Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Satmar vs Zionism Part 6 "IDF will Join the Goyim in War against Mashiach"

Recently, Satmar published a booklet,  שמעו דבר ה׳  a transcript of Reb Yoel Teitelbaum's Shalosh Seudois Torelech given during and  immediately after the 6 day war, in 1967. The booklet is accompanied with an MP3 which is an actual  recording of the Rebbe speaking on Shabbos at Shaloish Seudois.
Notice the arrogant title of the booklet: "Listen to the Words of Hashem," as if the Satmar Shitah is the words of Hashem!

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Part 6: 
"IDF will Join the Goyim in War against Moshiach"

This piece will blow your mind. It is so far fetched that it begs understanding the mind of the author. After reading this piece, the readers will scratch their heads and wonder how the Satmar Shitah has any followers at all! To bolster this bizarre idea, that the IDF will" join the Goyim against Mishiach," the Rebbe quotes from the Zohar Hakodosh! Unbelievable! 
After my loose translation, I will tell you Pshat in the Zohar Hakodosh. I also stood at Har Sinai, and  attended Yeshivas, so I'm not totally out of the loop in my understanding of the Zohar!

Loose Translation:
"The last time I already spoke what the Zohar Hakodash wrote, that the eirav rav,will join the foreign nations to go to war. 
By the great war of Gog and MaGog, the Jewish heretics will join the foreign nations to war against Moshiach.
I wrote (in Al Hagila siman 61) that a great person wondered, (Kashoier Rav, R' Shol Brach)"how could it be that Jews will actually war against Moshiach? Well, the Zohar  in Parshas Shmois (page 7) itemizes all the Gentile Kings that will join together to war against the King Moshiach by the war of Gog and MaGog, and the Jewish Heritics will join them in war"

The Rebbe has said many times that the "eirav rav'" is the IDF and it's commanders!

Is the Rebbe actually suggesting that the Zohar is prophesizing that the  IDF will join Arab Terrorists, Hamas, Hizballah, Fatah, and Isis to fight Moshiach?

What "Foreign Nations" does the Rebbe say  the Zohar means?
Iran? Syria? Turkey?

Who was feeding the Rebbe his information vis a vis the 6 day war in 1967, that he was forced to twist the holy words of the Zohar to say the above quoted statement? 
ABC? CBS? NBC? Reuters? The New York Times? Esquire Magazine, the Jerusalem Post, Haaretz? Maariv? The Jewish Press? The Yiddish Forvetz, a communist/socialist rag?

Oh .... yes .... it's ..... one minute ...let me think ....
his Rebbitzen?

Or was it, Yossel Ashkanazi, his faithful gabbai, that couldn't read English?!

It wasn't Ruach hakodesh, because on this CD the Rebbe says many times that he doesn't have Ruach Hakodesh, and I'll take him at his word.

Now lets learn a "shtikal Zohar HaKodesh" together.
I looked it up, and the Rebbe is 100% correct, the Zohar actually says that Jewish Heritics will join the Foreign Nations (Which includes Iran, Iraq etc.) in war against Moshiach! Yup, the Zohar says it!

And, yes, absolutely, the Zohar's prophecy is coming to fruition in our lifetime!

But what does the Zohar mean by "Jewish heretics?"

Anybody reading the news today knows who they are!
My readers know who they are!

Let's see ......ummmm?

So, which Jews do we see at the Palestinian Protests siding with the Arab murderers, in Washington DC, New York City, London etc,?

Which Jews go out of their way to meet with the Iranian anti-Semitic Leaders and tell them they are joining Iran's war against Israel? Hmmmmmm!?

The Jews that are joining the "foreign nation to fight Moshiach" now while I'm typing these Holy Words, are the  Satmar Savages! 

And that's who the Zohar is talking about!

I know that you're screaming at the screen ....
" Nooo Nooo, No!" "Nein" .... "Nisht" ... "Nada" "Nem" "LO"

"it's the Neturei Karta ..... the Neturei Karta..... "

Well, to that, I say ..... it's Satmar! .... it's Satmar!
The Neturei Karta are only doing the dirty work of Satmar!
They are the fall guys!  Satmar uses them so they can say, "the Rebbe said that the Neturei Karta is not his Shita!" 
"Our Shita is bringing chicken soup to the hospitals" 


Pick up a Satmar newspaper, be it Der Yid (Zalonie propaganda rag) or Der Blatt (Aronie propagenda rag) Dee Zeitung (a switch hitter), any week you want, and you will see that the Shita of Satmar and the Shita of Neturei Karta are identical! 
That's right! 
Better yet, buy the booklet which comes with a CD, hear the actual words of the Rebbe.

Now my friends, Who is the Zohar HaKodesh talking about when he states that the Jewish heretics will join Iran, Syria etc,.....
The State of Israel or Satmar???

The Zohar is prophesizing that there will come a time during the war of  Gog Um'gog , that Satmar, the Neturei Karta and the leftist Chilonim, will join Iran and Hamas and fight against Moshiach! We are witnessing the prophesy come to fruition in our lifetime!

Now see who the "Rebbe" calls the "eirav rav"

Now see who Din calls the "eirav RAV"


Anonymous said...

Before the true authentic Torah'nik shows up,lemme sing something Rumanian.

Rumanian song, courtesy of Marcus Goldman O"BM & his Continental Orchestra.

I'll transliterate:

Monah-ritzah koofoo yaru... Tzak ! Tzak!

Hinden-mohru, primdem-mohru..Tzak ! Tzak! Tzaktzaktzak !!!

the Derby...
Don't know what it says but if any Rumanian can translate, I'll treat you to a mild, late lunch at Green's in Williamsburg @ 2:30. Please don't be a chazer, I can only spend $10.50 on you. Didn't make a zloty yet, so kol hakodem zuchu.

Take the F train to Marcy Ave. and walk 3 short blocks.

Anonymous said...

Satmars (and Skveres) are a band of welfare abusing parasites. They destroy communities, cover up child abuse and treat their women like dirt. Their kids grow up uneducated, unemployable and worse; fearful and condemning of the outside world. They are destroying Orange and Rockland Counties in New York.

Anonymous said...

DIN,Kol hakavod for exposing the criminally insane Jew hating and Israel hating ideology of the ignorant savage bastards calling themselves Satmar.
You left out the most obscene and twisted
and ugly part of the book (cannot bring myself to call it a sefer)where he claims,
that there is no doubt in his mind,that the gassing and burning of the six million Jews was a punishment for the sin of Zionism, GEVALD,GEVALD,can you grasp this twisted obscenity "because Jews after almost two thousand years of non stop pogroms,inquisitions,forced expulsions,forced conversions etc.etc.,decided that they can't take it anymore and wanted to go back to their God promised homeland Eretz Yisroel,and for that Hakodesh baruch hu decided to send the Nazis to gas and burn six million of our brothers and sister. Raboisai' Not even the devil himself would have been able to come up with this criminally insane twisted obscene and ugly scenario,just think about it,we had over one and a half million Yiddishe kinderlech gassed and burned,do you know the number of one and a half million what it entails?,have you ever seen a packed school bus full of yidishe kinderlech going to school,well the maximum capacity of a bus like that is approximately 50 children,now imagine a thousand buses lined up packed with children,you would have 50,000 kids,now imagine 10,000 buses lined up,you would still only have 500,000 children,now imagine 20,000 buses lined up it would be one million,Raboisai,just picture this,we had 30,000 buses lined up packed with yidishe kinderlech from the age of 1 week to the age of 16,they were taken out one by one and gassed and burned or machine gunned in front of open pits,and in the last two months in Auschwitz when the gas chambers were working 24/7,the Nazi's yemach shemom could not keep up with the load therefore the children were not even gassed but thrown into the burning pits alive. GEVALD,GEVALD,this Romanian guy calling himself a Rebbe is telling us that these children had it coming as punishment for their parents wanting to go back to their God given land Eretz Yisroel.
Anyone believing this obscene twisted and ugly reasoning. belongs in a insane asylum for the criminally insane.
This is the poisonous garbage Teitelbaum poisoned the minds of tens of thousands of young people,and of course we can see the gangsters that he spawned the insane bastards going to Iran to kiss the Ayatollah's feet and swearing allegiance in his effort to destroy Israel.

Dusiznies said...

To 11:06
I'm not finished with translating his hate....
I'm just posting it piecemeal otherwise my readers will go insane from all this filth!

Anonymous said...

True not even the devil......
, but the fact is, the Zionist murderers are worse than the devil, RAK BEDAM TIYE LANU HAARRETZ. That's a fact, and yes yes, the same Zionists are the EREV RAV......., who are to blame for the extreme Sinas Yisroel, that hasn't been felt, since the Nazis, now derby (the ferd), & company, will roll (roil) out their self hating comments, & corny nivul peh, & claim Victory, & delete comments,................hurray hurray!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Rabbi Joel teitlbaum never advised those who asked him, whether they should leave their countries of not, for the simple & true reason because he didn't know that future, and when the facts were known we what was happening in Poland etc, he did advise people to save themselves by leaving however most were not able for the borders were closed, stop repeating your hallucinations, even after the war he didn't tell people which country to settle, writing that it's something that people should decide by where they feel is right for them.

Anonymous said...

Gotta run to Greens, so first to 1:12...
We had this conversation before. In short, your statement is a repetition of a lie and libel. Nobody EVER said it. It came from R' Weissmandel's telegram to someone in the USA, and that person wrote it. For someone like R' Weissmandel, who kept meticulous records and documents, not to have ANY evidence of such a statement, proves that it never happened. As per my post yesterday, Satmar are quietly leaving the shitta in droves, so why would you, a non-Satmar be more Satmar than Satmar? They laugh at you. You prove P.T. Barnum's truth: "There's a sucker born every minute.."

To 1:29... Regardless of what he said at the end, fact is that emissaries from Zionists & OTHER organizations came to his town wanting to talk about means of escape for the Jews there . He refused to let his followers talk to them. Read Kasztner's Train by Anna Porter.... a notarized , affidavit. I don't have the book in front of me this second, but I'm pretty certain that he ordered a cheirum on anybody who talked to them.

Satmar & Satmar Lackies:
It's time for you stop lying, time to reveal the truth about Zionists who saved your rabbi.
Please understand this: NOBODY, but NOBODY believes you guys. The whole dynasyt is built on sheker v' chozov... Smell the coffee..
The guy crying in 11:06 is so right. A travesty and insane logic to blame Zionists for the Holocaust... The majority of Jews have spat out your deranged logic out....

the Derby... There's really no point any more to rebut sick, under-medicated zombies who are wild-eyed lunatic cultist haters and liars. Logical reasoning doesn't work, so ya'll have a great day and repent..!!!

PS---to 1:12...Here's a tip : Bet on Flaming Sheker'teh in the 3rd race & Kee-Tzoyeh in the 7th.. Good luck..

Anonymous said...

What are "prospective" heads?

Dusiznies said...

Good Question, actually.

Anonymous said...

There is only one truth, therefore truth is repeated again and again, hence the Zionists statement 'Rak Bedam Thiye Lanu HAARRETZ', keeps coming up again and again. Now about your treif words Toirelech, you illiterate (in tora veyiras shomayim), disproportionate Aam HAARRETZ, the Satmar Rebbe, was a GEON HAGEONIM, Kal Hatora was open to him, the geonei hadar said of him when he was still in his teens, that he was a baki beshas uposkim, among those gedlolim, were the rav of Shinav, the rav of Tiberius, rav kliers, veod veod.

Anonymous said...

"....HAARRETZ..." ____ Stop screaming... You're getting horse..! I mean, hoarse.

"...only one truth.." Pravda. !!Toate Minciuni .

.."keeps coming up again and again.." ___ Like a maale geiru. Open....Say, AHHHHH !!!

"...GEON HAGEONIM.." Maybe yes, maybe no, but completely and forever besides the point.

Did you win on my tips yesterday?? Here's even a hotter tip:
An underrated roan with the unlikely name of Satu-Mare is running... Well, where else?? You know, the 6th Hakofa.. Bet on him.

Can you do me a solid??
When you have a moment, please kiss my ever-loving dupa.

Derby... Have a great Shabbos and don't eat anybody's galarita.. Ever.

Anonymous said...

As usual, corny regurgitated, stupid childish, comments, trying very much to be cute, to hide the fact that he has nothing, is nothing, just an empty arsenal of stolen sayings that mean nothing at all, the state of Israel is a fact, yes, but so is Isis, Iran, etc, does that mean that they are in the right?, the Soviet Union, was also a fact, and Communism is still a major Fact, in China, does that proclaim that they are in the right? Hashem in his wisdom will take care of all the worlds problems in his own time, Isis, Iran, the state of Israel, and communism, will iyh be abolished when Hashem will so decide. Meanwhile you can daydream all you want to, (your comments sure sound like that's all you do), as if Satmar's are leaving the fold in droves.........., well sweet dreams.........., but the fact is the opposite, in a big big way, face the facts, that for every satmar that goes OTD (and each one, is one too many), hundreds and hundreds of people come to realize, that in Satmar (with it's shortcomings), they will find Hashems children who follow the ways of his tora the way Hashem intended us to follow, ....... And now we'll again see the following..... nivul peh, Leitzanus......
corny sour, dour, comments, and last but not least, I'll delete.............

Anonymous said...

It took you this long to come up with this silly answer????
Probably got this idea from a horse-faced crony or two who can't speak/write Anglish....
Yes, China, Isis, Cuba, blah blah blah are facts.
But nowhere have a dispersed people all over the world, and there's even a Chabad house on the moon, people, who were decimated by the millions, nowhere, no place and at no time or era, returned to their home country within 3 years after a Holocaust.. In fact, no people, tribe, ethnicity has EVER... EVER returned to their ancient homeland, period. . Are you blind??? Comparing Israel and Hashem's promises for kibbutz goliot to Hutziplutz????
You're an and out koifer..

" Am Levadod Yishkon..."
and you want to compare Israel's reality to upper Mongolia's... Crazy, or what???
Yes, G-D in His wisdom has chosen in our times to create, build and fill Israel with B"EY millions...
The overwhelming majority of the Jewish people know what's happening and spat out your SHITta into the toilet, lock, stock & barrel.
Please understand... You don't rate and your lip flapping don't impact anybody... Hashem's history moves ahead with or w/o you.
His naviim's holy words are being realized as we speak... You, however, don't believe in them... You're an Eisav with his own hairy hands and his personal bad breath.. Not only should you shower, but use deodorant too.. You have no idea how you sroocheh... A farbisiner sonei yiroel because you have no clue how this REALTY confounds your insane Shit-tah.You're not the first Jew to pop self-hating bison tzoyeh, but hopefully you'll be the last.

the Derby...Take a shower before you go into the mikvah..

Anonymous said...

It didn't long for what I said would come, Sinas Aam HAARRETZ......, cheap gutter nivul peh.......lowlife leitzanus mikal davar shebikdusha.......hallucinating substance induced roiling and ranting..... Hey that's some hachana lekovud Shabbos........, keep it up, keep it up, we all know that's what your best at, we'll just repeat the truth, what the Rebbe writes, if not the Zionists, there would not have been the Holocaust, if not the Zionists, Moshiach would have already come, by the way that's not TT the Rebbe's Shita, All and I Repeat All the Rabbonim, Poskim, were of this same opinion..

Anonymous said...

Listen, demented one... I've been sitting here on my computer and switch to this site every so often 'cause I got a little time today... My responses are only , say, 40 % to you but 60% to others and myself. It's important for some who maybe aren't informed about the toxic, vile lies and revision that you and your ilk spit out, are challenged. Just because you throw in a posuk, toireleh and mix them with lies to make witches' brew duzn't mean a damn thing...

So for example,"... if not the Zionists, Moshiach would have already come, by the way that's not TT the Rebbe's Shita, All and I Repeat All the Rabbonim, Poskim, were of this same opinion.. .' should be exposed as a piece of fraud, a $3 bill, and a poor counterfeit at that... Just like the name SATMAR, which in case you've never heard ,, is also known as SAKMAR... So which one is true???? Ahhh.. Who knows??? Just like the earlier remarks about alleged Zionist crimes... No one is saying they never did anything wrong... No one is saying that you, demented one, always do everything wrong. I'm actually done talking to you, a hoplessly depressed and insane psychotic, but hopefully to the stable people, and also for myself, and point out that you've never proven anything you plapelled, but parroted the usual anti-Zionist canards.. You make the Elders of Zion look better.

One last time.... and translate it to your horse-faced crony who's feeding you achilah gasos of sheker...The DESTINY, history, hashgach protis & reality of Israel and the Jewish people are not the same as Ho-Hokus, N.J or Ankara... If you hear any prattle, no matter from which rabbi or so-called gadol to the opposite, know it's not Torah but some other negiah that's hidden there.Reread the story of the meraglim & how big, big rogue scholar brought a bechiya ledoros with their false toilelech and pilpuls..Remember that more than MOST were wrong, so let's not be impressed by numbers, but what's right.Don't be impressed by how many meforshim they'll prattle off... We need ASAP to give the bum's rush to any macher, Knokker or even rabbi who belittles the significance of EY.
Shabbat Shalom Umvorach

the derby

Anonymous said...

Satmar is the Rumanian city of Satu Mara or Maria. According to revisionists, because Satu Maria is similar to St. Mary... they switched to calling themselves SAKMAR to differentiate. This is a bluff and lie. A woman with whom I'm aquainted, a former Sigheter who knows Rumanian, told me that Satu Maria simply means a section of a large city... I'm not exactly certain now.. so I'll stand corrected.. But in no way shape or form does it mean St. Mary... So what's SAKMAR.. ?? Nu, I ask you..


Anonymous said...

Aam HAARRETZ, according to the Gemara and the shulchan Aruch, its appropriate to change the name of an Avodah Zara to a different name, and that's exactly what was done in SAKMER, now try to stay away from your drug's that you're addicted to, (SAMIM, I believe they're called in your Tamane language), maybe maybe if you'll stay clean, some common sense might come forth. The more you blog, the more you're giving yourself away, that we're talking about a person with a very limited point of view, a very low IQ, and a one track minded zombie to boot, try to suppress your self hate, and with it your oppressive obsessive depressive compulsive bipolar borderline ADHD etc hate against tora abiding Jews, if its at All possible, maybe by religiously taking your prescription meds, and staying away from those acquired on the street, you might still have a relapse. a REFUAH SHELEIMA..............

david said...

im not a big fan of satmar, or even a small fan, but when you start using vulgar language to describe them, you start becoming suspect.maybe you just hate them?.

Anonymous said...

That's the very thing that drives DIN and Derby (the ferd), blind unadulterated fanatic self hate, and frum yidden hate, automatically generates Satmar hate, plus an under average grasp of issues,vvery little common sense, additionally a very low IQ, probably in the twenties or so, add that all up, ant there you have it.