Monday, April 15, 2019

Lakewood "Tzaddikim" Cancel Kosher Bain Hazmanim Event...... Arrests Made!

These "askanim" don't let bochrim go to levayas, and now don't let them go to concerts....
Who are these "tazaddikim" ... can anyone please post the names of these "farbisseneh" "amairatzim?"
They are destroying our youth....
What was supposed to be a pleasant evening of Kosher entertainment for hundreds of Yeshiva Bochrim in Lakewood has turned into night of absolute chaos Sunday night.
The event was going to give the Bochrim currently on Bain Hazmanim a night of entertainment, including live music and singing by Isaac Honig and Beri Weber, along with a Siyum and speeches by several local Mechanichim.
But instead, the event was canceled at the last minute after a small group of "tzaddikim animals" persuaded the Roshei Yeshiva that this event – for Bochrim only – must be stopped at all cost.
The organizer was threatened into canceling, and was shown a “Kol Koreh” that was to be published with his name, banning the event.
The organizers caved, and the event was canceled. Of course, they promise to repay him the nearly $30,000 he lost.
Hundreds of Bochrim were angry as they had already purchased tickets, and decided to make Kumzits/protest at the homes of those who had the event banned
Dozens upon dozens of police officers were mobilized for crowd control, and officers from nearby Jackson, Brick, Manchester and Toms River were requested. K9 unites were on scene.

As of this posting there has been a confirmed arrest. 3 boys were treated after being pepper sprayed.
What could of been a beautiful, calm event for those boys that needed it, turned into a colossal Chillul Hashem.
Sources say that the same "tzaddikim animals" had a Kol Koreh issued telling people to boycott and not advertise on recently constructed billboards in Lakewood — without ever calling the proprietor who invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on them — they are the same individuals behind this latest ban.
Time to throw those animals out!


Anonymous said...

With the measles epidemic maybe this is for the best. Chag kosher vesamaech!

Frum but normal said...

Once heard the definition of a religious zealot is "someone up a whole night worrying that maybe there is someplace someone having a good time" this exactly describes these so called RA-BONIM and GEDOLIM (the reason they are called gedolim "Zei shtinken fun gaivah") ,and we wonder why there are so many OFF THE DERECH kids in the frum communities, it's exactly because of these evil old FARBISENE RESHAIM,no wonder some of these same Lakewood Rosh Hayeshivas have themselves off the derech kids