Thursday, February 14, 2019

Benny Ganz Names Chareidie Female Lawyer Omer Yankelevichto His List For The Knesset

Attorney Omer Yankelevich, married, the mother of five, belongs to the Anglo-Saxon Charedi community in Beit Shemesh, and was named Omer because she was born on Lag Be'Omer!

Omer is a graduate of the Wolf Seminary in Bnei Brak and Gateshead, England. 
After her marriage, she studied teaching and educational activities, and later went on to study law. She holds a master's degree in law as an outstanding dean, and has been practicing law since 2007.

It was Benny Gantz, who made the decision "out of a desire to compile a list containing the mosaic of Israeli society." 
Although it is doubtful whether the move will bring ultra-Orthodox voters to Israel's strength. Ganz will try to prove in his integration that his list is not left but center-right, suitable for both Frum and Not-Frum alike. 

Her friends tell of a courageous, valiant and exceptionally talented woman who is proud of her views and faith: "She sees herself as subject to the Torah, and has received the approval and blessing of rabbis."

"She will do a lot of Kiddush Hashem in the Knesset and respect the Charedi public," 
 "She has rare abilities to act and connect, and this is not a woman who will confront and criticize the ultra-Orthodox public, but on the contrary, she will bring connections, benefit and serve as a bridge for cooperation.

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