Sunday, October 1, 2017

Vermont Police Probe Says No Evidence Of Bias When Brooklyn Rabbi Was Stopped

I was disgusted at the initial reports of this incident; however, I was diosssapointed after seeing the dashcam video, and realizing how Rabbi Beryl Fink falsely reported this story, and falsely raised the issue of ethnic bias, when it never existed. 

First of all, Fink and his family claimed that he was doing between 55-65 mph. The state trooper (according to communications on his two way radio from the video), stated that he was clocked with radar, at 83 mph. 

What meshuganah goes 18 mph over the speed limit, on a two way rural highway, at night? 

By Fink's own admission, he stated that he couldn't see very well at night, and that was why he hesitated to initially pull off to the soft shoulder. 

Watch the shoulder from the video, and there was adequate room, for him to have initially pulled his car over to the right very quickly, instead of leading the trooper on a 4.5 mile chase. 

In addition, the trooper was very professional, and treated the Rabbi with courtesy. He was even more respectful than NYPD cops are, when they pull cars over. 

I'm afraid that the Rabbi brought this incident on himself, and falsely reported anti-semitism, when it never existed. 
Dov Hikind erred, also.


Steve Brown said...

I hate cops.

Anonymous said...

what else is new? unfortunately this CHILLUL HASHEM occurs quiet often when frum Jews are arrested for wrong doings,the first thing coming out of their mouths
is "antisemitism" when they full well know that they are guilty as hell.

a perfect example of this ugly and disgusting behavior is by a so called Rebbe in Boro-park
during the burning of CHAMETZ erev Pesach,where the fire dept went out of its way to accommodate the residents,they designated quiet a few safe places where everyone could come and burn their chametz and even had baricades set up and fire marshals with their trucks to make sure that the fire does not get out of control,and they gave the community 3 hours time to do their burnings and asked everyone to please adhere to the time designated,because they can't afford to have that much manpower used for non essential work.
Now this Rebbele cannot or will not adhere to a time schedule after all he is a very busy man (have no idea with what) and sure enough he shows up with his gang of chasidim after the time alloted just as the fire dept. was dismantling the barriers and were ready to leave,and he was told in a very nice way that he can't do it on that place anymore,and this ignorant savage had the CHTZPAH to call these fire marshals antisemitic Nazis

here is the link,watch and throw up



Anonymous said...

You and I must be looking at different videos. While towards the end Fink was treated with courtesy, That was not the way he was treated initially. The trooper was screaming like a mad man and treated him like a serial killer.

a yid said...

Shot your dirty stinky lips and stop hating chasiddc Jews you nesty bum what U R