Sunday, November 9, 2014

Satmarism vs Zionism Part 5 "IDF are the Biggest Murderers"

Recently, Satmar published a booklet,  שמעו דבר ה׳  a transcript of Reb Yoel Teitelbaum's Shalosh Seudois Torelech given  during and immediately after the 6 day war, in 1967. The booklet is accompanied with an MP3 which is an actual  recording of the Rebbe speaking on Shabbos at Shaloish Seudois.
Notice the arrogant title of the booklet: 
"Listen to the Words of Hashem," 
as if the Satmar Shitah is the words of Hashem!

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Before I take the liberty to translate the piece, its really hard to believe that a "Manhig Yisrael" would spew such venom and hate against Jewish Children! It was the Satmar Rebbe that misled thousands of his Chassidim in pre-war Rumania into believing that Hitler would never touch Hungary, and advised those pathetic individuals not to use their Visas to America and to the then Palestine. The majority of his Chassidim that took his advice perished in the Holocaust!
He then took the opportunity to flee Romania with his family, on a Zionist train.
It could be that in hindsight, no one really knew, and that he really meant well, but to then turn around in 1967, when Jewish Soldiers in a Jewish Army, fought gallantly in self defense to protect  their own families and other Jews from the bloody murderous Arabs and call those very saviors, "Murderers"  is beyond the call of decency!

And now the loose translation:

"(Quoting from Malchai 2) 'If you do bad ... is that good in the eyes of Hashem?'
Lots of people say that the chayalim (IDF) are "bnei Olam Habah"  how can someone be sooo blind?
The Almighty saves Jews.... can anyone actually think that those who brought the sword to the world, are actually the saviors?
On the contrary! It would be a miracle if we could be saved from their hands! 
The biggest murderers are the IDF! They caused this war (1967) they brought the sword, literally, this war was needless!
I won't go into it at this time , this will all come out soon (that Israel started this war). 
all the troubles that Jews are going through, is only because of the establishment of the profane country!"

My Dear Readers:
I had to re-read it four times and then went to the recording, because I couldn't believe that a Shomer Torah U'Mitzvos would call another Jew, a "murderer"!
And not just a Jew, but a Jew who put on a uniform to put his life at risk to save other Jews!
This is the Satmar Shita! And this my friends has to be reputed and denounced.
The Satmar Rebbe refused to thank the Shliach that Hashem sent to save him....the Zionist, Rudolf Kastner!
But we will thank the Jewish Soldiers that put their necks on the line to make sure that there can be a Satmar Shul in Bnei Brak, so there can be a Satmar Shul in Meah Shearim.... 


Anonymous said...

".....I won't go into it at this time ...."
This is exactly what I wrote a while back when commenting on Al Hagulah V'al Hatmurah.
Throught the book when he makes an acuusation he writes similarly, such as ;

" Here is not the time to go into it.."

"I'm not going into politics, but... as those in the know, know"

" This is not the place to go into detail " and so on.

In a court of law, this book would never be allowed by a fair judge.

That train on Broadway near Marcy in Willy.... Where does it stop exactly ? How many can fit in ?

the Derby,
Ahh, how the sovereign Israeli flag waves near the Kotel. What a sight..!!!

Anonymous said...

Two reshayim, mumarim lehachis, the owner of this blog, & derby , we all realize that the way to go, is not to reply to them, 'aal taan Kesil Keuvalto' with apikorsim you shouldn't have a dialogue,

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting with baited breath, to see the common refrain, used here, "I will delete comments, ........, reserved as an answer to those that hit him where it hurts.

Anonymous said...

Lichvod Hatalmid Chacham Hagadol V'Hanorah !!!Dear Ananny-MOUSE:

Keep chewing carpeting with 3 hechshers and don't forget to wean yourself off this trayfeeee Internet according to your Reverend.

Take a course in calligraphy at the "Y", keep yourself busy and stop stealing time from your wife.

the Derby....Honor the vets...

Anonymous said...

Derby,You forgot to say Utopian Wife....

Shnooky, bachelor-proprietor of Shnooky's Diner with the Boruch Sheamar tzitziss.

Anonymous said...

Cheap corny (supposedly) humor, in fact lowlife leitzanos, that's all you've got in you.

Anonymous said...



Fill in the blanks... the Derby..

Anonymous said...

the decision to risk Jewish life, ie. Sending soldiers in harms way, can only be made by THE SANHEDRIN, anyone else who make that decision is a ROTZEACH, in these instances when the soldiers are put in situations that are dangerous, just for cheap nationalism, its clear that those decision makers are ROTZCHIM. Hey derby why dont you put your life where your big ugly mouth is, GO join the TAMANE Idf..................

Anonymous said...

No no no, not DERBY the FERD!, he's a real coward if there ever was one, he'll never put a finger in 'kalt Vasser', his only claim to fame is Sinas Kal Davar Shebikdusha', period.

Anonymous said...

Rabbonim just as learned as Satmerer rebbe already discussed the Sanhedrin and concluded it's a mlichemet mitzvah and permitted since you didn't hear that all Arab countries call for Israel to be eliminated. There are also other issues about it that make it permissible but you think everything's black & white.No rav today holds like you.

Anonymous said...

In keeping with your 'farkrumte' deyos kozvos, you unleashed another one of your illiterate bombastic statements, ie, 'rabbonim just as learned as ....., sorry to say, you not only are a self loathing person, but a big 'aam haaretz' to boot, plus a liar and forger in the first degree, stop your poor arrogant rantings, and start thinking about changing your 'maskilish' ways, and way of thought, I'm not sure that it'll work, for you might have veered off to far, and the Pasuk says about apikorsum, of which you sound like you fit that description, Kal Baeho Lo Yeshuvin.

Anonymous said...

Derby, the feed, the previous comment hit the nail on the head, Why don't you practice what you preach, go go go join the Tzahal, where all three Aveiros, Avodah Zarah, Giluy Arayos, and Shefichas Damim, are a daily occurrence, according to your comments, it sounds like you'll be very comfortable there.