Saturday, November 15, 2014

Novominsker Rebbe wants to give Har Habayis to the Muslims!

The Novominsker Rebbe is ready to hand over sovereignty of the Har Habyis to the Arab murderers!
He blamed Jews who hold on to the Har Habyis for the current bloodshed!
In an address at tonight’s Agudah Convention at the Woodcliff Lake Hilton in New Jersey, the Novominsker Rebbe, R’ Yaakov Perlow spoke out strongly against those who go to Har Habayis, saying that they are directly responsible for bloodshed in Israel.
Referring to those people as “misguided individuals,” the Novominsker said that going up onto Har Habayis is “a clear violation of the psak of Halacha and gedolei hador.”  Rabbi Perlow also said that these actions incite the Arabs to engage in acts of violence.
As previously reported on VIN News, recent moves by Jews to ascend to Har Habayis have brought increased tensions to the area, including the attempted assassination of Rabbi Yehuda Glick who had been advocating for greater Jewish access to the site.
“Stay off Har Habayis,” warned the Novominsker. “Do not generate redifa on yidden.”
The Novominsker, who is the head of the Agudah’s Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah, advised anyone to is seeking to become closer to the shechina to do so in their own shuls, instead of going to Har Habayis.


Anonymous said...

Again with your twisting falsifying statements
Yes it's a clear fact that the har habayis issue is a time bomb, but actually the entire corrupted and self-proclaimed so-called state of Israel is a cancer to Judaism THEY CAUSED, CAUSE THE WORST ANTISEMITISM ALL OVER THE WORLD AND HASHEM YERACHEM WHAT THESE MURDERERS BY THE NAME OF ZIONISTS ARE GONNA STILL CAUSE
It's time to come out with a real public campaign to ostracize Zionism and the Zionist regime from society

Phinneous Kramer said...

You are an asshole.

Anonymous said...

What never stops to amaze me, is the fact that on this blog you can get an intelligent opinion, and the along comes PK (above), makes a stupid comment and thinks he has now offered a good rebuttal. Amazing! 

Anonymous said...

Navominsker Rebbe:
Whatever your opinion on Har Habayis, don't blame Arab violence for it. We didn't have the Har Habayis for years, yet the Arabs waged war anyway.
So you're argument is disingenuous. But that won't stop the Agudah weekenders from swallowing your bait anyway.

the Derby...
An ideal weekend :
At a motel/hotel hideaway where yiddelnudniks can't find you... Bring your sidderel, tillim'l and a sefer or gemorrah along if you're a daf guy...Think a little for yourself, reflect, meditate ... I don't need 24/7 marathon plaplerei to take over my mind and keep me hostage...

Henoch said...

Do you agree with the first Rashi in the Torah? The land of Israel was given to the proper ones according to God, meaning the Zionists.

Anonymous said...

There is another thing that really bothers me about this so called Rebbe, did you ever see a picture of him without a frown on his face never mind a smile,to me he seems like an angry miserable depressed individual,who hates himself and all of humanity,wouldn't be surprised if this guy would be ready to give back all of Israel not only the har habayis,
as i have been saying,you can see the poisonous Satmar ideology has slowly but surely seeped in to the so called mainstreem yeshiva world.


Agudah Fresser said...

The Novominsker has been attacked over different things like the molestation conundrum and the critics have a point there, but not antagonizing Arabs over Har Habayis is an old story that gedolim going way back have been against. The Novominsker was not mechadesh anything here.

If you have a problem go take on R' Yosef Chaim Zonnenfeld & many others.

Anonymous said...

To ch. S. 12:46. I'll start by commenting on your last words, yes yes, you are definitely right, the true tora 'ideology' aka as SATMAR, is BH steadily and surely becoming mainstream among all of the frum Jewish people. There are two reasons for 1) the truth usually prevails, as Shlomo Hamelech says in Mishlei, Sefas Emes Tikon Loaad, wheras , Veargia Leshon Sheker, 2)the facts speak for themselves, the creation of the state of Israel has been a disaster for the Jewish people, both physically as Jews both in Israel and all over the world, are harrased and many time maimed and killed on a daily basis, and even more so spiritually, as the Israeli government has torn away over a million Jewish souls from their religion, to name instances, the Teheran children, the Morrocan children, who counted in the thousands, plus plus plus. Now let's start the refrain, Derby (the ferd), we will try to be cute and comment cheap corny sour childish Jokes, with a Tablespoon of profanity added for good measure, & the blogger will add his genius remarks, I'll delete, I'll delete,..

Anonymous said...


Of course i agree and fully believe in everything that's written in the Torah including what chazal and all the chacmei hadoros wrote and said
And of course it's so obvious by the last 3 words you wroe that you don't believe or you're so ignorant and don't understand the basics or you're just a lunatic