe has a taane is Rubin because RABANUT goes to the OLDEST son in law so Unger has no tevia whatsoever to bobov
3) Reb Naftuli zatzal never really believed in the entire concept of rabisteva and specially did he not consider at any time and point to become a REBBE that was forced on him when he was gravely ill

Anonymous said...

9:45, the one of "I don't know from which torah you saw that condemning another group of Jews to hell is muttar..." and other nivel peh hypocritical klulles....
Hello & Good Morning,
I'll give you a pass now, but you and I both know who you are...
Something not good happened in EY which is more important .

the Derby

sotmor cosid said...

bobov 45 is the reel rabbi if you had see the video he is talking about shulim you wondint talk like this he change thje name in stupit 48 is still fighting like babbys he is just rabbi for the cuvid of r naftuli becuse stupit benzion didint like him BOBOV 45 THE REEL BOBOV!!!!!!!
HE LIKES HIS CHASEDEM HE IS NOT RABBI FOR HIMSELF ONLY TO HELP HIS CHASEDEM HO LOVE HIM!!!!!!(ask his chasedem i am not a bobever i just see this fight i see ho likes shulim in his chasedem not cuvid like benzion that olny has fun) again "BOBOV 45 REEL BOBOV REEL RABBE"