Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nachman Caller Slams Dov Hikind: Which Daas Torah Allowed You To Send A Jew To Jail?!?

Nachman Caller is upset that Dov Hikind advocated that the convicted Child Rapist Nechamia Weberman be put in Jail! Get it?
Well, I'll tell you, Mr. Caller. "Which Daas Torah".... how about the Torah that was given at Har Sinai that says that a Rodef has to be stopped!

Read from THEYESHIVAWORLD my comments in red!

In the final 24 hours of the campaign, R’ Nachman Caller has come out with a scathing attack on Assemblyman Dov Hikind questioning whether the Assemblyman has Daas Torah (rabbinical guidance). Specifically, Caller points to Hikind’s decision to go after Nechemya Weberman and celebrate via press release his imprisonment. The ad states “for political reasons Hikind helped throw a Jew in jail for 103 years. Which Daas Torah allowed Hikind to go so extreme?”
First of all, Hikind didn't sentence the Rapist Weberman to 103 years, the Judge sentenced him. Second of all, Tell me which Daas Torah says that Weberman was allowed to have Yichud with many girls, which Weberman the Child Rapist, actually admitted. 

Further enraging the Daas Torah crowd, Hikind was an early supporter of Ezras Nashim – the all women competitor to Hatzolah and boasts of helping them get state certification for their volunteer ambulance service. 
Didn't the local Rabbonim give an Haskama for this Ambulance Service?

Finally, Caller points to numerous stories in mass media including most recently in the New Yorker and New York Times where Hikind proudly criticizes the community for have a serious problem with child molestation, “Did you vote for Hikind so he would embarrass us in the secular press?”
Stop feeling up and raping our children, then we will stop "embarrassing" you in the secular press!

 the second ad reads Hikind is battling challenger Caller in a race for New York State Assembly. While insiders expect Hikind to win, they will be watching very closely to see the if the anti-Hikind votes exceeds 30% indicating a weakening in support for Hikind in the Jewish community.
No matter who you decide to vote for – make sure and vote today. Polls close at 9PM!

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Anonymous said...

baruch hashem,the voters had enough sense
to vomit out this insane ego maniac