Monday, November 17, 2014

Finally a Jewish Congressman that will tell the TRUTH about White House anti-Israel policy!

It's about time.... 
We have Shumer, a Jew in the Senate who keeps his big fat mouth shut even when he sees the President treat Israel like an enemy and Iran as an ally. 
Come January we will finally have a guy who is proud of his heritage that won't cover for the  anti-Semitic State Department.

Every time the administration says a little beetie favorable thing about Israel, all the Liberal Jewish "Tuches Lekers"  dance with joy, falling over themselves to post on Facebook and Twitter that Obama is pro-Israel! 
We all know the truth and we will finally get a guy who will stand up for Israel...
A real Kidducsh Hashem!
Rep. Zeldin with his family after voting on Nov. 4, 2014

Congressman-elect Lee Zeldin, who won Long Island’s First District Nov. 4, arrived in Washington last week and insists he’ll be different from Jewish Democrats.
The only Jewish Republican member of Congress, Zeldin, 34, dismissed the Obama administration’s stance that there’s no distance between the U.S. and Israel, pointing out criticism of Israeli settlements in Jerusalem and the Unites States’ nuclear negotiations with Iran, reports The New York Post.
Zeldin, an Iraq war vet and state senator, says he’ll come down stronger on Obama regarding Israel than the Jewish Democrats, who he says are limited in their criticism of their own party’s leader. The Republican Jewish Coalition, which made electing Zeldin its “top, top priority,” wants tougher sanctions over Iran and worries about the Obama administration’s nuclear negotiations with Iran.
The House and Senate now have 31 Jewish members, 30 Democrats and one independent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who conferences with the Democrats. New York alone has five Jewish members – Reps. Eliot Engel, Nita Lowey, Steve Israel, Jerrold Nadler and Sen. Chuck Schumer.
Zeldin overthrew six-term Rep. Tim Bishop (D-Southampton) in the Nov. 4 vote.


Anonymous said...

Hey VIN,what do you want from our jewish congressmen for not sticking up for Israel,after all these are all assimilated Jews who have absolutely no connection to yidishkeit.
What should really bother us to no end,our own so called Rebbes,RA-bonim,rosh hayeshivas ,when was the last time we heard from these guys sticking up for Israel? Answer ,never,and I am not talking about the criminally insane gangster rabbis who follow Satmar,but the so called chareidid Rabbonim belonging to the Agudah and mainstream frum organizations

Salted Pretzel said...

A big talmid of Rav Schach in Bnei Brak - have you heard of the sefer he wrote on Chumash, the Shaarei Aron?

He writes in his sefer that when you see politicians criticize Israel it is because they are anti-Semitic no matter what kind of excuses they trot out about supposedly only being "anti-Zionist" and that we should recognize them for the anti-Semites that they are.

As far as Charedim having a problem with the secular anti-Torah State of Israel for legitimate reasons, Rav Aron Kotler still said we are not allowed to criticize Israel in public unless there is a special need that the leading rabbonim agree on. In fact, a Lakewood kollel guy had his kollel check eliminated over 20 years ago when he was seen on the news participating in a Satmar protest at the Israeli consulate n Manhattan.

The Briskers do not publicly protest against the Medina either since in the early days of Palestine-come-Israel, the secular Zionists used to murder vocal critics.